Monday, February 18, 2019

Baby It's Cold

What in the world? Today the temperature was only in the high 40's and of course quite windy. Rain started around 4pm but seems to have stopped. But they say we could see some snow as low as 3k. This crazy weather could stick around for another week or so.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was grand. Plans to do a breakfast at my house fell through because it was so cold and my grandson didn't want to wake the kids up that early and bring them out in the cold. I totally understood that. So Tracy and I went out and had breakfast at one of our Sunday places, plus she gave me a really nice pair of PJ's and heart earrings. I had receive a e-mail from Kirkland's that I had a free gift and a 25% off coupon there. So hey I don't turn down free gifts. So off we went to Kirkland's. I picked a free candle and bought a little sign that says Live the Dream and a little picture holder that looks like a piece of white birch branch. We headed on home after that and Tracy took off as Anthony asked if I would be home later in the afternoon I told him I would be home until around 5 pm. So he borrowed his mom's car and brought the kids over. My little guy was carrying a bouquet of flowers and  little Arianna was holding the card, plus a huge cheese cake with 4 different kinds of cheese cakes. We visited for a while then their mom came for them and Anthony and I went over some plans for the camper. He put the shelf over the other wheel well and re glued the carpet to the side wall of the truck. Also glued the legs back on to the shelf as I knocked one off then the other one fell off as well. 

I was showing him CheapRVliving video's and he was amazed at what some people do to live in their mini vans and some in their cars. And they are mostly women. He wants to help me set up the camper but it's hard because he doesn't have a car and I can't really pick them up because I only have a 2 seater truck. The only time he is available is weekends as he is working to 2 jobs so he can save enough money for a decent car and not have payments. Smart kid.

Then my daughter Debbie arrived and they hadn't seen each other in a very long time so that was nice and she had Miliany with her and Anthony hadn't seen her since she was very little. He couldn't believe how tall she is. After we said our good byes Debbie and I headed out to dinner and that was a wonderful meal at a place called Cheddars. I had baked fish with shrimp over a bed of rice and slaw and fries in the side. I didn't eat much of the fries as the dinner itself was so filling and we had a spinach dip also. And Debbie  gave me a pretty little gold bracelet.

It had gotten really cold by time we left but Debbie has a really good heater in her car. So all in all it was a great birthday.

Today I just kind of stayed indoors as it was so nasty and cold with lots of dampness. I just went out to clean up the yard since tomorrow is trash day and I had a bag of dead stuff and junk from the shop vac so brought that around to the trash can.

Good Night All

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Don't Get Excited!

I know 2 posts so close together.

But first more sad news about another lost blogger. Malia Lane of Malia'sMiles has lost her fight with a aggressive cancer. She handled it on her own terms and wanted to pass with dignity and she did that. May she now be free of pain and RIP.

Our bad weather seemed like a lark.Yesterday was chilly and very cloudy and had rain about 10:30 pm for about 5 min. Today it was supposed to be very cold and heavy rain with 50 degrees. Well it was very cloudy but not very cold at all. So I grabbed the shop vac and headed for the carport. I pulled out and then backed in. I set to work vacuuming out the camper boy it was so dirty. Someone had moved my battery and made the carpet get all crooked try as hard as I could I couldn't get it straight again. So when such person gets here they are going to climb in there and get it fixed. I kept going back and forth about what bed to use. I was almost ready to drag out the one my friend made but then remembered that it had a middle leg and I lose a lot of storage. The cot is way to low and there really isn't a way to raise it up and it also has the middle leg. So the original bed will be put back in. I  ordered the leg risers today as that bed is also to short to fit the 11 1/2 in. bins under. The ones I had used before are now under a chair in the living room. I'm going to reverse the set up as all the weight was on the left side. This will take some getting used to but it is the best thing for the truck. Tomorrow I will get in there and move the shelf I built to go over the wheel well to the other side and affix it to stay in place.
I'm not sure if I will keep the coffee maker, the more I think about it it is way to big and I really don't drink that much coffee. It's just another large item I don't need to lug around. If a large group was going along then it might be worth taking. 
I'm really getting excited about taking a trip so if the weather gods ever decide to play nice maybe in a couple of weeks I can do it.

Good Night All

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Just Messin Around

Thought it was time to check some of my new camping gear out. The new stove is a one burner and doesn't have a wind screen. I was about to throw a cookie sheet away when I thought maybe I could use it to make a wind screen. I knew it wouldn't be big enough for three sides. I had passed it by my friend Sondra of My life my art my journey and I thought maybe I would just buy those foil sheets you put on the bottom of your oven I thought to buy 3 sheets but Sondra said, 2 should be plenty. When I went shopping I found them and they came 2 to pk. I also picked up some metal clips, of course I grabbed the wrong box I was looking for the larger size. Yesterday I brought in the stove and messed around a bit and made a few adjustments and managed to use the clips by pinching the foil together with a pliers. It worked great. BTW I kind of got the idea from George, of Our Awesome Travels, when I saw him use a 2 sided deal for his Weber Q, George, used what looked like aluminum siding and he added hinges to make it fold able. 
Since I took this picture I crimped the sides together so they are flush together
Today it was time to test the coffee maker since I have never tried it since my friend Lucy, bought them at an online auction. Can't beat the price of $10. So I cleaned it up with a damp clothe and carried it out side to the stove, using a bit of vinegar and a pot of water I ran it through the machine.

The coffee maker works great. After running the vinegar water through once I then ran clear water to get rid of the vinegar smell and taste. If it isn't to cold out in the morning I may make my coffee out on the porch. I did a little vacuuming out there today and tomorrow I will finish that job. It was a beautiful day out today and I sat out on the porch for the rest of the day.

