Monday, November 16, 2020

Glad Its Almost Over

 So glad elections are over and hopefully he will get the message that many of his followers had enough of him and the election was fair and legal. They don't like you anymore now go away quietly and stop making a fool of yourself. You lost by even a bigger margine after the recounts.

Now if the ads for medicare would go away that would be nice too.

The weather here has been up an down and this morning the heater came on but by late afternoon the cooler came on. We are at 89 F about 3pm and still may reach 90 before the week is over.

I'm am almost finished Christmas shopping only 3 more to go and they will be gift cards. I had to make a run to Walmart today for some personal items and beds for Fred. I was hoping to have curbside pick up but that just didn't work. I don't understand why pet beds are not included in curbpick up. But just as well as the item for me it said only one pkg left yet in the store they had many, and the dog bed would have had a shipping charge and the store had plenty I buy them 3 at time so I can stay out of the store. I checked on the gift cards but they didn't have the places I wanted so they will have to be bought in Safeway at later date. So with those items in my basket I was at the self check out which I really hate but I needed out and mask off.

I am now having some family for Thanksgiving so I ordered a turkey and a few other items and the others will bring some salads, mashed potatoes and a pie of their choice. I will bake a cake as it is Aliya's birthday on the 21st. 

I have been crocheting like a mad woman trying to finish the blanket I'm making for her, almost done but seems like it will never be done.

Good Night All

Saturday, November 7, 2020

What A Week!

 The election was about the craziest one I have seen in my life. But thankfully the out come was a good one. Our new President Joe Biden will have his work cut out for him. But I think with the great people behind him he will make great strides to make America Great Again as it once was 4 yrs ago.

It was a busy week around here. Washed down kitchen cabinets and other house work getting done. And did venture out for a much needed hair cut. I was the only one there and we had on our masks.

Today was a really busy day, the new furnace was going in and a large grocery order coming at 8am. So got up early jumped in the shower put in a load of laundry so it could go into the dryer and be done before the gas was shut off. And it finished just in time. 

Got all the groceries put away. I then realized I hadn't had breakfast. Hmm can't use the stove, then I remembered I had bought pre cooked bacon and I have that stone wave thing that I always used for making a veggie omlets. So that was good to go. 

Spent lots of time on laptop to make sure I stayed out of the way. Watched lots of YT but still hadn't finished as I started reading my friends list on FB. Then I needed a break from this office chair and went into the living room to my great chair. 

It was terribly windy today at 29 - 30 mph winds but the temps where in the high 70's. If it wasn't for the wind it would have been a great day to be outdoors. Tonight will be around 45 F. But starting tomorrow we will drop into the mid 60's and the low 45 over night again. Monday we will drop down into the 50's with 60% chance of rain and a low at night of 37. Hello new furnace! But temps will go back up but stay in the 70's. 

Covid is once again on the rise here so more staying home and being very careful around others.

Good Night All

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Beautiful Day

 Debbie and I had planned to go up to Madera Canyon today but we weren't to sure about the weather. We changed our plan and went to the Desert Museum. You know have to make a reservation in advance, I guess so they can make sure it doesn't get to crowded. Our time was at 10 am. When we pulled in there were lots of people waiting to get in so I don't know what that was about.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Cloudy 83 F and a slight breeze.

I made sure I had inhaler and a can of oxygen. Well the can oxygen didn't really do much and neither did the inhalers but we would just stop and sit for awhile and then move on a little further. 

Kind of disappionted in the Humming bird avary as there weren't many species in there. 

We made our way to the Sting Ray exibit. When they first opened it you were able to pet the Rays but they have added a fence now and no more petting is allowed.

The clouds were really getting thick and dark so we decided to call it a day. Most of the pictures are of flowers they were everywhere. Also lots of butterflies. I was having trouble with my camera, it wouldn't focus and then it wouldn't open. I had charged the batteries yesterday as I always carry an extra. So I looked and the battery was almost dead already. I changed out the battery and went on. But that battery was going dead too. As soon as I got home I ordered 2 new batteries.

Debbie, picked up lunch so we found a picnic area and had our lunch that she picked up at Sprouts. They make some really nice little trays, these had grapes, cheese, chicken, and a trail mix. She also picked up a sandwich that we split. Brought home left overs.

It would sprinkle every now and then but nothing to chase us home. We spent a lot of time out there at the picnic table and had a wonderful day.

When you enter the gate there is a small aquarium.

Flower Eels

Adding pictures is a pain in the neck! I had to delete a few as they were so blurry.

Good Night All

Thursday, October 22, 2020

A Busy Time

 The weather is finally cooling down. We have been going  up and down in the 90's this week. And by next week we should be doing low 90's and one day of 85F by Monday, we should be seeing a 70 F with some rain Tues will be 65F and more rain Wed.. After that doing a dance between the 70's and 80's. 

After letting Fred out a few minutes ago the smell of smoke was awful and the reports are so sketchy about fires, Cow Canyon fire is in AZ and NM in a very hard to get to canyon and has burned 28,160 acres and a fire in Gila National Forest is at 7,211 acres. I know there are a couple more but they gave no information on them. 

I should be able to use my cooler now but because of the smoke being so bad I still have to use my A/C. I try to leave the door and some windows open but I start to cough and weeze so I have to close up the house again. But at least the AC doesn't run all the time since the house stays pretty cool for quite some time in the morning and at night it doesn't run at all.

