Thursday, September 17, 2020


Debbie is in a new apt. since yesterday and trying to settle in emotionaly.

People have been so supportive, generous and caring. That has really helped her so much. Her son Adam and all his close friends rallied to gether last night and moved in the furniture given to her I believe from Miliany's mom Pauli, and her best friend Megan who put Debbie for the past few days all hung out with her last night and moved things around and just made her feel so good. Apt. owner set her up with a TV, Microwave, crockpot and so many other things. I,m still  not sure where other things have come in from. People have donated money which helped her finally get a few outfits to wear, I know she still needed shoes but I don't know if she bought another pair as the first ones were hurting her feet. Tonight her son Eric is taking her shopping for bathroom stuff and I don't know what else yet.

Diamond is doing OK and is still staying with another family member (but they say she cries at night) until she is better settled in, she isn't happy about that as she really mises her and I am sure Diamond mises her too.

I had ordered  a microwave for her not knowing they already took care of that and it was delivered today. Now to see how to return it.

Good Night All

Monday, September 14, 2020

It Was Wonderful Then Not

 The weather had cooled down so nice but the smoke was just awful for many days. So stayed locked up in the house again with the A/C running but at least not as much. It is now hot again but the smoke is not as bad.

Adam's team lost the first game on Sat. by 4 pts. they played a really tough team and one of the guys looked like he was about 6.7 if nothing. But they played well agianst them. Sunday they won by about those 4 pts. I was lucky to be able to watch it on YouTube. 

This morning I get a horrible call from my daughter Debbie and she was crying so hard I couldn't make out much but fire. She finally got the words out that her apt. was on fire and she was heading home from work. The dog was in the apt. Someone got her out but she was unconscious it must have been the fire dept. and they worked on her and gave her oxygen. Those guys go above and beyond and they saved her. My grandsons girl friend showed up and rushed her to the vet where they kept her most of the day and she is fine. 

But the apt. and everything is a total loss. All she had was her work clothes on her back. Her girlfriends showed up and stayed with her until they let them in to see what could be saved and there was nothing. Red Cross came right away and gave her $250. gift card so she could get some clothes, shoes and personal hygene things. She will stay with her friend tonight and the apt. manager will have a place ready for her tomorrow. Her son Adam flew right home to be with her and get her settled. That kid takes such good care of her.

They said the fire was electrical that started in the kitchen. Her stove is gas so it wasn't that. It could have even been in the wall so it may have been burning for some time. She left the house at 6:30am for work and said she didn't smell anything. It was so sad to see the pictures of the complete damage. It really upset me to not be able to go to her but my breathing issues are not very good right now and to smell even more smoke would have only added to the her problem.

The love and support that is pouring in for her is unbelievable. Her granddaughters mom Pauli, has a storage locker full of furnature that she gave her. Once we see what all is there we can take it from there. Pauli was with her all day and into the evening at Meagans house where Debbie will stay tonight I live really far from that area so she didn't want to stay here because of her job. But they gave her a couple days off to get settled into the apt. Friends have been putting money in her bank account and checks are coming here in the mail for her. And she does have some savings so she will be fine, its just the shock of it all. She said she is just numb right now.

Good Night All

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

It Was True

 We had a big change in the weather! Yes we are below triple digits finally. Today was gorgeous! Had windows and doors open until around 12N when the haze and smell from the fires started coming in. So I had to close everything up. But at least the A/C didn't have to run for quite a few hours and when it did it was only on low setting.  It is so beautiful out right now but the skeeters think I'm a fast food restaurant so no sitting outside. Tomorrow it will only be 89F but then it will start to  climb back up as the week moves on but should top out at about 97F. If it wasn't for the smoke I would be using the cooler but it doesn't filter out enough to make it safe for breathing right now.

On Sat. Adam has his first game and we should be able to watch it live on the laptop. I sure hope so I will be so sad if I don't get to watch his first game. There will be another game but I can't see it on my phone.

Did some cooking and freezing but that is it for awhile now until I can find more square 1 serving sized containers.

I have gotten  1 estimate for repairs on the house and have another company coming tomorrow. Tried to get a 3rd but seems like no one needs more work right now.

Not much else happening around here same old, same old.

Good Night All!

Friday, September 4, 2020

Can This Be True?

Does anyone know anything about Dick from Dizzy's Wanderings &Wonderings?

Nothing much  happing around here. Same old, same old.

But on Wed. I did have some company over. My daughter Debbie and her son Adam with his girl friend. I hadn't seen the kids for quite some time. Adam is living in TX right now working for a few months. He loves his basket ball and always wanted to go pro. He was supposed to go into a try out in April and since the Covid19 hit it was all canceled. Well he heard about another chance on a world team try out for next month and he made the first part of the try outs. We are very excited about this and he is over the moon happy.

Can the weather forcast be true? By next Wed we are going to drop into the low - mid 90's. I sure hope this happens I have had enough of this heat as I'm sure so has everyone else.

