Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sore Muscles and Bones

I woke up late this morning. So I jumped up and quick threw on some clothes to get Fred out. Of course I had a great Bed Head going on and of course the garbage men just had to be right in front of my house. So headed for the back of the house as fast as I could.

It was a little cooler out this morning so I did manage to open the windows and door for a short time.
Before the A/C would come on I wanted to clean the widow over the unit. I managed that while Fred laid in the sun.

I brought the ladder into the house so I could change some wall hangings around and make things look different. That is one heavy ladder. Moving it from one place to another was quite a work out and climbing up and down. But I managed to get it all done without falling off the ladder or dropping anything on my head or feet. Not quite finished but I won't need the ladder to finish or move any furniture. Of course that may be subject to change at a thoughts notice.

Here are a couple of my new finds..

This window is great and fits right into the lower part of the kitchen window above the sink, I took the picture crooked so I could avoid the faucet. I walked around the store a few times before I decided I just couldn't leave the store with out it especially since it was 30% off

I saw this jug last week and went back for it and it was 15% off the already reduced price.

I have wanted one of these teapots for a really long time but the prices were so over the top I always walked away. I also spotted this  last week but didn't even look at the price until yesterday. $5. and it was mine. It's  cast iron

It's amazing how a few things turn into a total remake of a room or two. I think I will be staying out of the 2nd hand stores for a while.

And I heard from the guy who is going to put the battery set up in my truck. Said he is still waiting for answers from vendors on prices. Good Night All

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Got Heat?

It was 85 degrees this morning at 5:30 humid too.

Went out with Rose and Michele today hit some 2nd hand stores. Found a nice stained glass transom window and forgot to take a picture until it was dark. I'll have to take one tomorrow and post it then.

We didn't stay out to long as it was really getting hot and we just ran out of energy quick.

I moved a few things around and then did nothing much but read. I think when the house is all closed up like this the mind is saying it must be time to sleep.

I looked through some pictures the other day and found this butterfly so I went back to see if I can find it so I can post it but no luck. But never fear I found some for you anyway.

The night we arrived in Williams, AZ to head out the next day for Grand Canyon oh yes it was cold

 The butt cactus

This is down the street from my house


I hope to get up the mountain to see this again this fall

BTW I haven't heard from the guy who was going to run the battery system for me. NEXT! 

Good Night All

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Was Dragged Out Today Some Old Pictures

This morning I got up with good intentions of getting more things done around here.

I put up a crock pot of 5 kinds of beans, onions, carrots, garlic, some herbs and a package of taco seasoning. Emptied the dishwasher. Made breakfast and then loaded up the dishwasher with this mornings dishes. 

Started emptying waste baskets and took one bag of trash out. It sure was hot already. So I closed up the house and turned on the A/C. Sat to drink more coffee and the phone rang. Rose was looking for someone to take a ride to Macy's. Told her to give me a few minutes to get ready and off we went.  No money was spent by me.

Came home and had a salad.  It was the last one and I new I had to go grocery shopping. I really didn't want to go but... Got going and picked up a few grocery's. It was really hot by mid afternoon so I was done for the day.

The beans really turned out great.

Good Night All

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kept Busy Today

Seems we lost the rain for a while. And the temps are climbing again.

I took all the pottery down off the top of the cabinets and cleaned them good then cleaned off the tops of the cabinets they sure can get nasty. The worst part was moving the fridge. It's supposed to be on wheels, what kind I don't know but they sure don't work very well. Vacuumed the floor under there and then washed it. I knew I was going to feel it so I took some Tylenol and cooled down.

Jumped in the shower, boy did that feel good.

Threw in a load of wash and had some lunch. 

Next on my list was looking through all the thumb drives for some pictures I wanted to print out. I am missing some so they must have been the ones on the thumb drive I accidentally deleted. But found plenty of good ones anyway.  Cleaned up lots of pictures I didn't want.  That sure took a long time.  Maybe tomorrow I will down load more to a thumb drive that has nothing on it so I can put them on the laptop and show them to you all.

Now it's time to go relax and get ready to hit the bed.

Good Night All

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Great Sunday

Tracy picked me up this morning. Even Aliya got to come with us since Tracy had her boyfriends car. 

We went to our favorite place and had a wonderful breakfast. Afterward we went to Target so Aliya could maybe get some school clothes. She only bought 2 tops.

While they shopped I went my own way and picked up a treat for Fred and a new toilet seat. How exciting right.

It was already getting to hot and they wanted to make a stop at Walmart so I said take me home. Hate Walmart on a weekend.

Later in the afternoon my other granddaughter, grandson and my little pirate stopped by to pick up the rug shampooer. While they were here Alonzo put the risers on the camper bed. Thank you!

Tomorrow I will stay home and get some much needed cleaning done above the cabinets.

Good Night All

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Good Day

While it was still cool out this morning I emptied stuff out of the camper.  I still will need one of my kids to come help put the risers on the bed. And then I needed to make room for Rick to work.

It started to get a little warm so called it quits and came in to read for a while.

I called my friend Rose to see what she was up too. Said come over and see what her sister sent her and we also make plans to go do some second hand stores.  Rose's, sister, sent her some beautiful pottery mugs that are very unusual. The handles are not the usual these are slits but deep enough to fit your fingers into. Very different hope to see some at the craft shows this fall.

We headed out to an antique store we usually just drive right by. Of course it was closed. But we found a phone # and called. The man answered and was up north and said he will be back and opened on Tues.

We were on our way home when I remembered I needed gas so off to the gas pump we went. Once I had gas we went on to find other places to play. We went to some stores I knew would be open and strolled around them. Rose found some great items and I was heading back to one I spotted at the first walk around. Just as I went for it I spotted this. Yes it came home with me. 

 Then we headed to lunch at one of our favorite places in the winter.
I usually order a salad there but they always had the best Ruben's. This was not the way I remember them. The meat was like rubber and was cut to thick and stringy. Won't order that again.

So it was a good day and I am happy.

Good Night All

Friday, July 18, 2014

Checked It Out

This morning was just beautiful low humidity again and cooler temps.


 Sure wish the wires weren't there

After feeding Fred and letting him out I was off to see the RV guy Rick.

Of course there is major construction going on in this town and was really a pain.

But I got there on time. Rick tested the plug that was on the hitch and it wasn't the right kind and didn't have any juice getting to it. I had a feeling that was just to easy.  So Rick will wire it correctly and add a switch in the truck to disconnect the deep cycle battery from the truck when camping to stop any drain on the truck battery.  A hole will need to be drilled in the side of the camper shell to vent the battery. Also will cut the box for the handle down and use a flat plate so the door will not lock me inside anymore. He will call me with an estimate Monday. If you don't hear from me after Monday I probably had a heart attack and died. Save me some money I guess.

Tomorrow I will pull out some things from the camper so I can add the risers to the legs  so I can better fit things under the bed.

Have a wonderful weekend and be careful out there.

Good Night All