Saturday, June 15, 2019


The week sure did fly by. Monday went to dinner with my daughter for her birthday. 

Shampooed some more carpet, computer room is done and the hallway and part of the living room past the hall. Road my bike a few miles each day. Went out for breakfast with my daughter yesterday and my great granddaughter who is so entertaining but as good as can be.

It has been so hot that I have been keeping the house closed up. I'm so happy I hung the curtains it sure has helped at that end of the house. I open things up early in the more for some light and a little fresh air. But as soon as I feel the heat I start closing things up. We hit 109 two days in a row, and 107 and so on. 

Wishing all Dad's and some Mom's who did double duty a Happy Fathers Day

Good Night All

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Blocking Out The Heat

I have really stepped up the bike since I decided to read while peddling. I did a little over 3 miles and am up to 30 min. also pushed the Resistance up to 4. The first time I did the 30 min. my legs felt like jelly for a little bit. So did some stretches and bends and I was fine.

Of course the triple digits are here and I knew I had to do something about the west side of the house. I did buy the foam art board, some black out curtains and rods. I cut the art board to fit the bathroom window and put it right against the glass so it is behind the shade and curtain. Yes it made a difference. I was going to have the handy man put up the rods for me and the new door knobs. I waited for him Friday and didn't hear so I called him thinking he forgot or was stuck on another job. He had been bitten by a dog last week and I guess he let it go. He said he was at the VA to have it looked at, the next day they put him in the hospital. Don't have all the details he will call me tomorrow.

So with the triple digits I knew I had to get those curtains up. I had to move the dresser away from the wall a few inches to let the curtains drop down. This furniture is old but beautiful and it weights a ton. But I managed to get it moved. Got the brackets up and then managed to get the curtains up. Next was the window behind the bed, I took a good rest and caught my breath and got back to work. I had to move the nightstands which are pretty heavy to. But I got the job done and was really happy about it. Yes it made a difference with the heat. 

And no bike riding that day LOL.

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday and we will go out to dinner we will have salads that a Mexican Restaurant makes it is so good and lots of veggies.

Good Night All!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Getting Warm

I messed up this morning. Wanted to get out the door really early to do some shopping but I threw in a load of laundry and my machine takes forever to wash. So by time it was done and in the dryer it was to late because by time I finished it would already be to hot. I must go tomorrow I need black out curtains for my room this waking up at 5:15 am is for the birds. Plus the window is on the west side of the house and even though it has an awning you can still feel the heat coming in. Even the bathroom window with the shade and curtains you can still feel the heat and there isn't an awning on the window at all. For that window I am just going to buy art foam board and stick it behind the curtain. I used the foam board before in a sky light in a travel trailer and it did the job. 

Plus it's my daughters birthday Monday next week so I need to get her something. She told me what she wants just hope I can find them, if not I will get her a gift card that she can use anywhere and maybe find what she wants. And we will go out to dinner that night. Need to pick up supplies for Fred.

I upped the tension on the bike and today did almost 3 mls and almost 20 min. I have picked up the pace pretty good to.

Been doing lots of cooking and the freezer is full and so is the fridge. So I'm good there but need to buy some coffee. Must never run out of coffee.

Good Night All

Friday, May 31, 2019

A Little Back Ground

I am really enjoying my bike. I'm happy with my progress.

Many years ago I was a speed walker, hiker and climber. I would walk 4-6 miles just about every day. Hiking and climbing was on weekends or any day off I had. I loved being outdoors and the heat never bothered me back then.

It all came to a screeching halt when I had a bad fall that had nothing to do with my routine. It was at a dirty grocery store. When I slipped and landed I hit my knee so hard it shattered my knee cap. The orthopaedic Dr. thought I was to young for a total knee replacement so he built it back up the best he could. I was never able to get back the total ability to climbing and hiking wasn't all that great either. Walking was slower paced but I did get back into that.

