Monday, August 13, 2018

Cleaned It Up

I have been thinking about how dirty the porch has gotten from all the winds and every time I went out there it annoyed me to the point I wouldn't even sit on any of the chairs. So yesterday I went out pretty early with Fred and said this is it. Grabbed the shop vac and started the clean up. I vacuumed the floor first and then started on the chairs. I needed the brush part so we went into the house and realized we hadn't had breakfast yet. Well Fred was letting me know about it anyway, by sitting in front of the door whining. So I fed him and made me some breakfast too and enjoyed that with my coffee. A little later went back out to finish the job. It sure felt good to have that done. It was starting to get a little to warm to sit out so back into the house. Yes the weather has been that nice.

Went out this morning and sat out for awhile with my coffee and  camera as the humming birds were very active.

 He was chattering  because Fred keep walking near by

It was so nice to be able to just sit out there and enjoy some cooler weather. 

I think the rains will return by Wed. and that's fine needed to dry out a bit.

Speaking of rain, NJ is getting hit really hard. My poor cousin moved into a new to them home just before Christmas and today they had to be evacuated but boat. They have water in the house and boy what a mess they will have to clean up so sad. But at least they are safe and staying with her mother. She said it happened so fast and they do not live in a flood zone. She had posted pictures of the water in the street and the yard and wondered if she would be able to make it to work as the news said so many roads had to be closed. With in an hour of her post the water had reached into the house.  Her daughter waited for them on higher ground  and drove them away. They couldn't even get their cars out.

Good Night All

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Light In The Cave

The temperatures have been in the low 90's and it is wonderful. Yes the humidity is high but I can deal with that.

This morning all the blinds were opened and it was wonderful to be able to see outside and let what limited light due to clouds come in. 

We haven't had any rain yet today but maybe later tonight according to the weather report. 

Tomorrow  I am going to vacuum the porch and so mornings can be spent out there drinking coffee. It may not last to long but I will enjoy it for the time I get before it gets to warm.

Good Night All

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Awakening of The Monsoon

We have been having some terrible high temps again. And once again turning the house into a cave.

Luckily this morning was pretty nice with low humidity. I needed to get the yard cleaned up and the trash out to the curb as trash pickup is earlier now because of the heat. Gave the plants and the birds more water and carted the trash to the street. I only had the one bag so just brought that down instead of the can.

I had planned on doing a grocery run but by 8:45 AM it was already in the 90's and the humidity was starting to also climb. So just headed back indoors. I looked up the weather app and found it was going to possible rain today. OH OK. 

I did a little more sewing on the foot stool cover but it still isn't finished. And did a load of laundry. And cleaned up the kitchen counter and did a few dishes.

I read for most of the rest of the afternoon. I thought I heard some thunder but then they are still working on the house next door so figured it was them. Of course Fred wanted out so we went out and then I heard the thunder. By time Fred was done it was raining huge rain drops, which usually means a short hard rain. A wonderful breeze started blowing so we just stayed out and enjoyed it while it lasted which was about 15 min. Once it stopped the breeze was gone and the humidity was so heavy you could have cut through it with a knife. 

Earlier in the morning I had made some tuna salad so it could sit in the fridge and all the flavors melded together. Had a nice little sandwich and some pickles and cucumber slices. 

I will really have to hit up the store as we are expecting heavy rains with thunder and lightening in the later part of the day.

We are having quite a storm as I type this. So glad the monsoons are back. Sure wish CA. could get some much needed rains.

Good Night All

Friday, August 3, 2018

To Do List

I have had to start a to do list. Or I just don't do it.

Fred, had his last Heart Guard treat last week so that meant it was time for a Vet check and rabies shot. I was able to get him an apt. for Thur. but forgot my daughter was bringing the baby over for some lunch and Nonna play time with Miliany. So quick called and was able to get one for 8 am that same day. I left the house early as I know how bad the traffic is on Mission Rd. at that time. And it was really backed up but we made it in time with about 7 min. to spare so naturally he had to sniff and mark all the other dogs around the property. It was already starting to get quite warm when the nurse came and opened the door. I love this vet she is so sweet and Fred loves her. He got his shot and never even flinched. He got lots of treats so you know she now has a friend for life. He lost a few pounds so she said to start feeding him a mix of regular dog food with his weight control and then just stop the weight control. She also asked about his behavior  to make sure he isn't sick or having  any issues. They all laughed as I described his silliness  around the house. She was satisfied that he is well and was also happy to see how clean his teeth are and asked about how I manage that, I give him these bones I can get at Safeway and he just chews on them all the time but never can bite any off.  So with a new 1 year supply of Heart Guard and a new rabies shot we were on our way home and got here 8:30. I fed Fred and off I went to the store.

 I premade the lunch food so I wouldn't have to rush around after the vet visit. I usually by Velveeta mac n cheese but I thought Mili would like the Frozen character mac n cheese. So it being me I never read the box and I forgot my phone at home so didn't have my shopping list. Grabbed a few items and off home I went.

While making the mac and cheese I realized I messed up, it called for butter and milk of which I had none. So as soon as I fed Fred I ran back to the store and made sure I had my phone, picked up a few other items other than the ones I forgot and made it back home in about 20 min. Made me a cup of coffee which I didn't have before going off with Fred. As I sat down I heard the peep of the phone and it was Debbie saying things got delayed a few hours and lets do dinner instead of lunch. Worked out better that way for all of us. We had a great time and Mili is very entertaining she is 2.5 and can sing about 8 different songs, count to 10 and knows the entire alphabet all the way through. 

