Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Storms That Are Not

We have had some cooler temps, not by much but at least under 100, but today it climbed up there and with the added humidity it was nasty.

Dark clouds, winds and thunder but no rain. All this noise and nothing. Today a loud boom and we thought for sure it was going to pour down, But NOT, not even a drop.

One of out friends came in from their summer retreat in Flagstaff for a couple of days. So Barb, Lois and I went to lunch and then hung out at Barb's for a bit to catch up. Lois heads back up to Flagstaff tomorrow. 

Other than that not much else is going on around here.

Good Night All

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another Weekend Gone

When I let Fred out this morning I noticed puddles. I usually wake up to the rain when it hits the awnings but I heard nothing. But the humidity was awful.

My daughter Tracy showed up and off we went to breakfast. We really couldn't come up with a plan to do anything else and the clouds were not pretty looking. We both needed a few things and headed to Walmart, It looked packed for so early on a Sunday morning, then we realized only half the parking lot was open as they are finally repairing it. But we didn't stop and went to the Neighborhood one instead. And that was it for our Sunday hang out. 

I did 2 loads of laundry and sewed a few things. I finished the scarf I was working on and that was about it for today.

Right now it is thundering and when I checked it said a possible storm was coming. Well it is getting closer so I will close now. And I now hear the rain.

How is it that blogger can't keep spell check working?

Good Night All

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Just Trying

The heat is way up again but the humidity is down a bit. No more rain seems to be happening in this monsoon season. Today my thermometers read 110.

I took Fred to the groomers early this morning and of course he cried and barked the hole time. He is such a cry baby. I wait outside because it only takes about 20 min to bath and cut his nails. I used to leave but Jodi said he does that even when I am not outside.  

We came home and both of us had breakfast. And then went to Walmart Grocery Store. I keep trying to get out in the mornings so its not so hard being in the house all day with everything all closed up. I'm so happy to be back to the exercise class which is 3 mornings a week. The other mornings I try to get out even if I just walk around a store.

Tue. I had to pick up a prescription so I walked around Walgreen's  for a while. So as long as I keep trying to get out every day I am OK with the rest of the day indoors.

Hope everyone is keeping cools as I hear it is nasty hot just about everywhere across the country and even Canada.

Good Night All

Monday, July 11, 2016

Barn Swallows

A while back I posted some pictures of Barn Swallows while having lunch outdoors at a wonderful restuarant in Tubac. I didn't know we even had these birds in this part of AZ. and figured maybe because this place was further away from the big towns and it is a little higher elevation it drew them there.
Well Friday when I was leaving class I noticed lots of birds flying around the entrance. I followed their flight and saw there was a nest right in the corner under the eve of the building.

Today  brought my camera and no birds flying around. I still wanted to get a picture of the nest and look what was inside. I don't know if it was just one or the entire family was in there.

Good Night All

Sunday, July 10, 2016

And The Heat Goes On

I finished up a week of exercise class Friday. So happy that I have not had back pain or problems at all. It feels good to get back to the class I really missed it. And it is good to get me out of the house 3 times a week for 2 hrs. The class runs about 75 mins and the rest in travel time. I will need to find something else to do a few more times a week in the early mornings.

Went to breakfast with my daughter as usual and then we went to the .99 store. Boy did  I get some great veggies and fruits. The stuff looks better that  Walmart and lasts longer. But I will cook up most of the veggies and freeze them. I have a couple new recipes I want to try. One is with chicken which I haven't eaten in a long time. Made a large pot of mixed beans, and another of brown rice. I have put them in 1/2 cp containers and froze most of them. I like cooking lots of stuff in the summer so I don't have to cook all the time. We are back into the 105-107 range again and I really have no desire to cook and sometimes not in much of a mood to eat period. I make salads lots of times if there isn't anything to throw into the micro. Salads are fine but not much protein. So that's where the beans come in. 

Also bought some 1# hand held weights for class. Don't want to rush into the heavier ones for a while yet.

Hope every one is having a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I spent a nice quiet 4 th. here at home as it was way to hot and humid to go anywhere. Not a problem for me to stay home. I had a little Fillet in the freezer and took that out. I later broiled it in my toaster over and had some veggies on the side. That sure was a treat for me. I rarely eat red meat. 

Yesterday I waited way to long to go grocery shopping but what else is new. By time I got home it was so hot I thought I would die. And of course as the day wore on I realized how many things didn't get on the list. Maybe I will go tomorrow and pick up the rest of the things. And walk around the big store for some exercise.

Last week I joined up again for the Senior Exercise class and I have been feeling really good as my back goes. I did great Friday and was eager to get back to it. Of couse Monday being a holiday there wasn't a class. So off I went this morning and had a good time. I really enjoy this place for the class. It is a small group right now being summer so you can get more attention. I think next week I will bring in my weights and work my way up slowly. If I feel something isn't right or comfortable I stop and slow down. I sure don't want a repeat of last year. I don't think the injury happened in the class as a matter if fact I am sure it didn't.

Hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated.

Good Night All

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth!

I want to Thank All Past and Present Service Women and Men for your service to our Country.

Yesterday my daughter and I changed up our Sunday breakfast to a lunch at a place called Fire House Subs, it was very good and the sandwich was loaded. We ordered the wrong size so took half with us.

We then decided to go to Burlington Outlet.

On the way we decided to try the Hwy since it would only be one exit away. What a big mistake that was. We new that there was going to be construction at that exit as they are building new on and off ramps. What we didn't know was that lots of crazy people would be out on the road doing some really insane driving. I had a clear lane to pull into. This crazy fool pulled out of the left lane and dam near slammed right into me. I was lucky enough to get back over and onto the shoulder of the road. This maniac then flew by and went back into the left lane causing the car in that lane to slam on his breaks in order to not crash into this fool. I was so happy to get off that dam road you have no idea.

But we had a great time walking around the store. My daughter has lost a great deal of weight so she has been needing new clothes. I am so proud of her and she looks so good.  Tracy picked up a cute sun dress and to tops. I bought a mat for the front door, glass storage jars and treats for Fred. 

The heat started to pick up and the humidity so we called it a day. And no I did not take the Hwy.

Today I will stay put here at home as I have plenty to keep me occupied and we will be back into the triple digits again. Right now it is really nice and I have the windows open and running fans to clear out the old air and get some fresh circulating in here.

Have a safe holiday and watch out for those who drink to much or are just plain crazy.