Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fun Weekend

Yesterday was my great grandsons 5Th birthday, they just moved to this side of town so I was able to stop by and be home before dark. It was nice being with some of the family. Hamburgers n hot dogs on the grill and my daughter made her fantastic potato and macaroni salads. I brought my camp chair which is the best and most comfy for me. I hit some setting sun but it went behind the mountains fast so I did great.

Today Tracy and I went to Todd's for breakfast which is at Ryan Airfield. It is a lite plane airport. I was hoping to see a few planes past the windows run way but not today.

This little guy was taxing on a runway further away from us, but this was the view from our seats.

I'm not so sure about this home made gem looks kind of scary to me. But I don't like to fly anyway so it really doesn't matter

Out front of Todd's

After I was bound and determined we were going to do something. The weather was great it was warm but not hot. So we headed out for Saguaro West. When we got there the road was closed. I'm guessing it was washed out from the resent rains coming off the mountains. So headed back the same way we came and turned on to
Gates Pass Rd. Hadn't been there in a long time.

My daughter thought she was going to save this pretty thing from the ants but it was to late.

I took this with out any extra zoom 

This one is taken at full 50x

This is at the top of Gates Pass, it looked like a pitch fork to me so I zoomed in on it  I knew it was a saguaro but I liked it
Our next stop after driving down was the International Wildlife Museum. I think I will save that for tomorrow's post. So many pictures to post from the visit there.

Hope Everyone had a great weekend

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wonderful Day

I checked the weather this morning and saw the temps were going to be quite nice.

Tracy and I went off for our breakfast and then the .99 store for a stock up on veggies n fruit. We had other plans but it didn't pan out.
Then we thought maybe we would go shopping but we changed our minds. So off Tracy went to do her laundry and clean her house as she has been working some really crazy long hours.

I kind of puttered around and then took a short nap. I noticed it was getting really cloudy and went out on the porch to check out the weather and sky. There was a bit of a breeze and it was nice and cool. I shut down the A/C and opened widows and the door. Turned on some fans. Then a huge wind came through and I of course a bit of dirt flew, lots of thunder and then.... nothing. I went out to check the privacy slats as I knew the wind would pull them away from the clips and sure enough a few needed to be snapped back down. 
Then another rounds of wind and some rain. It rained for a bit and it sure cooled down. It was great. Hung out on the porch for awhile and then came in to make dinner. I didn't turn the air on again until about 6 when it really started to get humid again. Looks like the temps will stay under triple digits for now. YIPPEE!

Good Night All

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Didn't Work

Haven't been to busy but yet getting things done.

Sunday, Tracy, came over for us to go do our breakfast and was handing me a purple paper she found on my porch. It was a weed notice. I didn't think they were that bad yet. So after breakfast we went to Lowe's and bought the weed spray.

Monday, I was getting ready to go out and spray when I received a text from Lucy about going to lunch. Yep lunch beats weeds any day. So I drove over to our favorite place and caught up on her trip to the Mountains. Then off to the Dollar Tree for a few items.

Today I made sure I got out there really early and sprayed the weeds. I'm glad I did because they looked pretty brown already late afternoon. Right now it is pouring down rain but will not stop the spray from doing its job. This storm was not announced on my weather app. and still isn't showing up.
I got back into shredding and cleaning out files most of the rest of the day. I can't believe how old some of the things were. The shredder over heated after a while. I kept going and made it to the T's. I made a pile on the floor for shredding and filled a plastic bag with things not needing to be shredded and threw out some folders that were really old and a mess. I will take the better ones to the donation center. 

I used the Boost Oxygen and it didn't work for me. I was kind of upset about it as I sure wanted to be able to make a trip up the Mountain before it got to cold. So once this heat is over with and I'm not using the a/c so much I will have them set up another app. for the tests to see what is going on.

Good Night All

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tonight's Sunset

We haven't had any rain for 2 days now and it feels pretty good. Temps under 100 with med. humidity.

Cleaned house did small load of laundry and crocheted a bit on the afghan. 

I think I will get out for a bit tomorrow so I don't go stir crazy. I did get some great pictures tonight of the sunset.

Good Night All

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Monsoon Returns With A Vengeance

Yesterday was a really nice day a little on the hot side but sunny. I was supposed to go to Walmart but OH NO had to mess around until it was to late to go.

I knew we were going to get more rain today and for the next 3-4 days. So I hopped out of bed and got ready but had to wait until I fed Fred and drank some coffee. Big mistake, it had already started to thunder and I new I wasn't going anywhere. The sky was almost black. Sure enough my 8:45 am it started pouring down hard and kept it up for about an hour then just kept raining for a few hours.

This was the results in many places. Now this bridge has feet marked on it to tell you how deep the water is. I guess the fool who's car is under this water somewhere must have thought it was inches. As you can see the yellow bar states the clearance is only 13' 6" so you know that water is deep and over 5'

We are looking at the same weather for tomorrow and Thur. then a little drying period. You know I am not leaving my house or at least not the Village. 

Good Night All

Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Little Respite

A little respite from the heat, very little in fact. Even though the temps had gone down the humidity was horrible. But of course the temps are on the rise again.

I new it was going to get hot again so I figured it was time to get some cooking done and load the freezer so not much cooking will need to be done in the high heat.

I made Momma Mia Pie, it's and old Weight Watchers recipe so you can google it if you like. If you can't get it to  come up I will post it.

Of course I made way to much but it freezes well. I used wheat pasta as I'm not sure if it was a big thing that far back. I'm not crazy about wheat pasta as it really takes to long to cook. Like brown rice what a pain that is to make even with a rice cooker.

Tracy and I did our breakfast thing today. Last week I really wanted frozen yogurt but we had been way to full. So this week we went and of course the place is no longer there. So we googled Cold Stone to see if they had frozen yogurt and sure enough they did. So went there. We also went to Dollar Tree as my sun glass fell apart yesterday so I picked up 2 pair and Tracy also got 2 pair.

I finally broke down and went to the car wash as the truck was covered in mud and the inside was filthy too. Lets see how long it stays clean. They say the monsoons are going to be quiet for a while that might help. Maybe the humidity will go way down.

Good Night All

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Few New Happenings

We have had little rain these past 2 days, but still humid. For a couple more days we will have clouds but maybe no rain. But  by Sunday it will be clear and sunny and back into triple digits oh yippee.

It cleared up enough for Barb, Lois and I to head out to lunch. I can't really say it is a new place but I had never been there before. Even though I knew about the place and had passed it many times I had never gone there. Its west of us and at a small private Air Port. Of course I didn't bring my camera and I am so angry about that. What great pictures I could have gotten. Beautiful clouds and little light planes taxing passed the window.  They do served breakfast but Tracy would have to get here around 7:30 so we can get there by 8 am the waitress said it is very busy for breakfast on Sunday.

I couldn't believe the developments that have gone up out there in the past few years. They had to do extensive work on washes since that area had always flooded so bad before. There were only a few mobile homes out that way and they had been far and few in between. We only encountered one wash and it really wasn't flowing very much.

Today I had 5 great grand kids start kindergarten. My where has the time gone? They all did great and they loved going to the big kids school. One of the boys even celebrated his 5 Th birthday today. So for the first day of school his class mates had cup cakes. I believe they all go to the same school. Wonder how that will work and home many kindergarten classes they have. 

I did some grocery shopping today and did pretty good. But tomorrow I really need to go to the big store for things they don't have the smaller Walmart

Good Night All