Sunday, September 17, 2017

I Think Summer Got The Memo

I have finished all the cabinets. Now to list the Christmas Village on Craig's List and on Tucson Buy and Sell. 

Have some repairs to do on the house of course what else is new. Paint the master bedroom and master bath, I think the spare room can also use a paint job. Yes I still want to sell this place and move out of Tucson. 

Today Tracy and I went to Cross Roads for breakfast and it just wasn't as good as the last time so checked it off.
After breakfast we headed to Burlington as Tracy needed a dress for a wedding in NJ. Nothing there but I found me some capri pants, a new journal and poop bags for Fred, wish I could get him to pick the stuff up.  Next we hit up Torid a store she loves and bingo found a beautiful dress that was on Sale for half price. Then she needed some new under things so we went to Lane Bryant and big savings there too. Tracy made out really good today she was a very happy camper.

Speaking of camping, I think Summer is finally coming to and end. We are looking at low to mid 90's for this week and then some 80's the following week. So I am hoping to get out and do a little camping before the snow birds show up and you can't get anything in Madera Canyon. Right now the birds and migrating and it will be fantastic.

Good Night All

Monday, September 11, 2017

I Can't Believe

Seems like summer wants to still hang on around here. But you know I really can't complain when there is so many terrible weather related things going on everywhere. From hurricanes, terrible fires do to no rain and earthquakes which are not weather related but horrible just the same. 

And today we have the sorrow of remembering a terrible time of terrorists in our country. May all rest in peace who died and those who died trying to save others and maybe we never forget them.

I have been busy cleaning out cabinets again and I think I am finally finished. Now to take it to the donation center. I'm so happy to get this done.

And I bit the bullet and changed my phone service. I went with Metro PC as my daughter had an offer and the phone was free. I had been having lots of trouble with my phone ever since the guy from Centry Link added it to my phone. No matter what we did we could not get it to work right again. The guy at Walmart said it probably got a virus because of the Centry Link. I had received a email from Straight talk letting me know I qualified for an up grade. when I called I was told no and to disregard the emails. After being with them for so many years and never getting anything I was not happy about this. So I made the decision to move on. This phone even has a hot spot and the bill is less than half of what I was paying. But oh man learning all this new stuff blows my mind. I am not tech savvy at all.

How  about a few more pictures


I have never seen fruits like this on a century plant before

I had a heck of a time snapping this guy and also the focus wasn't working all that well either

These berry's are not eatable 

Good Night All

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Wonderful Weekend 3

I don't think this worked and it won't let me delete it , its late and I am to tired to mess with it. Maybe it will come up right once I post.

It won't let me choose more than one video and I'm not sure this is the one I would have chosen but lets see what happens doesn't even look like it's working.

Good Night All

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wonderful Weekend 2

Of course there is nothing like breakfast while away from home, would have loved to make it outdoors but there really wasn't a good place to set it up. I bought the dried potatoes for home fries they come in a small container that you add water to and let them sit for awhile to fluff back out. We had bacon and we made a omelet the first morning with the home fries. With the windows wide open and the creek running it almost matched being outdoors. On Sunday we had more of the home fries and eggs over easy fantastic, Monday was about the same and we already hated having to leave. The home fries lasted all 3 breakfasts.

There was an elderly couple staying next to us with I guess their granddaughter. This kid never stopped moving or talking as loud as she could. The poor grandpa took this kid on so many hikes and it never seemed to tire this kid out. But at least he tried to keep her from annoying people. They left Sunday morning and peace was restored. I wish I had a 1/4 her energy.

Tracy took a few short hikes which she really enjoyed and wished I could go with her. I would have loved to but I sure don't need any more falls. 

I did manage a few walks to the Wild Life Feeding area, don't know why they call it that because its mostly fowl and squirrels. But it was pretty packed on Sat. from early morning until late afternoon. Sunday was great and I went down there a few times. Unfortunately that's when the camera started to not focus on a few pictures.

Took this shot over the deck to the side of out Casita

I took this through the window

Took this from the deck, all the dirt was washed away during a very heavy rain this summer, I zoomed in on this as it was on the other side of the creek and off the deck

this little moth was no bigger than my thumb nail

OK Sondra, other birders I was thinking this was a Lesser Goldfinch but he has that fluffy black head, any one know for sure?

