Sunday, March 26, 2017

I Make Things So Difficult

The temps are going back up but the winds are a royal pain. The rain they had predicted are no long on the forecast.

The air mattress arrived so got to work on setting it up. WAIT! this is not going to work. My buddy Lucy came over and we tried to use some pieces of memory foam left over to fill in. Nope not going to work it was just to uncomfortable. So I let the air out and my daughter helped me fold it back up to get it back in the box, well almost anyway. I'm glad I bought it from Walmart and not Amazon as it will be much easier to return. Tomorrow I will bring it back. 

I went back and took measurements again and low and behold the mattress I used before will fit just fine. I will get it out there tomorrow and finish fixing up the rest of the camper. I may buy a  air mattress to use on the futon in the house.

If I would have thought this through for a while I would have saved myself a lot of grief over this bed.

I hope I can still get out this week if not I will wait until the middle of April and go then for sure.

Good Night All

Thursday, March 23, 2017


This weather is just crazy. We had been in the 90's for days, today it was in the 60's with blowing winds with some sun and lots of clouds.

Met up with some of my camping ladies for lunch and we had a great time as always. After lunch one headed out for NM on her slow trip back to the east, with lots of stops along the way. See you next fall.

While the rest of us will hang out here until mid April or later depending on medical treatments for the other 2 ladies.

Well I am still waiting for the air mattress to come I thought it was supposed to be here today but the tracker is saying tomorrow. But that's OK since I have been busy all week with friends and errands I haven't completed the prep for the mattress. I want to put a layer of egg crate foam down so any splinters from the wood will not poke a hole in the mattress.  I also need to secure the frame with a bungee cord as it does move around back there. Do another good vacuuming since we did get some wood dust in there after we cut the plywood. Guess I didn't sweep it off as well as I thought. 

Then I'll do some work on the curtains to see if I can come up with a better job then what I have been using. I will also have to sew the sheets to fit the smaller mattress so they stay on better. I like tight sheets.

So I better get good and busy tomorrow.

Good Night All

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Bed!!, The Bed!!

Yes I am excited!!

Today my friend Lucy brought over the bed frame. We quickly put it in the truck. Perfect fit.

Now we really got busy. I brought out the saw horses and we carried out the plywood I have had in the shed for years. Lucy took the measurements and cut the wood to fit the frame. Once this was done I carried them to the truck and got them in place. Next was to screw them to the frame. Lucy first drilled pilot holes and then used the longer sheet rock screws. Done.

Either tomorrow or Monday I will buy the foam for the mattress and get that cut down to fit.  I need to get some twin sheets at a second hand store and sew them to fit, also need a mattress pad. 

Then as a added bonus she made 5 Artic Ice tubes. Lucy found the directions for making them on line they called them Polar Bear Tubes. These are made of PVC pipe and end caps. Measure the interior of you ice chest and cut the tubes to fit, remember the end caps have to be counted for the length. Glue one side with pipe dope wait for it to completely dry. Then fill 90 % of the way with water. Then glue the other end closed. Freeze them and you have the best way to keep your cooler cold and food stays dry. If you keep the inside clean this water can be used in an emergency if needed.

These are what the tubes look like. Someone asked me how long they last, this I cannot answer as I have never used them before.

 I have more room now between the bed and the wheel well on the right side

There is room for one more storage bin under there and Fred's bed. Fred loves hidey holes and I bet he will run right to the end spot under the bed. We made sure to have the space for him
I will take more pictures when the job is done. Hope to get out the week after next.

Good Night All

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Projects Just Happen

The mornings are really nice but it doesn't last long before the heat builds.

The yard had lots of debris from the Mesquite  tree next door and it can't be raked up because the leaves are tiny and the gravel just goes along with the rake. A long time ago my dad came over with this thing that looks like a mini  space ship to blow leaves. So I figured I'd give it a try. Of course it was buried under 2 Christmas Trees and other items stashed in the corner. 

OK move the trees and other needless junk. Yep shed project under way once again. threw plenty of stuff away again. Made a small pile for the donation center. One item was the 7' Christmas tree I haven't used in 3 yrs.

Finally went to the yard and tried out this crazy thing and it worked, with one problem it doesn't have a long neck like leaf blowers. So it was short lived and of course now it was already to hot. In the mean time the mind went to work.

