Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Done And Done In

Monday, I ran to the Family Dollar Store to see about some small curtain rods so I could get a move on with  making the curtains and getting them hung up. I was surprised to see they also had the paper shades. They didn't have the rods I was looking for but they did have the tension rods. I knew I didn't want the curtains to go on the inside of the windows as that is where the paper shades go. The only problem with the tension rods is they don't have brackets. So I put on my thinking cap and headed to the hardware section and yes they had cup hooks. I grabbed a pack and a box cutter and back to grab 4 curtain rods. Yes the cup hooks would work  they were the perfect size.

Tuesday, I went with a friend to Bed, Bath and Beyond and after looking a several colors, I, did settle on a deep purple so grabbed up what I needed and even found the rugs to match. As we walked around the store I spotted a comforter set at a really good price so grabbed that too. Then we headed off to lunch and talked till we realized they were waiting for us to leave so they could close haha. Didn't know they closed after lunch.

So today was the big push to get done. I pulled out the iron and ironing board. I had to iron the material around the edges so I could sew the pocket for the rod. The material had already been sewn around the edges so that was nice. It took me no time at all to whip up the curtains. I put the hooks up and pulled the rubber ends off the rods so I could slide the rod into the hooks and put the rubber tips back on. Walla! Next thing I need is to get new light fixtures but for the most part that room is done. 

 One of my friends made me  a horse shoe towel holder and I put it to the left of the sunburst and a little higher up for the big bath sheet 

Anthony, said he is free tomorrow and Friday so we will get the bedroom done or at least started. That's if he wakes up  early enough as he is doing a grave yard shift tonight and if I can even move in the morning as I am pretty done in from all the running this week and then the work today

Good Night All

Saturday, April 13, 2019


We are still into the wind not as bad but still enough to cause people with allergies to suffer.

I pretty much have the bathroom put together but still have not purchased towels or rugs. Hope to get that done tomorrow after breakfast or brunch which ever we decided to do.

I did manage to get the camper set up again after everything slid down to the door. 

My grandson did such a great job on the new paint job. He caulked and repaired cracks and trim that was coming off. I wish there was something I could do about the blue around the counter and tub area. Going to have to look into some kind of covering 

The new paint

When I did this paint job it was the thing back then to give it that old look, well the old look got really old and had to go. I would love to remove the tub but that would require lots of money and work.
This morning when I woke we had no power it must have just happened because the ceiling fan was still turning a bit. I got ready and still no power. Went out to the shed to get the Melitta coffee filter to make coffee. I boiled up some water on the stove which had to be lit with a lighter and had a great cup of coffee. Since my Internet works off electric it was down too. But my phone has it so I checked my FB and a few other things. I didn't know how long the hot water would last so if it hadn't come back on I would have brought in my camping shower and heated some water for it. So happy I have all my camping gear to get through things. I can go out to the truck and recharge what ever needs recharging also. The electric was off for about 1 1/2hrs.

Good Night All

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Still No Shopping

Yesterday I spent hours on the phone with United Health Care. I don't know about these people. I received a new card in the mail with some Dr. I did not pick and wouldn't go to him if he was the only one around. Had a horrible experience with this man many years ago after he was so flippant with his diagnosis of one of my children which resulted in a 2 week hospital stay and some horrible pain and then being paralyzed. I can' t believe he is still in practice. To make a long story short I am now with out a Dr. since they said the one I went to isn't in there Net Work. great. It will take 4-6 weeks before I can get an apt. for a new Dr. And they had given me a name of a Dr. to call. When I called the scheduler said they have no such Dr. and never did..

After that mess I was mentally drained. After awhile I made 2 chicken breast in Corning ware bowls. 1 I poured salsa over and the other some Italian seasoning and lightly breaded the top and a pot of soup.
I had every intention of shopping today but.... I had to organize the camper as everything had slide down to the door and I wouldn't be able to get any groceries back there. Just as I came into the house my body decided to torture me for some reason. I did do lots of sliding and lifting but I have been working out so I don't understand why that happened. Took some Tylenol and that was it for the rest of the day. I really need t go shopping tomorrow but we shall see.