Going to start getting estimates to get my house worked on next week. And have my brakes checked on the truck also. Time to get these things done. Because if the weather is finally going to change I want out of here.

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend. Stay safe and PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

Good Night All.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A Shopping Trip

There is only so much home delivery you can do. So Monday I decided it was time for me to go out and get things done. My truck was so dirty it was brown not blue for all the blowing dust and dirt then the hard rain that came into the carport to really turn things into mud all over the truck. 
So I planned out my trip. First the car wash, then Big 5 Sporting Store, nope closed and wouldn't open for another 30 min. No I am not going to sit here for 30 mins. So  bit the bullet and hit up Walmart Super Store. I'm so happy I had made a list on my phone for things I needed there.  First stop A/C filters, then sporting dept. grabbed the fishing pole and a small tackle box, electonics for new chargers for the new phone that nolong uses the charges I already have, dog dept. new beds for Fred, ladies dept. picked up a new pair of shorts for hanging out at home. And out the door I went. On the way home I saw the gas was on the rise again so stopped and topped off my tank @ $2.02. , the next day it was $2.09
What and expensive day that was.
Yesterday Fred went to the groomers. He smells so much better and his nails are clipped.
I was taking stock of my groceries and noticed I was completely out of veggies and low on meats so I put in and order to be delivered tomorrow. I can't believe the prices on food it's really off the wall.

I had thought about trying to do my own shopping but I really don't want to push the store issue as even though they had to guys at the door to the store I saw people who had taken off their maskes in the store. IDIOTS

Today is my oldest great grandsons birthday now really how did this kid already get be 9 years old? My newest great grandson is now 2 weeks old and he sure was a tiny little guy at 5lbs 4 oz and 18 in. They are keeping him away from everyone as he is just to tiny to be around people. But lots of pictures have been shared.

Good Night All

Thursday, August 20, 2020


Yes WOW! We got nailed with a crazy storm. And it's still thundering, lightening and raining. It started about 5:30pm rained like crazy and hail the size of moth balls pounded down. The hail lasted almost 20min. Then poof no power. Luckily my battery powered fans ready and so were the LED lanterns. The power was off for about 2 1/2 hrs. I won't be surprised if it goes off again. But charged up what needed to be charged already. Of course even the cell quit working and I have never had that happen before with any other service. I'm lucky that I could open most of the windows and doors since I have a covered carport on one side and the porch on the other.

This is when it first started

 That is hail. there was so much more later but it was so loud I had to go in the house

I'm going to upgrade the fans to the newer ones that use less batteries and are much more powerful. I had them both blowing on me and it was OK but if the power hadn't come back on it wouldn't have worked. I'm sure I have 2 more fans in the shed but I wasn't going out there I know where they are but the last time I went in there there was a huge desert Iguana stuck in the sink. I was able to catch it and put it back outside. Just don't want to be finding things like that in the  semi dark Don't know how he got in there but I'm thinking maybe under the door but didn't think the space was that big cause he was HUGE. Going to have to get something to add to the bottom. 

I thought maybe Fred and I would leave and stay in a Motel but the roads were flooded and warning kept sound on my old phone not the new phone but the old phone. Sprint Sucks

Good Night All

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Little One

The heat is still horrible but the humidity isn't high enough to cause rain. Lots of lightening so more fires. Today we had a power outage that I hadn't even realized happened until I had no internet and even then I didn't realize why until I shut down and walked into the kichen to get water and the fridge was dark inside.LOL I quickly closed all the blinds and curtains to keep it cool as long as possible. I figured if it wasn't going to come back on by the time the house started to get to hot I would just take Fred and hit a motel. But as I moved around checking my hygiene bag to make sure it had everything needed I saw the digital clock blinking at me. I always have a bag ready to hit the road including measured out food and treats for Fred. 

They say Covid is down but then somewhere else says it isn't. The double and back track talk is so annoying already. Rump's followers may believe that trash but not others who know he needs to be gone already.

Political trash talking goes on no matter whether your on YouTube or TV.  Post Office is now being run by the turd. And of course everything is the Dems fault. Speaking of the already corrupt postal service I hope who ever took my great grandsons fishing pole birthday present enjoys it. They claimed they tried to deliver it but the box was full. REALLY! Someone want to explain how a fishing pole even a telescoping one with a small tackle box could fit in a tiny mail box? Amazon sent me a refund, UPS stinks and then they turn over packages to the Postal Service and then you never see your stuff.

Anyway there is some wonderful news I now have a new great grandson born in the very early morning hours yesterday. He is very tiny  but is fine outside of a little low sugar level which is coming up nicely and he should be going home tomorrow. 

Try and stay cool everyone don't stay home with broken A/Cs it's dangerous when temps reach well over 100 F. it has been 109 - 111 for days now.

Good Night All!