I'm thinking this is a juvenile Oriole?

I had 2 video's on here but I forgot you have to do it different so I removed them and now it won't let me back in. So maybe tomorrow.

Have A Great Day All

Monday, September 4, 2017

Wonderful Weekend part 1

We arrived Friday around 5 pm and settled in. Put things away and then had our dinner. As we were eating we realized we could hear the water in the creek. We couldn't see it from out  the window but it was great to hear it.We did manage a little walk around to check things out and from the deck off to the side we could see the creek.
It was a early night as Tracy had worked and had been working some long hours for months and that's why I wanted to take this long weekend.

Saturday was a gorgeous day. Cool, slight breeze and easy drizzle which didn't get in the way of our day at all.

These pretty flowers were just outside our front door growing up the side of the incline

The view out our back windows The white line just above the date is from the light under the cabinet in the kitchen. Yes I took these through the window

I opened up the zoom to get this bird house way back behind our Casita, from the looks of the webbing in the opening I'm thinking it isn't used by any birds anymore

Tracy, sitting way out there on a boulder she was so happy out there.

Taken from the deck to the side of the Casita's

 Roots to several trees after a wash out from the creek running full force after all the summer rains
Backing off the zoom. Can you see all the folks on the trail? they used the creek for swimming. That water was ice cold

These itty bitty moths were everywhere

For some reason I had trouble getting the camera to focus on a few pictures and this butterfly was so beautiful
Well I'm done in for today. I was only home for 1/2 hour and already had a headache just not meant for me to be in this town.

Good Night All

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Almost Ready

I took Fred to meet his fur friends yesterday they ignored him and he smelled the every nook and cranny of the house and inspected the yard and of course left his mark and a gift. His food is pr measured and his bowl is packed. I'll send him with his bed and a few favorite toys. 

This morning I did the shopping and forgot one thing, yes I had a list. So if my daughter remembers to pick it up she'll let me know or I will just run back to the store and grab it. 
Made a nice pasta salad and have lettuce and other salad fixings, hot dogs, hamburgers and lunch meats. This is a weekend to relax mostly for Tracy. Me I will be looking for birds and what ever else I find to take photo's of.

In the morning I will climb into the back of the truck to check the buckets for what ever is in there and see if I need to add anything. Need to bring in the cooler and let it cool down in the house. I hope the small cooler will be enough if not I will bring the larger one.

I won't be bringing my laptop so contact and pictures will be done on Monday evening. Camera is ready and I always bring the charger and an extra card. 

Tomorrow  morning I'll run the dishwasher and do some small loads of laundry and take out the trash.

I'm more than ready for this long weekend.

Good Night All

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Little Trip

Not much of a week around here. 
Fred got sick and just don't  know from what but he is fine now. Had to do some carpet scrubbing and kennel washing but glad it wasn't worse. Sure made me feel some unused muscles.

Made another batch of muffins. Cooked up some shrimp in a new recipe. Use shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes cut in half, red onion, red and yellow mini bell peppers or large bell peppers. Sprinkle or spray olive oil, a little chili powder and bake at 400 for about 15-20 min. While that is baking make a dressing with 3lbs olive oil, 3lbs lime juice,  2 lbs honey and 1/3sp chili powder, mix. Remove  vegetables from oven and make a part in the middle and add shrimp, drizzle a little of the dressing over the shrimp and  mix little through all , return to oven for another 5-10 min. let cool and then spoon over a mixed lettuce add more dressing and enjoy. You can add salt n pepper to taste. 

Today was another birthday party and it was held a Peter Pipe. It can get expensive but everyone paid for the kids to do what ever and a couple pizza's were ordered. Of course the kids had a blast and they come to tell you they will clean up. But we did some of the cleaning ourselves.

I had been going over my thumb drives and sure felt the pull to get away. Today I made reservations for a little Casita at Madera Canyon for next weekend . I was afraid we wouldn't get anything since it is the holiday. We sure lucked out as we got the last one. My daughter Tracy and I will go together. I would go alone if she didn't want to go. Maybe getting this one trip under my belt will get me to  head up to the White Mountains.

Good Night All