Thursday, October 18, 2018


It has dried out these past few days. But boy have we had the WIND.

Since going out was not going to work cleaning the house seemed like a really good idea. When the a/c is in use I have to move the entertainment center over to the side to allow the vent to be free. I was so tired of the off balance already but trying to drag it was not possible, I used to do it all the time before I got old. I got the extra tubes and vacuumed all behind it and pulled out the end table which is really light weight so I could push the entertainment center over using my butt. Then gave that area a really good vacuuming too. It sure felt good to get that room really clean. Those tubes from the shop vac sure have been a blessing. I was able to get under the couch and the chairs and behind them as well.

Today the house had a chill that seemed to not want to go away and since my daughter was bringing her granddaughter over I figured I would make some zucchini pizza bites in the oven. That did the trick nicely. 

We were having a nice visit and Debbie got a call from work that the next shift person was ill and would not be coming in. Since Debbie is the manager she would have to cover. But it was fun to see the little one and be entertained by her. At least we had time to have our lunch.

Good Night All

Monday, October 15, 2018

Not Again

Yesterday was cloudy but they said no rain. So off my daughter, and I, went for breakfast, we hadn't gone in a couple weeks. Tracy told me to grab my camera that the clouds and sky were beautiful. An it was, we kept stopping to take pictures. 

We went to one of the restaurants we like but it just didn't cut it and the girl while sweet just wasn't with it and we had to keep reminding her of things we asked for. While sitting there watching the clouds I suddenly realize it was pouring down rain. Luckily it didn't last to long but it sure was chilly out. 

I had wanted to walk around some so we went to Kirkland's and I, picked up a new picture for the guest bathroom. It was 50% off so I just had to have it as it was really cheap. Then we drove over to the other side of the road to see what all else they have added store wise there. There were some new buildings but no signage so we have no idea what they will be. We know for sure one is a gym which one we have no idea. But it is mostly restaurants .

Here are some of the cloud pictures. Wish I had a good photo program to be able to get rid of wires and street lights.

This is just around the corner from where I live

 This is almost to the place where we are going to eat
 Sure wish I could remove these towers

Drove around the parking lot trying to find some clear places and the clouds just kept moving with us. Those mountains are about 15- 20 miles from where we were. They are very tall and there is a ski resort on top

Today was sunny and cloudy with a chill in the air. I sure didn't mind and opened more windows and the door and ran fans to air out the house. This evening as I was closing up it started to pour down rain again. Oh well lets see what tomorrow brings.

Good Night All

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Can We Say Rain?

On Thursday, it started to cloud up the temperature climbed a bit and the humidity was nasty. I had to turn on the A/C for a bit to get some comfort in the house.  I thought I heard some rain during the night. 

Yes it had rained, Friday was cloudy with intermittent rain and more nasty humidity, then late evening it started to rain harder. I kept busy around the house as it really needed some attention. I stripped down the bed and that was like an all day thing as the machine didn't care for the way things kept settling on one side. GRRRR Finally got it to do it's job but then couldn't dry the sheets and blanket all at once since things kept getting wrapped in the fitted sheet. Oh well I dried the blanket first since I have an extra set of sheets if it was going to get any later. Of course the first thing I washed was the comforter which didn't dry all the way. Finally got it all done. Dusting and vacuuming in the mean time.

And it rained all night and all day today. And I do mean rain. Sometimes it would rain so hard it sounded like a freight train, then it would settle down and just drizzle, then poured again it did this all day into early evening.

Put up a pot of veggie soup as I used the last of the other pot today for lunch. Did more laundry so that is all caught up to.

Oh my it is raining again! I sure hope we see some sun tomorrow or at least an end to the rain.

Good Night All

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Another Hurricane Coming

Not much going on. Tue. I did finally get to have an eye exam and of course I need glass for the computer, but all else checked out fine. So glasses are ordered and should be in around 7 days. My frames are the same as the ones I bought last week @ $9. but dang lens are expensive and since I have astigmatism I needed a little more expensive lens of course.

I then did some shopping since I was already in Walmart and then headed home.

Looks like Friday we will get hit with the tail end of Hurricane Sergio. They say it will be more high winds and lots of rain until Sunday. 

Today didn't do to much but putter around the house and made some zucchini boats. I need to stop cooking all these veggies now until I finish what is in the fridge. 

