Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Craig's List Liars

I'm starting to think I need a bigger fridge or just another small one. Since I started eating more healthy foods I am running out of room in the fridge. The problem with those just a little small one is where to put it, I don't have room in the kitchen anywhere. If I put it in the shed that will be a royal pain to have to run out there every time I need something and then there is the heat in there. I could wrap it in insulation I guess. I have know people who have done that when they have extra ones and also freezers stored in the garage. Buying a bigger fridge is costly and then I have to worry about selling this one and what could I get for it? Its about 9 yrs old already, I had to buy it when the big one that came with the house died right after I bought 2 weeks worth of groceries. I only had enough money to buy this one which is maybe 14 or 16 cf. Guess I will go to Lowe's tomorrow and have a look around. I hate spending this kind of money. But at 9yrs of age maybe I should consider a new one anyway.

Today I went to look at a pop up that was on Craig's List. This guy was trying to pull a fast one on anyone he could. The picture he posted was about 15 yrs newer then the pile of junk he was trying to sell. I wouldn't give him a dime for that thing and I don't think it would make it out of his driveway. I flagged his post as he had someone from PHX, calling about it I would hate to see someone drive 2 hrs to see this pile of junk yard trash. Oh well I will continue to plan on a summer locked in my house. 

Good Night All

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Nice Calm Day

It was a really nice day today. NO wind. And nice and cool.

I picked up my daughter for our Sunday breakfast. We went to a new place and we really enjoyed it. But neither one of us could finish so we asked for a box to go.

Stopped at my house to pick something up and headed to the Neighborhood Grocery Store. We did our shopping and realized the thing we stopped at my house for was still there. So we went back and  picked it up. 

On the way home I stopped at the car wash. I have never let my truck get that dirty and I hated it. So it is all nice and clean and shiny again. I didn't even care if it was going to rain it had to be done. So far no rain.

Tomorrow I will spend the day cooking up veggies and some other foods to freeze.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Good Night All

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Last

Today the wind came back and was strong. So sick of this wind. I had to run and buy a few groceries and refills of meds, as tomorrow they are sealing the road in front of my house so I won't be able to move my truck. But I will walk down the street to meet my friend Kathy so we can go to lunch since she will be leaving for the summer.

I will finish up posting pictures of the Desert Museum

Totem Cacti

I think this may be a carp but was hard to tell. this used to be the Beaver pool but he seems to be gone
 Otter, very hard to photograph since he never stays still

Flowers on Saguaro when the flowers are done they turn into fruits which the Native Americans used for fruit jams and many other uses

King of his domain

to the right you can see a ram and behind her is a 1 day old baby, behind the center ram you can barely see the head of a 1 week old baby
 By walking around I was able to get this shot of the little guy or gal

These blurry flowers of the Prickly Pare Cactus will also turn red and can be used for food the pads are also scraped and eaten


 Black - bellied Whistling Duck

Gambles quail

 Broad-billed Humming bird

Barn Owl

Good Night All

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Desert Museum Part 2

Cousins got off early this morning and I will miss them.

I have more pictures to post today

Recreation of the way bones are found

Cactus Wren nest

Brown Bear

Mexican Grey Wolf, there was some table being removed outside his closure and he thought maybe he was going to get something to eat and his lady friend was running in circles 

Don't know what kind of flowers these are

I believe this is a Crane but not sure what kind

Good Night All

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Desert Museum Part 1

Today was a beautiful day for the Desert Museum.

We all piled into the car about 9:15 am and off we went. It was a little chilly when we first arrived and a lot of dirt in the air from yesterdays high winds as may been seen is some pictures. 

I went on my own as I thought it would take me the longest to finish and knew where I wanted to go. While they hit the snake house and I had no desire for that place. 

So many wild flowers everywhere

Sea worms in the Aquatic area

Of course we all know of the sea horse
 I believe the sign said dark fish there were so many kids there today trying to keep ahead of them was impossible so some things did not get named

 Five leg star fish

Mexican Acotillo
 Can't remember the name of this bush but when it rains they give off a wonderful fragrance

 Cactus Wren, AZ. State Bird

 You can see all the pollution from the hard winds yesterday

 Dinosaur bones

My cousins leave tomorrow and I sure did enjoy seeing them after all these years. We had a wonderful time catching up and just enjoying our time.

Good Night All