Friday, September 4, 2015

Small Accomplishments

We are into a little cooler weather for a few days. It sure feels nice.

I went  had my hair cut today and boy was the grey showing after that. The girl said they had a special going for coloring so I took advantage of that. I knew I couldn't lean over the sink to wash it out. My shower is old and the floor was ruined by the past owner. Don't know what they used in it but it just doesn't come up nice an white. So I sure don't want to be rinsing out the dye in there.

Then I went to Safeway to pick up fruit and salads. The grapes looked good and the price was right so I picked up 2 Pd's. They only had 2 salads and they weren't that great looking. So I just picked up some lunch meat and cheese. Stopped at the Starbucks in the front of the store and got a bag of Verona and an iced coffee.

By time I got home I was starting to hurt some so I just put things away and it was lunch time so had a sandwich and sat for a bit.

But things are starting to bug me around here so I started to do some dusting. Got a little of that done but I was also done. Took some Tylenol and sat down. But at least I accomplished some small jobs. I will just have to wait for my daughter to come this weekend. 

Hope you all enjoy this Labor Day and be careful on the roads.

Good Night All

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What A Great Kid

I really needed to get the bathroom  and Kitchen floors washed. I have a Floor Mate so that was and easy job. That was such a relief to get them done.

Tonight my daughter Debbie n SIL stopped by to help move things out of the front room and they even brought dinner.

Debbie couldn't believe the weeds in the front yard and wanted to know why I didn't call her. Grabbed a bag and out the door she went to clear up the front yard. While she was doing that I showed Tony the desk I was giving to my grandson and he took it all apart. 

We had dinner and talked for awhile. Then Tony took the dog house out to the porch and Debbie took the cot out to the shed. 

They loaded up the chair and desk and we said our good nights and off they went.

Thank You kids so much for all your help.

Good Night All

Monday, August 31, 2015

Tests Done

Got up at 5:30 am jumped in the shower and was ready to go. Of course my apt was at 8:30 am. 

I messed around on the computer and piddled around the house trying to keep a nice hot cup of coffee off my mind. At 7 I feed Fred and put on my socks an tennis shoes.(glad I wore them) I figured the traffic might be bad at that hour. And it was. But I made it by 8:10. They have these wonderful volunteers who take you right to the place you need to go. I remember when this was the smallest hospital I had ever seen. Now it is huge.

Got the admitting done then they took me to Nuclear Medicine what a hike that was. They did the the IV and shot me with radiation and sent me on my way to CT Scan. 

Now they made it perfectly clear on the phone to make sure you have all your information and don't be LATE!  They never asked for my information. My CT Scan was set for 9 am it is now 9:30 and my head is pounding. I asked the nurse how much longer it would take. She said just cause were sitting here doesn't mean we aren't working, and we don't do scans blah. blah I said I never said that I just was asking you how much longer will it be. Nasty SOB. One of the other nurses said I will check and gave the other one a look, like that was wrong.  They of course had an emergency but within a few minutes they came for me. Shot some junk in the IV that made you warm all over. That test took about 20 min. and I was off to the Starbucks right outside the door and ordered a Grande strong coffee. I had brought along a breakfast bar and sat there for about 40 min. and read. I thought it was time for the other apt. so I head back to Nuclear and found out I still had to wait another 45 min. 

So they showed be to a nicer waiting room and there I read but by now my back was screaming at me and the chairs just weren't cutting it. So I took a walk around and went to the gift shop. No I didn't buy any thing.

It was finally time to go for the Nuclear test. By time I laid on that table I thought I was going to scream. The imagining lasted about 30 min.

Then I was off to the door, but couldn't find my way out. Luckily one of the volunteers from the front desk was walking and I stopped her. Sweet thing took me right to the door. 

It sure had heated up out side since I had arrived earlier in the morning of course it was now 12:15. I am so glad I have such good seats in my truck and it felt so good to just sit there while I cooled down the truck and headed home.

I have had a terrible headache all day and I don't know if it was the stuff they injected into me or what. But I am so glad this is over and now to just wait for the results.

Good Night All

Sunday, August 30, 2015

No Choice

Today I had to bite the bullet and go grocery shopping. When you open the fridge door and all you see are water bottles an condiments it's time. I usually go at 9 am on Sunday as there never has been anyone in the store. Well someone must have sent out the memo. While I was lucky enough to park close to the store and get my shopping done the lines were really full. I hate self check outs but was heading there when the store manager was walking by. Told him they need more cashiers and I hate self check outs. No problem he said I'll check you out. And he did. So off I went and it sure turned hot by time I left the store.

I had to stop at Walgreen's to pick something up and the price was up by $5. WTH! Every time I pick something up it's a different price. Tomorrow I am going to call United Health Care and I want to know what is up with this crap.

Tomorrow morning I am going for my tests. I will be so happy to get this over with already.

After doing my shopping and hauling it into the house I was done and had to take Tylenol. My daughter scolded me good. But that poor kid lives all the way on the other side of town and is the Taxi Mom. I hate to have her drive all the way here to unload groceries. While I love the visit with her I just feel like if she can earn a day of rest I want her to have it.

Good Night All

Friday, August 28, 2015

Got Out

We have had some late afternoon storms with lots of rain. I bought a rain gauge but it always blows over so I have not be able to see how much rain came down.

Today I felt a little more human and had less pain. So my sister was having some of the neighbor ladies over so I went too. It was nice to get out and see people. 

Hope next week they find out what the problems is and fix it. I get my tests done Monday morning.

Good Night All

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Test Approved!

Today I received a call to set up the appointments for the CT Scan and the Nuclear Bone Scan. I go on Monday seems to be a day affair but I don't care. I'll bring lunch.

Went out to lunch today with my friend Barb. and then we did just a little walking in the store behind the restaurant. It was nice to get out.

Had another storm after arriving home. This one wasn't as bad as yesterday. It was nice and cool out for a while.

Good Night All

Monday, August 24, 2015

What A Storm

Last night we had a storm lots of thunder and lightening but just one hard down pour.

So no sitting on the porch this morning the humidity was very high and it was quite warm. 

So I puttered around the house doing small jobs and a small load of laundry. Read a lot of the book my daughter had given me way back for my birthday in Feb. Quite interesting even though it is fiction I can see this kind of life for new comers to the Midwest to stake a claim. Harsh summers and very bitter cold winters. I'm really into this book. Then on an off I got on the computer.

As I took the trash out to street I saw off to the southeast some very strange looking clouds and new we were in for a nasty storm. Soon the thunder started to rumble and the wind came up hard. The rain started coming down in sheets. It reached the windows on the carport side. I have a wide carport that used to house a Class C so you can imagine how wide it is. 

When it slowed down a little I opened the door and the wind had knocked down a plant and the stand so no rain was capture in the rain meter once again. It is still raining  very hard.

Fred, wanted out and I knew what that was going to be like since he doesn't like rain or water for that matter. He has just enough room left after the porch to stay under the awning. Silly dog.

Good Night All