Haven't gotten to far on the bathroom or boxing up things for donation yet. Hope to get on that tomorrow.

Good Night All

Saturday, April 6, 2019


Nope not a camping trip. I have been wanting to get my bathroom and bedroom painted for a few years now. My grandson Anthony had some spare time so I picked him up and he got going on the bathroom. The bathroom has lots of cutting in and lots of caulking needed to be done. Yesterday he was able to complete all that and the first coat of paint on the walls. I let him take the truck home so he could work later than expected but get home in time for the kids to get there. Today he brought the kids with him and he got back to work. He finished up today and I love it. Tomorrow I will go buy some new towels and through rugs. I haven't had new towels or rugs since I painted in there well over 10 yrs ago. I sure miss Anna's Linens, they had good quality stuff at very affordable prices. The paint got to me so when it comes to doing my room I may have to sleep out in the truck if it isn't to hot. Right now I have a fan blowing out the window in the bathroom and the window in my room open a bit with the ceiling fan going

I have to box up things and call Big Brother, Big Sister to come and pick it all up. Then I can start prepping the bedroom so the next time Anthony has off he can just come in and get started. 

I  will take some pictures after the bathroom is complete with new towels and rugs.

Good Night All.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Up Date

I talked to Adam today and again a little bit ago. He is his happy go lucky self and is hoping to be released tomorrow. They still can't give us any concrete cause for this, other than the ibuprofen. His liver enzyme's are down to almost normal again. Adam finally was given food and plenty of it and things went well. We are all so relieved that he is OK. At one point they said he may have hepatitis A, but that is caused by contaminated food or water and causes flu like symptoms of which he did not have. I think they just started grabbing at anything. Really don't like that at all. He was supposed to have started a new job yesterday but they seemed to be OK with waiting to see how he was going to come through this. 

Sure glad this turned out as well as it did, just to bad he went through it at all.

Good Night All

Monday, April 1, 2019

Camping Trip Moved

Well the weather was part of the canceled trip as high winds are in the forecast. But one of my grandsons is in the hospital as a possible reaction to Ibuprofen. He had some dental work done and they told him not to eat any solid foods and to take Ibuprofen as well and the antibiotics. Well with no food there wasn't anything to absorb all that aspirin or what ever is in that stuff and it inflamed his liver. He was fine and played basket ball and then when they got home he just double up in the worst pain. He couldn't even move the pain was so awful. They rushed him to the hospital they didn't know what it was and the blood work was all over the place. Finally tonight they figured it out and are going to try him on some food and see how his blood work goes after that. Took a few years off his mom and I lives. So be careful with these pain meds even the over the counter stuff is dangerous. Might add he is only 27 and they didn't rule out heart disease as so much pain was in his chest and stomach. But that has been cleared but he does have an inflamed liver. Dr. thinks this will all clear up. We sure are praying that is true.

If all goes well I will go camping next week. 

Good Night All

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Heat Is On

You must know by the title I am not happy. We are into the 80's for the highs. While mornings are still bouncing between high 40's and mid 50's.

So off came the flannel sheets and regular ones went on today. I just ordered these sheets from a company through Amazon and I am very disappointed in them. I have never paid this much for sheets before I have never even paid this much for a comforter set. Trying to find sheets to fit this mattress has been a problem. The mattress is 15" and I have a 1.5" memory foam topper. The add said the pockets would fit up to an 18" mattress. I had a struggle to get them on. Also the color was much darker in the add. I can live with that. Since I wash everything before using things made out of material I can't even send them back. I will no longer order anything from Amazon unless it is strictly sold by Amazon. I ordered something like that once before and I really wasn't happy with the product and they wanted me to pay return shipping and a restock fee. I sold the product instead.

Getting back to the weather. I have been sleeping with the ceiling fan on. I guess it's time to call my A/C guy and get things switched over. Yay more money out the door. I am considering putting in another swamp cooler, this time of year they work great. Once the humidity sets in then they aren't worth running. But in the meantime they are quite the money saver.

I still may take off this week for Madera but for sure next Wed. Hope it has opened up a few spots by know. The kids are back in school so it should be OK.

Good Night All