My Vote has been counted so I am very happy about that. Today I enrolled in my new Medical Plan and finally was able to find a dentist on the this crummy plan I have now. Trying to tie up loose ends this week.

I cleaned half of the porch but haven't finished as I can't stay out there to long, which sadens me as the weather is so beautiful. I received notice my outdoor rug is in so I will pick it up tomorrow and just leave it in the truck until next weekend when Anthony is available to help me set it up.

Yesterday shampooed half the living room rug, but just couldn't finish it. This morning I vacuumed up that half. Today most of the day was spent on the phone so I will get the other half done tomorrow.

Sunday, my daughter Debbie and I are going to take a ride up to Madera Canyon and I will know whether I can camp up there or not with my breathing issues. If not at least I  can do Gilbert Ray which is about the same altitude as where I live. At least it's something. I'm not ready to give up completely just yet.

I tried to watch the debate tonight but after almost an hour I had to quit. That moron trump is a complete idiot and of course he couldn't keep his mouth shut. I thought they were going to cut his mic when he wouldn't stop. He will totally change the subject of the questions to bring up more lies and stupidty.

Don't forget to mask up in public.

Good Night All!

Friday, October 16, 2020

Thought It Was Over

I sent in my Voting Ballet and glad that is done. Can't wait for this to be over the adds are really getting annoying and are none stop. And if they aren't enough now it's Medicare and Ins time. GRRRR

Have been working at getting the porch cleaned up so I can at least have my coffee out there in the mornings now that it is much cooler. Ordered a new fun patio rug as the old one is just that old and dirty. They will call me when it comes in and I can pick it up.

Had a big pile for trash on Tue. again and more than likely again this coming Tue. Then move on to packing up donation things.

My last grocery order was a total disaster from Walmart and someone got $130. worth of free groceries. The so called store manager was so rude I couldn't believe it when I called to see what happened to my stuff. The order should have been in 8 - 9 am I didn't get it until well after noon and they really screwed it up. Didn't get half of what I ordered and was still charged for those items. I wasn't going to let them get away with that and contacted customer service. Finally after almost a week I contacted them again. I have now been given a refund. I will not order from them again. I ordered from Fry's this week and everything went off great. We shall see.

Well we thought it was going to cool down and start acting like Fall. Thought this stinkin heat was over, they said it would be 96 F today, it was 103 F if this keeps up the nights will nolonger be cool and the A/C will run all the time again. The mornings so far have been great up until about 11 am. But we shall see if this heat continues the mornings may not be as nice. Tonight on the weather they said it looks like maybe another 2 weeks before we see real Fall weather. This has been the hottest summer in many, many years. It wouldn't hurt my feeling none if it left NOW!

Well guess that's about it for now.

Good Night All

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Cooler Weather!

 As of yesterday we dropped below the triple digits. We are happy with mid to upper 90's. Today was such a beautiful day and I got quite a bit done outside. Well for me anyway. 

Bagged up lots of cardboard from Amazon orders. Swept up lots of leaves from trees I do not have. Tomorrow should be another wonderful day so I will do some raking and check for weeds. 

Anthony came yesterday with the kids and I made chocolate chip pancakes and sausages, for a late lunch I ordered pizzas so Anthony wouldn't have to cook when they went home. He was still up from his over night shift. It was his last as he found a much better job and will be working days now and have weekends off and making much better money.  Anthony and his little guy finished up all the painting so I can now call and have them come check off the work. We discussed how to bury the drain pipes into the ground for another one of there stupid new rules. Anthony fixed the shed wall by adding some screws to the bottom and top of the wall. He also fixed the wire mesh  around the pipe that leads to under the house to make sure I don't get any critters under there and making their way into the house. 

Next big project is to clear out the shed. So many Christmas decorations that are nolonger used and so need to go. This cooler weather has me coming back to life LOL And he also fixed the sagging insulation on the ceiling out there.

Also want to get the porch vacuumed up so I can sit out there and enjoy the wonderful mornings with my coffee. Going to be nice to see some really low electric bills.

So yes lots of things getting repaired makes me happy.

Good Night All!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

More Changes?

 I realized it has been a long time since I posted. So I hit new post and more changes. This is getting very annoying and no wonder people are shutting down their blogs. 

Things have settled in for Debbie. Most needed things have been replace by some very good and generous friends and family. 

The weather still is rotten and hot. Temps are still at 102 while nights have cooled down quite a bit and makes for less A/C usage. Made the bill a lot lower but still to high. 

Repairs on the house are completed for this round anyway. I need to do some inside painting and I'm going to try doing it on my own. It may take awhile but if I can do a wall a day in the smaller rooms that will be great. My grandson is still working nights and home schooling his kids. He isn't getting much sleep. And I'm not going to bother him with more work. He did a great job painting the repair and we sure got lucky matching the paint.

I am itching to get out and go camping but with such high daytime temps that isn't going to happen. I thought of renting a cabin but they don't allow pets so that's out. I'm trying to be patient but that is wearing pretty thin already. It has been over a year already since I have been camping. And since this dang Covid19 I really haven't gone out very often at all. Still having groceries delivered. Did a quick run with Debbie to the Family Dollar to get her some odds and ends. The store was pretty empty so that worked out really well.

So really don't have much to share on this post.

Hope you all are taking care and wearing your maskes in public and enjoying some Fall weather.

Good Night All