Thursday, October 19, 2017

Moving Along

The weather is not being very nice around here. We are in the mid 90's and some days the wind is awful. But at least it isn't in the triple digits and for that I am grateful.

Been doing more house stuff and packing more things for donations. I did get rid of a lot more things today to go to one of my grandsons. That was 3 bag haul out and on to my daughter. Now to put the other 2 bags in the truck and haul them off to the donation center. I have more to wrap up and take that off too. Why doesn't it look like I have gotten rid of anything? Well it shows in the cabinets much more room there.

I had thought that the printer was bad now I don't know. I set up the other one and it printed a few things really well then not so good again. I believe the problem is the black in cartridge I bought at Office Max it was their brand. I will go to Walmart tomorrow and get a real Kodak cartridge there and see how it goes. How can 2 printers have the same exact problem.

Today I had lunch with my daughter Debbie and her granddaughter Miliany, she is a very active little one. I was tired just from watching her on her quest to figure out how things work. She definitely  is half Italian as she is very loud. LOL

I had gotten a recipe from Brad of the blog Van Trekker.
He called them Crab Empenada. I did cut the recipe in half and I still was only able to eat half of one and still have another one.

They didn't come out as pretty as Brad's but they were Delicious! Thank You Brad 
I used 8 oz. veggie cream cheese
maybe about 4 oz of crab meat chopped in small pieces
1/2 tsp diced garlic
pinch of sugar
splash of Soy Sauce less salt
Used  pie dough
once it was filled and sealed I spread egg on the dough and baked at 375 for 25 min.

Good Night All

Monday, October 16, 2017

OH The Wind

Friday, the machines showed up and the washer is different from the what I ordered and no amount of going over this mess fixed the problem. Sooo I have a new washer that I can barely reach to the bottom and will have to use a grabber to get out the clothes from the bottom. I vowed right in the store to never buy from Lowe's again. As this is the second time things have not gone well. And the guys destroyed my stair way trim, which will now cost me more money to have it replaced as it is a real trip hazard. And I have sent a complaint to Lowe's lets see what they do about it.

But is sure was good to be able to get all the clothes washed before I had to start taking them out of the camper. I washed 16 T shirts besides all the other clothing, sheets and towels.

I figured now maybe just maybe I can get a camping trip in this week. And then the winds started up really hard again. There are more fires going through Sierra Vista and homes have been lost. I feel for all those poor people in CA. and now here again too. I haven't heard about the fire up in Flagstaff yet that was started by lightening. I don't know what started the one in Sierra Vista guess I'll find out on the 10 pm news. I'm sure the wind had quite a helping hand is spreading the fire so quickly. Guess I'll just wait and see what happens by Wed. I'll get everything together and just in case it's a go. 

Good Night All

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Always Something

While it did warm up some it wasn't to bad at all. Did some porch and yard cleaning (it never ends) as we had lots of wind again.

I was also doing things around the house and realized I needed to get some laundry done, threw in a load and went about doing other things. About the time I figured the load needed to be dry I headed in the laundry room and OOPS it was full of water at first I thought I forgot to pull the knob but no it wouldn't have filled up. Well after trying each setting to see if it would work no such luck. Rung out the clothes the best I could and put them over the railing outside. By then I was exhausted and retreated to my chair.
Next day I brought in the small garden hose and stuck in the washer and put the other end over the side of the porch. It started to drain right away. Sure made me happy. When it reach the bottom I had to hold it down and tilt the tub so I could get out as much as possible. I really can't complain as the washer and dryer are about 20 yrs old and have never needed service. While the dryer still works sometimes it sounds like it has a shoe in it. Yes might as well replace it while I'm at it.
If I wasn't such a procrastinator I could have already had the new set but no I waited until Friday so I will not get the new ones until next Friday. They no longer stock gas dryers. I thought about having electric put in but the guy talked me out of it said it was cheaper to run the gas.

I did go to Sprouse this week and bought some great veggies. I bought another eggplant there and tried to cut it like the video but it just wasn't working out well. :( but I followed the rest of the recipe and it was wonderful but no picture. I also made baked cauliflower and saute' mushrooms. Love those vegetables. Still want to make garlic spinach maybe tomorrow after I go to the laundromat.

Had a wonderful and fun breakfast this morning with my grand kids and also 2 of my great grand babies. They were so good I couldn't believe it. 
One of the twins Armani came to eat with his Godparents Eric n Christian he is just the sweetest baby and was coloring and so proud of it and he knew what colors he was using
 And this is Miliani my daughter Debbie's granddaughter and niece to Eric n Christian. Usually Miliani is very verbal and not very quiet but give that baby food and she won't make a sound. 
After we finished I headed for the grocery store getting that unsavory chore done.

Good Night All

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Warming Up

It was a nice week and I managed to finally get the windows washed. But the water here is so nasty that I will have to get the ladder out and do them the old fashioned way. But they are better and the screens are nice and clean.