Yesterday I had a visit from one of my friends  Trini, who is here for the winter  she stopped by yesterday to pick up a few pieces she was buying off me and to just visit. We are making plans to do some shopping in Green Valley, this is going to be really good for me. As it will make me go out and do things. She sent me a quick text today saying she lost an earring and did I find it. I had not found anything but said I would surely look. It was early evening so the light was fading, I turned on the light in the living room and that diamond sparkled right at me. I don't know how I didn't step on it as many times as I walked over that spot today with shoes on. I know I couldn't hurt the diamond but the setting would have been another story. She was so grateful she came right over carrying a bottle of wine LOL I was just so happy I didn't continue today to shampoo the rug or run the vacuum.

Good Night All

Thursday, February 7, 2019

I am In Tucson, AZ Right

It has been so cold and rainy this winter. But this is crazy. I have not been able to get anything done on my camper it has rained so much this week and now it is sooo cold. We dropped down into the 20's last night and it was a cold day today. I only stepped out to let Fred out who did a quick job and ran back to the house. 

Southeast of here they had lots of snow again and also at Madera Canyon where I was going to head for a camping trip. Guess that can wait a bit longer. They are now searching for a hiker in Madera Canyon, 83 yr man who called in 3 days ago to say he was lost. They quickly set out to the spot he should have been at and found nothing. They tell you never move from the place you last contacted the rescue people but he must have. They have no idea what he was wearing since it was well below freezing and snowing up at the higher elevations during the night. They now are calling it a recovery because they really don't think he could have survived these cold nights since he was lost. Hopefully he new how to make a survival hut and how to keep a bit warmer. But if he didn't have anyway to build a fire it doesn't look good. And if he could have started a fire they may have been able to find him from the smoke.

And we lost another blogger friend on Feb.3, David of In the Direction of Our Dreams, wishing Sherry, love and warmth in her time of sorrow.

Good Night All

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Meeting Long Time Blogger Friends

During the week did more packing of things to be donated and lots of cooking. Made a stuffed cauliflower, zucchini lasagna, and stuffed bell peppers. So lots of food in the freezer and the refrigerator.

I heard from Sue Malone the other day and asked if I could meet them on Friday. But they were coming from Organ Pipe National Park so I said it would work out better since they would be headed my way on Thur. So today we met at the Casino and had lunch. What wonderful people Sue and Sharon are. It was a fun time. We have been reading each others blogs and FB for years and finally meeting in person was great. Safe travels and have a great trip.

After coming home I changed and went out to spray the forest that is growing from all the rain and did some yard clean up. The weather was really nice even though it was cloudy most of the day. 
Just hope the rain holds off until late tomorrow to give the spray a chance to work.

Good Night All

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Another Week Gone

I finally found a rug for the bathroom at Family Dollar. I also picked up 2 hand towels and one bath towel. The rug worked out great the towels not so much. I washed them and OH MY I'm surprised there was any towel left what a mess. So before they need washing again I need to go buy some better ones and pitch these.

Then it was back to cleaning the house and getting more things together for donation or selling.

I had gotten a text from a friend in Wisconsin that she was coming for  only 3 days to go wedding dress shopping with her mom who is here for the winter. On the day of her arrival she sent me a text of her and her Grandmother who is my dearest friend and I haven't seen in 2 years. Since it was such a short trip we didn't get to spend much time together but what little time we did have was a true treasure to me. When they got home on Sat. they were in the throws of some really awful and cold weather. We text each other and Kathy said it isn't to bad, it's only 70 degrees colder than Tucson. I hope that maybe next winter Kathy can come again and stay longer.

On Thur. my daughter Debbie stopped by with our little one Miliany we had lunch and Debbie did some laundry. We had a wonderful visit and much entertainment from Miliany. She had a nasty fall at the coffee table and I don't think I moved that fast in years. But she was fine and the crying was over spilling something on her dress. As soon as she was cleaned up she was fine. I have been wanting to get rid of that table for quite some time.

That night my grandson Eric called and asked if I really wanted to get rid of the table. I said yes I do. He offered to pay for it but I said nope just take it. The table has a huge storage space and of course it had lots of stuff in it. So I boxed it all up and figured I would have him put it outside for me. Well he asked what was in it and I said look. He is setting up a place of his own and doesn't have much stuff yet. Well he took that box and another one that was in my room. My dad painted gorgeous pictures so I told him to pick out what he wanted and he took 2 I know he wanted another one but felt bad about taking it. So I put his name on the back so everyone will know it is his later on. I'm so happy to get this stuff gone and that it will help him start setting up. But there is still so much stuff to get rid of. 

Oh and I sold 2 pieces to my friend, they did want one of the pictures that Eric took but family first and I' m happy it stayed in the family.

Good Night All

Monday, January 21, 2019

Not to busy

Of course Sunday was Breakfast day with my youngest. Then a trip to Burlington still trying to find bathroom rugs and towels for my guest bathroom. So I guess a trip to Walmart tomorrow will have to do, just didn't want to spend a lot of money but Burlington was not cheap either and the stuff was trash. 

The weather has been perfect and I was wondering what happened to the cold front they kept talking about. Well I guess the crazy wind today brought it in with a 34 for tonight and tomorrow we are looking at 56 for the high. Then a roller coaster ride of the 60's for all the rest of the week.

I had planned on some outdoor chores today but the wind canceled that out. So I pulled out my floor mate and washed the floors. And cleaned the bathrooms. It takes all day to get things done when you have to keep stopping to catch your breath. It's very annoying.

I took out some ground Italian flavored turkey and took forever for it to defrost so I just took it out of the over. It sure smells good. But I already had some home made veggie soup as the temperature sure did drop fast.

Good Night All