Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Fathers Day!

Just a little update on our rain. Once it kicked in yesterday it kept on coming down. Every know and then I would hear it on the awning during the night it was wonderful. It rained most of today but we are far from what we need. 

The temps were only in the low 80's but the humidity would raise up into the 90% but would come down again and I just couldn't resist sitting on the porch. The birds were very happy and sang their little hearts out.

I keep some bottoms to planter out there filled with water but rain is so much better to them.

Want to wish all the dad's a Happy Fathers Day and to all the Mom's who pull double duty. Have a Great Day!

Good Night All

Friday, June 15, 2018

This is Exciting!

As I'm sure every one knows how hot it has been here already. And in a bad drought. Then they started talking about monsoons starting date of June 15, 2018. OK soooo. Then it was the storm off Mexico that was going to bring us rain by Wed. nope nothing, Thur. 50% chance, nope nothing. Friday 70% this morning it was very grey and nasty high humidity. Then about 11:30 am I heard rain and then nothing. But eventually it started to rain a little more and now it was time to get excited! Then it finally rained steady but light for a couple hours. Of course when you haven't had rain for months that is the best way for it to rain so there will be no flooding and giving the ground a chance to absorb the water. It has since stopped but they say more to come tonight. We shall see. Oops its raining again.

Other than that haven't really done much. I did cook up a variety of veggies and today made a big pot of veggie soup. Yes I eat soup all year round I love the stuff.

Wed. my daughter Debbie stopped by after work and we had home made tuna wraps and had a great visit. I finally gave her a gift card for her birthday gift and her birthday wish was for donations to Kids on Their Own and I donated to that as well for her birthday. Debbie had 4 sons she raised on her own due to dead beat dad. So her house was always over flowing with kids. Some that had no place to go and her home was open to them until they could get connected with this program. To this day these kids are still in her life even though her boys are all grown and out of the house. All these kids are into basket ball and Debbie almost never misses a game even when they just get together every Sunday, Debbie is there cheering them on. Great Job Debbie!

Good Night All

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cave Living

Today I took off pretty early to get some shopping done but it was already 89 F. I spent quite a bit of time walking around the grocery store just so I can get some kind of exercise. Well if that wasn't a mistake. I checked out and as I walked out the door it was like being throw into a oven set at 400 degrees. I loaded the groceries into the back of the truck and cracked open the window and turned on the A/C and let some of the hot air blow out the window. I just sat there for a bit before even taking the sun screen out of the windshield until the A/C started to crank out some cool air. 

I'm sure glad the store is close to home as it was now 101 f already and the A/C was having a tough time cooling the truck. Since I had to back into the driveway I had to open the back window to cut out the glare so I can see to back up. I don't use the mirrors as they make things look way different room wise than what is actually there. That blast of hot air was awful. I unloaded and by time I got in the house I could hardly breath sure happy the house was cool. I put away the frozen and cold things and grabbed a bottle of water and sat down to cool off and catch my breath. 

Once I cooled down I went around closing up the few blinds I had opened earlier in the morning. And had to move the entertainment center because the vent is behind it for the A/C. Boy what a difference that made for letting more cool air in the room. We topped out at 106 today. I now feel like I am living in a cave not to happy about it but must keep out the heat as much as possible. My first electric bill showed up in my e-mail this morning since it turned so nasty hot. Thought I would swallow my tongue. So I readjusted the thermostat and by moving the piece of furniture allowing for more air to circulate it should be fine.

I was talking to my friend about not going up North again and I think she hit the nail on the head when she said I lost my interest because I just got tired of trying to make the camper work for me. I already had my daughter take the bed out and I have been removing things a little at a time. No reason for carrying around any extra weight and wasting gas.

