Friday, November 20, 2015

Like Most

There really hasn't been much to write about like most blogger's these days.

Been out to lunch a couple times with friends. 

Was going to go take pictures of old down town but something got in the way. So we have rescheduled for Monday.

Tomorrow is my Granddaughters 18 th birthday so we are going to some pizza place I have never been to before down town. I'll be getting picked up since it will be dark by time we are done.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Good Night All

Monday, November 16, 2015

Where Is Winter?

Not to long ago I was wondering if Fall would ever get here. Well it didn't we just jumped that part and went into dead cold winter. But I'm not complaining  I am so happy the heat has taken a hike. Just sitting here drink hot cocoa with the fake wood burning stove heating up this room. Even Fred came out of his man cave to enjoy the warmth.

It started raining night before last and continued all through last night with high winds. So once again I put off going to Walmart. Actually any excuse will do.

I have been keeping my eye on Fred when he goes out to the yard. Of course he isn't into all this cold wet stuff so he comes right back.

Went out and covered the plants on the porch as we are in for a bit of a freeze tonight. I usually move them closer to the house but I am not about to be dragging or lifting them anymore.

Thanks to Judy Bell for letting me know it was a Harris Hawk juvenile. Judy said the stripes will turn around and his eyes will turn red by time he is a year old.

Good Night All

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Someone Was Looking At Fred

Had a great day with my daughter Tracy this morning.

When I came home Fred and I went to sit outside. Of course he thought sun bathing was a great idea. I saw a large bird fly into the tree next door. I ran an grabbed the camera. I'm not sure if this is American Kestrel female or a young Red-Tailed Hawk. Maybe Judy will stop by and let us know.

Checking me out

Checking Fred out

I have had Kestrel's here before and they where very colorful that's why I'm not sure what this one is. Sure is a beautiful bird

Good Night All

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Baby It Was Cold

I almost had a good nights sleep last night. But it was so cold my feet never seemed to be warm which caused cramping in my right foot on an off. I hated to get out of the bed this morning it was so cold. I checked the thermostat and it didn't even register how cold it was in here.  I quick put on my sweats, socks and heavy slippers. I put Fred in his sweater and let him out. I brought in a small thermometer off the porch which was reading 30 degrees, it went up to 35 in the house.  I went to the computer room and turned on the electric heater. Fred wanted in and ran right for the heater. I grabbed my nice hot cup of coffee and headed for the heater too.

I also turned the heater on in the bathroom so I could get that warm for my shower.

I pulled out my flannel sheets and extra comforter and made up the bed so it will be nice and warm after I have been in it for a little bit.

I waited for it to be a good hour to call the guy to come light the furnace. He came later on in the afternoon and got it lit quick. Of course it turned out to be a really nice day and I had the door open to warm up the house. So I am now set for the cold.

I ran off to Walmart for the crescent rolls to make the little apple turnovers but haven't made them it yet.

Good Night All

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Crazy Weather

A week ago I was wondering when Fall was coming. It never did we just went straight to winter. They are calling for freeze warning for tonight so I covered the faucets outside and unscrewed the garden hose.

It has been cold and windy. But it is warmer outside in the afternoon than it is in the house. I open the door and some windows to let in the warmer air. Even Fred prefers to be outside.

Tomorrow it's put the winter sheets on the bed and add another blanket. But sleeping sure is nice.

I finished the baby blanket and hat today. Now that the cooler  or is colder weather is here I will start making lap robes and blankets for the donations. I'm really way behind on this task. Maybe I will finish up some of the yarn I moved out to the shed. I pulled out one afghans I started last year and will get that finished soon.. It is a nice heavy one and will keep someone warm.

Good Night All

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Great Weekend

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I picked up my daughter Tracy, and we went to breakfast. We didn't need to go shopping so we headed for my place. They were having the annual huge yard sale here in the Village, so we walked through there and Tracy, picked up some really good buys. I, didn't buy anything as I, have more than enough junk in my house already. But it was good seeing some of the winter folks again and it just felt plain great to be out and about. 
We then did go back to my house and sat out for a bit and just talked about nothing. I like being able to sit and relax and just talk about what ever we think of.
After taking Tracy, home I, did lots of laundry.

Today I, decided to make some veggie soup so did lots of slicing and dicing. My back starts to let me know it is not happy with all the standing. So I, stopped and sat for awhile until it settled down and I, went back to work.  Got it all into the crock pot and then relaxed for a bit and had some lunch. After finishing I, then cut up the rest of the cauliflower and made that in the micro wave. I'll have to quit making things now as I have run out of room in the fridge or freezer but at least I have lots of good low cal. , healthy meals.

I then started working on the baby blanket for my granddaughter, in CO. who is expecting in Feb. 

The nights haven't been quite as cold as they were so I am happy I didn't have the furnace lit. My, electric bill came way down and that was just great. I, know it will come down even more next month. I will be so happy for some nice low bills for a few months.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too.

Good Night All

Friday, November 6, 2015

I am Loved

The mornings have gotten down right cold. But I'm OK with that. Fred on the other hand not so much. I guess I will have to get on the furnace list. Right now using electric heater in computer room and one in the bathroom to shower.

The days warm up nicely and it has been great getting out again.

A member of one of my women travel groups is in town for a while. We met for lunch today and had a good time. We made plans to get together again next Friday.

I sure have enjoyed feeling better and going out more. I know I have to be careful so I just keep activities down to a dull roar.

Tomorrow I will spend some time with my youngest daughter. Love those little outing we have, we sure didn't have many for a long time due to the back issue.
Also is nice to be able to start checking things off the to do list. Went out and had my hair cut yesterday picked up some refills and stopped at my friends house for ice tea.

But sure made a blunder by leaving my phone in the truck while there. I was only home a few minutes when I saw a guy in my driveway moving fast. I ran out and found my grandson there. He was upset cause I didn't answer my phone and came over to make sure I was OK. I was sorry he was worried but what a great feeling to know he was so concerned. I promised to never leave my phone where I can't hear it again. We at least had a nice visit with him and his little family. I had been missing the kids. They are so much fun and I got lots of cuddles.

You all have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Good Night All