Sunday, December 16, 2018

Having Some Decorating Fun

I had seen something I thought would be cute for a decoration other than what they showed it for. So after Tracy and I went to breakfast we headed for Kirkland's. We were so surprised that not much stuff was left and the sales were really good but I had my heart set on what should have been one of Santa's booted legs. Nope all gone as we walked along we spotted what was supposed be his red pants with both legs. I called Tracy over and talked about what my idea was we agreed it could work and even better than my original idea. So we grabbed them and just picked up some battery tea light candles and just one ornament. I saved $9. on my purchases and off we set for home as things started getting very busy.

After arriving home we set to stuffing the legs to make them more rigid. It worked and we had a good laugh. 

I found the little log set in a gift magazine years ago. Of course it took 3 deliveries to get one that wasn't broken. Flicker battery tea lights are used for the flames

Santa went down the wrong way!

I had spotted a really pretty center piece in Kirkland's a couple weeks ago but the price was really high, so as we strolled around the store Tracy spotted this little wooden box and the wheels started turning, I spotted a bag of pine cones in different sizes and grabbed it and the plaid deer was meant for the tree but he looked cute right there. A couple of days later I was in Family Dollar and found these gold, red and green apples and stuck them in there to brighten it up. This rain deer needs fixing 

I usually put a tiny village here on the hutch but this year I wanted to change things up and this is the change. My granddaughter and her family had given me the porcelain train one year and it was part of the large village, but I did not let this go with the sale of the village

I pulled the garland out from the shed and draped it on top. I found these tiny little lights on thin copper wire at the grocery store and stuck them to the garland.
We also did a few more decorations out front but that will be the next post as I may put a few more things out.

Good Night All

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Still A Mystery

I still can't figure out what happened. So I just went ahead and made a new file. I know I am missing lots of things, recipes, crochet patterns, a few YouTube Vlogs, but since I was on their notify list I will still see any new posts..

I finally finished my Christmas shopping and been doing lots of cleaning. Putting up just a few decorations around the house not as much as usual and never did get around to doing more out front. I should donate some of the outdoor stuff as I haven't used it in a few years. They moved the donation place and the lady told me where it was, so I drove over there but it's just one of those small metal bins and you can't put anything but soft small items and had to take some things back home. I guess I will have to call them to do a pick up so I will wait until I have more to put out in the carport.

We did have a few nice days but the over night temperatures have dipped down again but that's OK I don't go out there anyway. Did some yard work today and in the shade it was a bit nippy. Need to get more done tomorrow on the porch, then go around and spray the weeds nice crop coming in.

Good Night All

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Something Happened Again

I was having a problem with my laptop again and then my entire file of all my blogs that read disappeared. No matter what I tried I could not find them. tomorrow I guess I am going t make and apt with the Geek Squad this is getting very annoying. I had lots of blogs that I follow including YouTube stuff. I will keep trying until I lose all my patience tonight.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Chilly But Nice

Sunday my daughter brought the tree in the house and put it together. Did some decorating and then left. I finished putting on the decorations and took the empty container back out to the shed.

Monday I forced myself to go shopping and took care of most of the gifts. I went to my Ins. office and had my papers notarized and took them right to the post office.

They are still working on the house next door and I was about ready to go into a melt down. They had been running a pressure washer for almost a week n half from early morning until around 5:30 trying to remove the paint the previous owner put down. But he sure was getting anal about it and the driveway next to my house had been done for days yet he kept coming back and rewashing it. I finally had a talk with the guy. They only came back one more time and only ran it for about 2 hrs, guess they figured it wasn't coming off in the one area so why keep trying. For 2 days I went and sat with friends to escape the noise.

Wed. met up with a couple of friends for lunch and it was really nice to visit with them it has been a long time.

Today went shopping for the Christmas Eve food and a few gifts I forgot to buy. I still have the little once to buy for. I hope to get that done tomorrow on my way home from dropping off more soup for the great grands they have colds again and they love the soup their Nonna makes. LOL

 Maybe I'll get lucky this year and Santa will bring me a real camper. I've been good really I have 😇

 These mitten bird houses were made for me by a special friend

And another special friend sent this to me last Christmas

Santa tells the story The Night Before Christmas

Good Night All

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Cold Front #2

Yesterday I, cleaned up some in the shed and dragged the Christmas tree out of it's corner closer to the door, so my daughter can bring it in the house tomorrow and the tree ornaments.