This morning  finally started to vacuum the camper out. I noticed that some of the insulation is starting to come down. So I let it be and loaded up the tree and the other items to take to the center. There was lots of activity going on next door and I didn't want to leave and come right back and not be able to back the truck in again. Once they all left I took off and dropped off the items. Ace Hardware is right next door  and I could have killed 2 birds with on stone and pick up some 3M adhesive spray. BUT OH NO not me I drove right off and went home. I had some caulk so I started to use that but nothing was coming out so I went to get something to poke at the hole and realized it was coming out the bottom. Yea I had it everywhere. But I did manage to get one of the panels back in and decided to call it quits. Being aggravated is not necessary and then the heat started building. But I did come up with a solution for the leaf blower, I did find the little nozzle that fit the end and then was able to add a tube from the vacuum maybe I'll get back on that tomorrow.

Closed up everything and came in. Took a nice shower and filled up a cup with ice and lemon water.

I'm going to try to down load or up load a video I took Sunday but the Internet is really slow so I don't know if it it will work. I don't think blogger is working well tonight either. Oh well I tried.

Good Night All

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Little Outing

Tracy and I went to Jerry Bob's for breakfast this morning.

It was time to take a ride looking for flowers. We hoped on I - 19 and headed for Madera Canyon. We didn't see many flowers along the way and it wouldn't have mattered since you can't just pull over. Even after getting off the freeway we didn't see flowers. So we just kept going up the mountain, we spotted some snow way up on the top and pulled over. They didn't come out so sharp as the haze hadn't burned off yet. 

I'm not happy about the haze in this but it was taken from a very long distance. I was wondering what the spiky things were so I snapped the picture and yep they are trees oh and snow too
 This is the road the picture was taken from to show how far up the mountain those trees and snow are. 

A well hidden bird nest and some fruits starting to come out
This is the ugly open pit mines in Green Valley this picture was taken with full zoom open
This just regular no added zoom
I love the bark on these trees they haven't started to bud out yet. This is on the road to Bog Spring Campground
I had posted this picture before but now they have had to cut off the top I would love to know what caused all the deformation
The water was running really fast with all the snow melt up in the mountain tops
I tried to post a video  but it would play

There are lots of Humming birds up here and they sure were busy at the many feeders at the Gift Shop

These were the only flowers we found this may have been a seed left from a bird it was deep in the crevice of the rocks
These were in a planter outside the gift shop

Good Night All

Thursday, March 9, 2017

No Spring?

Would you believe that just 3 days ago it was cold enough to turn on the heaters. One of course in the computer room and the other in my room so it would warm up enough for me to take a shower. Now we are in the upper  80's already and about an hour ago I had to turn on the A/C. I had been running the ceiling fans but it just was cutting it. Something tells me we are not going to have a spring just another nasty hot summer.

I did get the truck emptied out. But still haven't run the vacuum . I Did get all the clothes washed that where out there. The clothes have been in there since my last camping trip. No not the dirty ones. But I figured they should be freshened up and make sure there wasn't anything not needed or what I might need to add. A few nicer t-shirts and some better Capri's or what ever they call them these days. Peddle pushers is what we called them in my day. And of course a pair of jeans but that will all come later before I leave for a longer journey.

My friend Tom is coming by tomorrow to see what is up with the photo storage on this computer. He thinks he knows how to fix it and make it much easier for me to use. Like I'm hoping like it was back on windows 7 but I'm sure that is wishful thinking. Tom is my go to guy for camera and storage. Tom does some beautiful photography.

Good Night All

Sunday, March 5, 2017

It's Coming Together Kinda

It was a long windy week here. Temps weren't bad if you didn't mind being blown all over the place. Haven't even used the electric heaters.

My friend Lucy and her husband Darrell stopped by this week. That was such a pleasure to see Lucy up and about and able to get up the steps and back down again. Made her real happy too.

Darrell, climbed into the back of the truck and took measurements for the bed. The bed frame will be made out of 2" PVC pipe and 1/4 " plywood for the top. I can't wait for it to get here. Since the plywood is here they will bring a saw with them. 

I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond today and picked up one of those little heaters, it only is 350 watts so that should  work great for the camper with the 1000 watt inverter. Tomorrow I will empty out the back of the truck so I can clean it up really good. And I need to go through the stuff that has been in the drawers for the past 2 years. I'm sure all the hygiene stuff needs to be thrown out and replaced and what ever clothes that are out there will need to be laundered. Hopefully a short trip next month will happen.

Tracy and I had our breakfast at Denny's today and then a little shopping to get some things for her trip to CO. next month. She found some lined leggings at Bed, Bath and Beyond that they had the last time we went. She was glad she waited to buy them since they were on clearance today for $4. and I had some thermal shirts for her to borrow. She is getting so excited, a friend of hers won this trip and is taking her along. Last year they went to CA. on another trip that was won. I can't even win a pk of gum.

Good Night All