This morning another early apt for Fred to get groomed which he hates. But his nails were to long already and he sure needed a good bath. The groomer has a new Great Dane puppy which is 15 weeks old and she brought him out for us to meet. This dogs head is bigger than Fred's entire body and he sure didn't know what to make of this so called puppy. And I'm sure the puppy must have thought Fred would make a great toy. LOL

Got home and realized all that rain really didn't do much for my plants so I had to go out and give them a really good soaking while I cleaned up after Fred.

So hopefully I am done running around for a few days. It is still way to hot to be outdoors even though apt. were for early morning. Of course the yard work was later than I should have done but most of the yard was still in the shade.

Good Night All

Monday, July 30, 2018

Each Evening

The big rains seemed to be over with during the day. The heat is back up a bit but not as bad, humidity is up and down. But each evening about 8 PM the rumbling starts and if I have the TV on a storm alert comes on but they usually say southeast and northeast. I live southwest. But we seem to get a decent little storm with thunder.

Tonight was put out the trash night. So a waited until it was pretty late to get it out there making sure all the cooking was done and waste from the veggies was all in the trash. No sooner did I open the door did it start to rain. I thought I could walk on the inner side of the carport but the can wouldn't fit between the truck and the house of course. I do have some slats on the outer side to protect the truck from the hot sun so I didn't get to wet. But at the end of the house the awning ends so I be a mad dash to the street and just as I started back up it really came down. At least on my return I was able to walk on the inner part of the carport. And of course as soon as I got in the door it stopped. So now it is raining on and off and it sure did cool off nicely while I was out there, stood in the carport and enjoyed the cool breeze until the skeeters found me.

Good Night All

Friday, July 27, 2018

Do I Hear Thunder?

It has cooled down a bit, temps down to 105 these past few days. And it should drop into the 90's for the next few days then up and down for a week or so. Tonight the weather said no rain for us on this side of the town. But I hear thunder and it rained for a second. I unplugged the laptop so I need to make this quick. The sound of the thunder seems to have already moved away.

Haven't been doing much as it is just to hot to step out the door for more than 15 min. so I can clean up after Fred. 

Did a run for veggies the other day and then yesterday for bread and tortilla's and money to pay Mark for the work he did do on the dishwasher. No I didn't fix it but he did get out the water that remained on the bottom and checked to see if the hose was clogged. I'm not worried about fixing it right now. Washing the dishes won't kill me.

I did do some cooking of veggies and of course all the laundry that builds up pretty fast with this heat.

Good Night All

Monday, July 23, 2018

Excessive Heat Warning

So much for the cooler temperatures and rain. Sunday it hit 102 and of course that made our Sunday outing shorter. 

We had a nice breakfast, then dropped off some jewelry that needed fixing. We had an hour to kill so we went to Kirkland's and walked around, but we did good and didn't buy anything. Then went to JC Penny's to buy a few outfits for Tracy's grandson as they go back to school in 2 weeks. I also bought him 2 shirts as it will also be his birthday in a few weeks. We then returned to pick up the jewelry but I waited in the truck with the a/c on and even put up the sun screen to block the blazing sun. Believe me it helped. 

I then realized I forgot to stop for gas on our way out this morning, so we stopped to fill up. Tracy did the pumping and couldn't believe how much gas the truck takes. We are at 2.59 a gal and I let it get to low so it cost $37. But then we called it a day and came home.

This morning I had to go grocery shopping and headed out at 8 am and it was already 87 degrees. By time I got home it was awful and it was 9:30.  I put away the cold stuff and grabbed a bottle of nice cold water and sat for a bit to cool down. Made myself some breakfast and did a load of laundry. Did some reading in between  putting other things away and cleaning out more stuff from under the sink area. Maybe I can get more of that done early so I can put was needs throwing out before the trash gets picked up. And pack some up for donations.

What started the clean out ? Friday I thought I was really doing good getting my day started before the heat hit. I had a meat loaf done by 8:30 am a load of laundry in and Fred fed and I made my breakfast. On my way to have breakfast and read FB  I turned on the dish washer. As I sat eating and reading something didn't sound quite right coming from the kitchen. I thought maybe I had turned on the water and forgot to shut if off. As I got close I could see that the water was not running but the sound was getting louder. Yep it was the dishwasher leaking. I quickly shut it down but water was still coming out. I ran a got some thick towels and threw them on the floor. Then made the mistake of opening the door. Yes it was quite full of water. Got another thick towel threw it down and called Mark. He was busy on a job, I told him when he got the chance to stop over. He came a while later and had a huge sponge and bucket and finished draining out the water. He figured and so did I that the pump went out. This dishwasher is only about 2-3 years old. Yes another Lowe's appliance. Mark has a full schedule so when he has an opening he will pull out the dishwasher to test the pump if that is the problem he will fix it. but if it is a sensor I'm not fixing it as Mark said it will cost almost as much as a new dishwasher. I don't think I will replace it at this time. I don't dirty that many dishes so I will just start hand washing them. And start using paper plates when I can.

We hit 109 today and should be the same tomorrow then maybe a little bit of a drop.

Good Night All