I haven't had to use the A/C since Monday and I did have to add my comforter back on the bed as the temperature  has been in the low 50's at night. This is great sleeping weather. Today I believe the high was 80 so just had door and windows open. I did have to start wearing my knee length sweats instead of my shorts. I'm loving this weather. Northern AZ has already had snow, pictures posted are beautiful.

So not much going on right now. Tomorrow I better spray the weeds before the rain brings more.

Good Night All

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Summer Has Gone!!

Our mornings are gorgeous finally and the days are good. A/C not in use much which is fantastic and the bill is coming down. I usually have to turn on the A/C around 1 pm as the house gets a bit to warm, then by 4 pm it doesn't run much anymore.

Tomorrow we are expecting more rain and a cold front is moving in. I'm good with that. 

Time to clean up the porch again so I can sit out there and have my coffee, maybe even have some breakfast to. Just hope it stays cool from here on

The other morning I came in to the computer room with my coffee and I turned to look out the window and something sparkly caught my eye.

I took these pictures through the window and screen, I wasn't dressed to go out so they aren't as sparkly or clear as they should be. This is on my carport and that's the house next door.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get dressed earlier and take some better ones and then knock it down before someone walks into it.

Good Night All

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hurricane Rose

I have lived here for 42 years in the Sonora Desert and never have had a hurricane here before. The weather people who rarely get things straight kept saying it was coming of course not the full blown part but all the rain and some high winds. But they kept changing the dates so you just figure it isn't going to happen. Final day to arrive was supposed to be today. Well late afternoon Sunday the winds came up out of nowhere and the rain started coming down. It rained all through the night and all day yesterday until late evening. So no shopping was done yesterday cause we all know sugar melts.

So today I got up and the sun was shining but they said more rain was coming. So I got out to go shopping and the truck wouldn't start. I knew it had to be coming as I have had the truck for a little more than 4 yrs and this is the same battery. I called Mark (my life saver) and he came with a battery charger and got the truck going. I drove right to O' Reilly's Auto parts store. Kid brought out the tester to see if maybe it needed a good charge. But I knew better as I turned off the truck when I got there and it wouldn't start. So the kid put in a new battery and off I went shopping while I watched the clouds building again. But I made it home.

I put away the frozen and cold food and made me a lunch since I didn't even have breakfast and drank lots of nice cold water before putting the rest of the groceries away. 

The sun came out and it looked like the storm had passed us finally. But  the clouds came back but it didn't rain, until I sat here to write this it is now raining again. While I don't have flooding problems here other parts of town are in trouble and Phx, is really getting it bad and flooding is really bad. As I was watching TV before a Warning to evacuate further west of here near the border of Mexico sounded pretty bad. I know how bad it floods out that way and they have been working on it for years since of course they built many developments out there. I hope all will be OK and no real damage comes to those who live out that way.

Tomorrow I have and eye apt. which was really needed and since I broke the only cheaters that worked for the computer it's time. I'm going to bring these glasses with me and hope they can put on a new arm piece while I am waiting for the glasses to come in. Trying to wear these broken ones is tough.

Good Night All

Thursday, September 27, 2018


This week was mostly spent at home doing lots of house cleaning. I can no longer move my bed so I had to come up with a solution to that problem. I hate asking anyone to come and move it. So luckily I have a shop vac and the tubes fit the vacuum tubes and the shop vac has a piece to clean the floor. It worked like a charm I was able to get all the way under from both sides and up from the bottom. And with the use of just the tubes I was able to get the floor edges at the top half of the bed too. Sure made me happy. I have been saving boxes for donations and sales of things to get rid of but not much has been happening with that so the boxes went out to the shed today. I do have some things packed to donate so I will back the truck in tomorrow and load the stuff up.

It has been cool in the mornings. Its  so nice to open the door and windows until around 11 am. Of curse the east side of the house gets pretty hot about 10 even though that's it's covered over by the carport.

Today my daughter Debbie stopped over with Miliany and we had fun singing songs and her showing me all the silly faces she can make. She speaks really well and she can also speak a little Spanish it's really funny.

I have lots of cheater reading glasses around the house but only one pair worked for the computer and they broke. Guess it's time for an eye exam and order a pair that will work. It's been a few years since I had an eye exam because Health Ins. doesn't cover eyes unless you see a specialist and so many will not take my ins.

Good Night All