Did a little shopping and cooking. I might have to turn this blog into a cooking one. 
I picked up a eggplant as there was a recipe I really wanted to try. When I cut it opened it was rotten. It will be going back to the store. 
So I cut up a zucchini instead and just did my own thing with it. It sure was good.
I put some mushrooms, green bell pepper mozzarella cheese and some sauce laid out on a pie crust as that was supposed to be the base for the eggplant dish. Had plenty to make a couple of serving dishes for the freezer. 

Tracy is in CA. for the weekend but my Grandson Eric and his girl sent a text last night wanting to meet for breakfast. They are such great kids. And we made plans for next Sunday as well since Tracy will be in NJ. So they want Nana to still get out for breakfast.

After we parted ways for the day I knew I had to get this crazy hair cut and headed off to the place I once used. Only a couple of weeks ago we passed and it looked like they were still there. Well not anymore. I remembered another place we had noticed in this same strip mall so I looked and sure enough they were opened. So glad I tried them out. So far I like the job the girl did.

We seem to be warming backup a bit this coming week to almost high 90's. Well it still isn't triple digits and no humidity so I can handle it.

Going to have a few things worked on here at the house this week and each month I'll have a little more done. Still kicking around the idea to sell so I need to get these things done. 

Good Night All

Sunday, September 24, 2017

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

We have been seeing much better temperatures but had some very high winds. The wind was really strong so being outdoors still wasn't going to work.

But Rose and I did manage an outing to a couple of little stores out near Old Tucson and found a new little place called Corner Cafe, we had lunch and it was pretty cozy. I'm sure once the snow birds arrive back at Tucson Estates you won't be able to get near the place. The staff was very friendly.

Today was absolutely gorgeous. No wind to speak of and the temp was 87. This morning it was 58 degrees couldn't be happier with that and the windows and door were opened up. 

Tracy and I headed out to Sunny Daze this morning for breakfast and of course everything was so good. We ate out on the patio and we were very happy.

After breakfast I had to stop and pick up a few groceries so Tracy said lets stop at the new Neighborhood Market Place which is a Walmart store. It is bigger than the one near my house and had more items. We finished up and headed home. 

We did get done early this morning but Tracy was having car problems and wanted to make sure she made it home before the traffic got to heavy and of course since she works, all the fun stuff needed to be done for the week.

I reopened the house and turned on the fans to keep the air flowing. While it was still really nice outside the house started to get warm around 2:30 pm so I closed up everything and turned the a/c on but it didn't need to be turned down much and it was comfortable again.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Good Night All

Sunday, September 17, 2017

I Think Summer Got The Memo

I have finished all the cabinets. Now to list the Christmas Village on Craig's List and on Tucson Buy and Sell. 

Have some repairs to do on the house of course what else is new. Paint the master bedroom and master bath, I think the spare room can also use a paint job. Yes I still want to sell this place and move out of Tucson. 

Today Tracy and I went to Cross Roads for breakfast and it just wasn't as good as the last time so checked it off.
After breakfast we headed to Burlington as Tracy needed a dress for a wedding in NJ. Nothing there but I found me some capri pants, a new journal and poop bags for Fred, wish I could get him to pick the stuff up.  Next we hit up Torid a store she loves and bingo found a beautiful dress that was on Sale for half price. Then she needed some new under things so we went to Lane Bryant and big savings there too. Tracy made out really good today she was a very happy camper.

Speaking of camping, I think Summer is finally coming to and end. We are looking at low to mid 90's for this week and then some 80's the following week. So I am hoping to get out and do a little camping before the snow birds show up and you can't get anything in Madera Canyon. Right now the birds and migrating and it will be fantastic.

Good Night All

Monday, September 11, 2017

I Can't Believe

Seems like summer wants to still hang on around here. But you know I really can't complain when there is so many terrible weather related things going on everywhere. From hurricanes, terrible fires do to no rain and earthquakes which are not weather related but horrible just the same. 

And today we have the sorrow of remembering a terrible time of terrorists in our country. May all rest in peace who died and those who died trying to save others and maybe we never forget them.

I have been busy cleaning out cabinets again and I think I am finally finished. Now to take it to the donation center. I'm so happy to get this done.

And I bit the bullet and changed my phone service. I went with Metro PC as my daughter had an offer and the phone was free. I had been having lots of trouble with my phone ever since the guy from Centry Link added it to my phone. No matter what we did we could not get it to work right again. The guy at Walmart said it probably got a virus because of the Centry Link. I had received a email from Straight talk letting me know I qualified for an up grade. when I called I was told no and to disregard the emails. After being with them for so many years and never getting anything I was not happy about this. So I made the decision to move on. This phone even has a hot spot and the bill is less than half of what I was paying. But oh man learning all this new stuff blows my mind. I am not tech savvy at all.

How  about a few more pictures


I have never seen fruits like this on a century plant before

I had a heck of a time snapping this guy and also the focus wasn't working all that well either

These berry's are not eatable 

Good Night All