Good Night All

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Micro Burst

I finally finished sewing up all the edges for the slip cover today. 
While sitting there sewing I heard this racket but thought it was coming from a house around the corner as they are getting a new roof. But this sound was  much different sounded like a train as it came closer and then things caught my eye. Awning parts were flying right towards my house. So I jumped up and left the room fearing that they might just come through the window. Lots of crashing sounds but they seemed to fly right by the house. I then was worried that they may have done some damage to the truck in the carport. I looked out the computer room window and all was well. I then went to the porch and wow there was awning material everywhere and folks coming out to see what had happened.  The lady next door came out and she had a large piece that had hit her house but no damage was done. Mark who does lots of handy work around here went down the street to see if everyone was OK and to see who lost the awning. I saw him talking to Al and then they headed up the street while picking up pieces of materials from the street and other front yards. I asked who lost the awning and they mentioned someone who I don't know but Al lost half of his roofing. Mark then got his truck and started riding around picking up more mess from the other street as this stuff went flying over roofs and into the next street. These Micro Bursts just come out of nowhere and can really do some damage. Some people who come here in the winter now of the Dust Devils but these are not the same, there is no dust or sand it's just powerful wind that will move Mobile homes, snap telephone poles like tooth picks. I tried to see if I had roof damage but couldn't see up that high but Mark said he could see no damage as he came up the street in his truck. Saw lots of tar paper laying around but don't know if that was from Al's place or the house that was getting the new roof. I will take a ride around tomorrow when I go out to run errands.

Other than that I have been cooking lots on new veggie dishes and they all have been wonderful.

Good Night All

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Thank All Veterans and Present day Military Women and Men

I always try to thank our service people when I encounter them. Since we have a large base here you can see them often. I also thank the Firemen and women. These folks all have tough jobs and are out to serve us in this country. 

Haven't done much since my last post. I did set up the machine and do a few tests, not sure about this machine we shall see. They sure don't make threading easy for the bottom and top. Very little room to work for threading. But I'll give it a few more tries if it doesn't get better back it goes.

You all have a safe and happy Veterans Day

Thursday, May 24, 2018

My New Hobby

We have been having some pretty nice temperatures and the winds don't pick up until early afternoon. So I get out as early as possible to do what ever needs doing.

I bought a Brother sewing machine after much searching around for a used one. The new machine was cheaper than the used ones. I didn't need a bunch of fancy stuff I just want to sew some things. Of course this started a new redo of Fred's Man Cave, don't know if he really likes the invasion yet. But I finally finished the set up yesterday and later on today I will get out the manual and start figuring out how this machine will work. I have a cover to make for my foot stool and rework the covers I made for the arms of the chair. I also have this problem with collars of T-Shirts and always cut a v in the neck so now I can sew them up so they don't look sloppy. I tried doing them by hand but they didn't come out so nice.

My daughter took the bed out of the camper for me and I still haven't finished clearing it out. I don't know if I will redo it or not. I'm sure the urge to go again will hit me but putting it all back won't be the first time. And I will continue to look for either an Aliner or a van. And at this time with the high gas prices it's best not to carry around a load in the back of the truck.

You All Have A Great Day

Friday, May 18, 2018

Weather, Fire and Me Updates

The weather has cooled down to the mid 90's for a few days then  will go back up again and of course the wind is going to continue to be a problem. So far the mornings are still beautiful and windows and doors are open and fans running to clean up the air in the house. But it does warm up quickly around 9:30 am.

There are lots of fires around once again. Even down here in the low lands. Most of them are human caused. People throwing cigarettes out the car window and a new one they showed on the news are tow chains that drag on the road throwing sparks. Broken glass that the sun beats down on. And of course the fools who don't put out campfires that are at this time not legal. Folks who don't keep a clean yard have caused neighbors to lose their homes as well as their own. I am about to complain to Pima County about the house they own next to me about the yard being full of dead weeds falling branches and just garbage in general. I don't understand how they think they can sell this place in the filthy condition its in on the inside and outside.

Have been cooking lots of new recipes for vegetable dishes and they all have been very good. I keep lots of vegetable soup on had and using barely. I cook the barely separate and then add about 1/4 cup to the bowl as I heat it up. My sugar levels are in the normal range  since I started eating this way. 

I think today I am going to see about buying a sewing machine, nothing expensive as I don't know how much use I will get out of it and I am no seamstress by any means but I do have things I want to make. I hope maybe I can find one used.

I guess that's about all I have for now and maybe I'll dig through some pictures of old trips I took for another post.

Have a great day