Our next cold front will arrive tonight bringing really cold temps. So I covered the out door water faucets and disconnected the hose.

Tonight's low will be in the low 30's and the high for tomorrow will be in the mid 50's with wind and rain and will continue through Monday. It will make a good day for putting up the tree. I will also put out the humming bird feeder very early in the morning so those little guys will have some sugar to get them going.

If the weather isn't to bad Monday I hope to get started and finished with my Christmas shopping. I seriously don't see that happening LOL

Put up the last of the turkey for soup today it sure came out good again. I did make the split pea soup and that was so good too. 

Good Night All

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Did some early for me, running this morning. Left the house at 7:50 to go have some labs done. They have new computers  that are supposed to check you faster. I've used them before and it worked well. Today not so much, I did everything it said to do but started asking lots of questions so I hit done. I filled out all that information on line when I made my app. After sitting there and seeing how my app time had already gone by I, went to the reception desk to ask if my name showed up? Nope it sure didn't and I noticed a man having a problem at that same computer the girl said try that one so I walked over and she said use you ID hmm never had to before but OK. Then another girl comes and she said do what it tells you to do. I turned and looked at her and she new she best listen to what I was trying to say. So anyway I finally get checked in and went straight back and out the door in a few minutes.

 I was going to go straight to Walmart for a few things but decided to go home first and have some coffee and breakfast. When I walked in the door I knew Fred needed a bath. I called the groomer and she said if you come right now I can take him, as I'm leaving town until Monday. So off we went and got Fred cleaned up and nails trimmed. He smelled much better and we were both happy.

I finally was able to make some coffee and breakfast and read some FB things. 

They have been working on the house next door for a while now and I know he wants it to be finished already. The previous owner painted the driveway about 5-6 times and it was horrible. The paint started to peel and fade really bad. Last Friday he started to power wash the driveway but he was getting know where fast. To make a long story short they have been working on it since then and I was about ready to lose my mind.

So after breakfast I headed out the door to pick up my prescription refills and to get some papers notarized. I called in 2 refills and he had 3. OK I guess the computer said it needed to be refilled. Off I go to the front of the store to where the bank is.  I sign in and take a seat. Only one girl was working in that area and she had a customer. When she finished with the customer her and a telling got into and argument right in front of the customers. Another girl came and said someone will be right with you and they went into the office. Another women comes and asked what I need again I repeated it. She also went into the office. Finally the first one comes out and again they started to have words. She comes over and well, you get it. She said well there are others ahead of you, I was the only person there, so she pointed to the other people who navigated themselves to the Starbucks. I figured if they had been waiting that long how much longer would it be. I left. I guess I will go to the real bank tomorrow if the weather holds out.

Seems we are in for a real cold front coming in and rain and possibly some snow flurries. On tonight's weather it had already started snowing on Mount Lemon. By Sunday a stronger cold front will move in bringing over night lows into the 30's and highs around 53 for daytime until Tues. 

I walked around Family Dollar and picked up some Tide and was killing time hoping when I got home the guys would be done. Nope so I took off and went to visit some friends that were sitting on there deck. It was a great visit and had some laughs. You could here the machine faintly from their house and then I noticed it stopped. Myself and another neighbor jumped up and left for our homes. They were just putting things away for the night. The guy said he hoped they would be done tomorrow they had added more chemicals to lift the paint.

Well this is a long winded post so I'll end it here.

Good Night All

Saturday, November 24, 2018

It Was a Wonderful Day

I got up my usual time there wasn't any rush since the turkey was only 14#. Mostly everything else was done. And my daughter and her children all grown now where bringing some other fixings. Tracy made a huge pot of mashed potatoes and Anthony baked a fabulous spiral ham. Aliya made a salad and set up the table. We ate well and enjoyed everything. All took home lots of left overs. I made turkey soup which came out wonderful and I have a container to get over to my grandson for his children. Only one of his kids made it to the house and he sure did enjoy plenty of food and pies. The little was not feeling well but they brought her to Anthony later in the evening.

As soon as they finish the ham I will get the bone and make split pea soup.

Just a cozy little gathering

I never leave my house on Back Friday I think it's insane. So I put the house back in order and of course started the turkey soup. I still haven't delivered the soup and I better get that done tomorrow. 

Good Night All