So I will continue to work at this bike and then see if maybe I can join a gym. I have since had total knee replacement of both knees. I know what I need to do and am working on all of it. But I will take it at my own pace as I am so much older now and must pay attention to what my body is telling me. 

This picture was taken a few months before the accident. It doesn't show how high up I was. There is another picture somewhere that shows just that. I don't expect to look like this every again or be this fit since this was about 15 - 20 yrs ago.

Sorry about the crummy picture but no digital camera back then must have been a throw away haha . Taken at Saguaro National Park West, Tucson
Those sure were the days.

Good Night All

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Working It

They picked up all the donations today, glad that is done. I added more stuff to it this morning.

Usually today is trash day so I hauled the trash down and realized there wasn't any other trash out there. OH no trash yesterday was a holiday. So I hauled it back up until tomorrow. Since I usually only have one bag I don't drag the can down and with the coyote and javelina roaming around at night it can't be left out at the curb.

Then I went around the yard spraying the weeds. Wasn't to bad even though we had more rain last week. The weather was so nice today and no wind so it was perfect for spraying.

Worked on the room that I am turning into my sewing and exercise space. Should be able to finish that up tomorrow. Still trying to decide whether to move the stereo in there. But when the kids come I will have to move the exercise bike into the computer room so they won't get hurt. That is also where all the toys are so they play in there.

I'm doing pretty good on the bike and so far I have no pain so that is good. means I'm doing right for my body. It faces the window so I can see outside maybe I should hang a humming bird feeder out there or a bird feeder.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Good Night All

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Happy Memorial Day

With the high winds we are getting High Fire Warnings. I don't know if they have stopped people from having fires in the mountains but I would think so for today. I haven't seen anything for tomorrow so hopefully it will be a nice day. 

I did my Sunday thing with my daughter today. But  I stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond and bought an exercise bike, armed with my coupons I got a great deal on it and I found the grill mats there also. Now to figure out how to keep the skeeters from making a lunch meal out of me.

We also ran into Walmart as I needed some new interior door knobs and Fred needed a new bed again and some filters for the A/C.

The dog beds have this cheap stuff on the bottom and Fred loves to turn them over for some reason but then scratches his spot and tares them open. Then I have stuffing all over the room. I found some left over material from a project and used that to sew it to the bottom of the bed. See how that works out.

I have all the donation stuff out in the carport for Tue. pickup. I'm going to park my truck at the neighbors house so they have easy access to the pile. 

Tomorrow I have to reload the truck with my camping gear that I had to remove to get the bike in there. It folds up pretty small and my daughter carried in the house and she had a little trouble unscrewing the knob to unfold it but she managed. I'll take it a little at a time until I work my way into the tougher settings. It has a panel for readings but since it was the floor model I didn't get the book but I will look online to see if I can find it. It also has the arm pulls for upper body. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day but lets not forget those who sacrificed their live for us to have this day. And Please Do Not Drink and Drive.

Good Night All

Monday, May 20, 2019

Just Stuff

The weather is so strange anymore. The wind has been non stop but it has been nice and cool. Breezy I can handle windy not so much. I'm not talking wind I'm talking WINDDDD. Today looked good when I got up at 6:30 by time I got teeth brushed and made my bed and coffee it was another story. I heard this noise and looked out the window to see the tree 2 doors down being whipped around by very strong winds. Great I had errands to run today. The next thing I hear is rain and I mean some hard rain but the sun was shining bright. Then it was dark no sun. I figured I better go take care of my errands so I took off even managed to get a hair cut. The temperature was only in the mid sixties. Warmer clothes would have worked a little better. But I'm not complaining because this time of year it is usually in the high 90's to low triple digits. I had the door open all day.

Tried out my little heated lunch box, It took a long time but it worked. Maybe bringing the food down to almost room temp would work faster. But it is a neat idea.

I have emptied out more closets and have them doing a pick up next Tue. Next will be the shed, not something I am looking forward to because of the terrible dust up on the loft sections.

Good Night All