Sunday, October 11, 2015

Porch Time

Since it isn't warming up until around 9:30 - 10 am I have had more porch time. I put more water in the fountain and made another cup of coffee and sat out, listening to the birds and watching a parade of Gamble's Quail on the wall. The hummers charging each other around the feeders, such fighters.

Later Debbie n Tony stopped by for a visit and she gave me speakers for the laptop, but I will have to buy an adapter for the extra plug ins my last one died just the other day.

Looks like the week will reach mid to high 90's this week then finally cool down. Sure am looking forward to that.

Have been doing lots of sneezing an coughing because of allergies and that has resulted in some back pain but not to bad I can handle it.

Good Night All

Friday, October 9, 2015

All Most To Much

It was another beautiful day today. I knew I had to get out and clean the yard. So I did that and started to pull weeds and knew I was pushing it. So I quit.

I had to renew my handy cap card, I hadn't planned on it until this new problem came up. What a pain that was as I tried to follow their directions. I had to call and the lady was so wonderfully patient with me and I finally got it done. The site the directions send you to is the wrong one. This is the permanent one and I won't ever have to renew it again.

Then I wrote the check for my property tax ugh. Did a few more things and that was it.

Then a text came in from Lucy who came down off the Mountain due to the colder weather starting to set in. Asking if I had lunch yet so I knew what that meant and ran to get cleaned up and off we went to our favorite Chines Buffet. We caught up on things and enjoyed way to much food. But it was good to see her.

Good Night All 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We Had Rain

It isn't that we never have it but boy did we get it. Yesterday it was one of those down pours where you can't see across the street. Lots of thunder and lightening with really strong winds. It caused lots of havoc around town.

Today was my sisters birthday so we went to Chili's for lunch I brought some of my lunch home as I was stuffed.  Had a great lunch and then she wanted a DQ so we stopped there and took them home. But before we headed home she said she had a coupon for a free ice cream cake from Baskin Robins OH what else! So we finally set out for home and I really kept my eye on the clouds. 

I dropped her off with all her ice cream stuff and I got home as quick as I could so I could let Fred out before the rain started. Yep made it just in time for the next round. The temps were wonderful and the a/c hasn't run in 2 days. Unfortunately in a few days we will hit the 90's again.

Good Night All

Monday, October 5, 2015


At 5am I woke to a lite rain and a nice breeze. The temps remained in the low 80's it was wonderful. Tomorrow we will be in the 70's. Of course this is all just a tease as the temps will climb again.

I had to go pick up a refill and do some shopping. I hated to leave the coolness of the porch but I had to get this done.

Picked up the script and they actually had the price right this time. Wonder if it had anything to do with the fact I told them I was tired  of the ever different prices. She said take it up with your Ins. I told her I did. Plus I get notices of what I have paid out in prescription so I was also armed with that. I will continue to take these with me from now on.

Then off to Walmart I went. They had some tops on sale so I picked up 3 since my clothes are starting to look old. 

Bought some speakers for the laptop, don't know if they are no good or they are not compatible but all they do is hum loudly so I will take them back. Guess I will just have to use the ear pods which I really dislike. I don't know how these kids or even some adults can stand having them in their ears all the time.

Sciatic nerve did not enjoy the shopping trip at all. So took it easy for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow is trash day so I had to go around and empty all the trash cans including the shredder. Of course I got that all over the place so tomorrow I will vacuum.

 Good Night All

Thursday, October 1, 2015


I am 2 days in to my mini walks. Hope to be able to build up a little further sometime next week. If the weather will cool down I would go a couple of times a day.

The other night I made a meat loaf in my new pan it was to small and the juices ran out onto the bottom of the oven grrrr. I wanted to use the oven again but wouldn't turn it on and further burn that stuff in.  So this morning before my walk I sprayed Easy Off on the bottom and the door. I had forgotten all about it until way later in the late morning.  But all the crusty stuff cleaned right off. The biggest problem is the bending over to clean it out. That really cuts off the breathing. So I took my time and got the job done.

Did a load of laundry too. I'm getting bored can you tell.

I made another 3 wash clothes but even that is not all that amusing.

At least tonight my favorite shows are on with the finale episodes of the season. But I have to jump back and forth because they are on at the same time.

It's 102 today but they say that's it and will start cooling down now. Lets hope so I am so done with this heat. I was done in June.

Good Night All

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baby Steps

Had my Dr. apt. yesterday and we were happy that there wasn't a collapsed disk. Of course there is the t6 Thoracic compression fracture.

I am having more better days which is a thrill to me and the Dr.. But all this sitting around is not doing me much good in the weight department so starting today I am going to take short walks and advised to remember I will have to walk back. It may not do much for the breathing problem because it is connected to the Thoracic problem but if I can just get out and move more will help with the weight issues.

If it ever cools down here maybe I could at least go a few times a day. So we will see how this works.

My daughter an sil came by last night so she could check up on her momma and hear the latest on this problem. Then she grabbed a couple bags and out to pull weeds and clean up after Fred she went. She knew I wouldn't call her to come do this. Love that kid so much. She has been my life saver through this challenge.

Good Day All

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pictures Not Good

My daughter Tracy stopped by with her grandson today and brought lunch. It was fun seeing Smiley again and he is getting so smart. 

I made a turkey loaf for tonight and will have left overs for future meals.

Debbie called to remind me of the Eclipse so I grabbed the camera and headed out. Not having the best day today so I didn't take out the tripod. My pictures were awful. I didn't get to many good ones out of 37 and they all looked the same. Now I'm sorry I didn't take out the tripod it would have been much easier than trying to hold steady.

Oh well to bad so sad.

Good Night All