Saturday, February 18, 2017

Getting Camping Gear Ready

The weather was great for working out in the shed. And work I did. Cleaned up the mess we made looking for things to help someone out. And went through the tote. I think that is all fine and I will not need to get anything more. So things are once again organized which I feel really good about.

I have things I will post on Craig's List as I don't need them and won't be using them anymore. Some of the things have never even been used and some are like brand new. Threw lots of things out too.

I managed to clear off the two tables I built out there when I first moved here and had a studio for painting ceramics and then other hobbies which I no longer do. I actually built 3 tables, one I use for projects and tools. I had also put a sink out there and drilled a hole in the wall to run a garden hose for water to the sink. and one down near the floor for a drain to the yard. Oh to be that age and that agile again.

This also has been a really busy birthday week. Going to lunch with friends and a painting class with my daughter. Last night it was dinner with my daughter Tracy and her family. More were supposed to come but had to cancel. We ate at Chili's and the food is always so good there. It was fun being with the babies.

Once again I cannot post the pictures I took of the kids GRrrrrrr.
I have to find some way to download my pictures I guess I'll have to buy some thumb drives and get all the pictures I can off this laptop. 

We have had lots of wind and rain today and they are calling for more tomorrow. It has only been in the mid 50's today and also tomorrow. I guess it's still winter so can't complain and it will be to hot to soon. Hope to get out of town by end of April.

Hope I can make it work we shall see

Good Night All

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

No Artist Here

Crap us just deleted my post!
OK here we go again. I'm sure it won't be anything like the one I just deleted.

It has been a very busy week for me and it feels so good.

Sunday Tracy and I went to Planet Fitness and I did a mild work out on a few machines. Tracy of course has been going for a while and is much younger than I am so she really was going to town. But we had lots of fun. I will be joining this Sunday coming.

Monday was Fred's grooming day which he hates but needs to be done. With the nicer weather we had been having he was laying out in the dirt and his nails really needed clipping. When I got home I cleaned the house and put up a new shelf in the hallway since I gave Tracy the big one that was there. 

Yesterday was really busy. I got up early jumped right in the shower, had a cup of coffee and by 8:30 was on my way to Walmart Grocery Store to pick up some much needed items and a snack and water for the nights event.

After putting things away I went out and sprayed weeds. Yes it is that time again and with all the rain we had it will be a struggle.
Kathy came and picked me up and along with Barb we went to lunch to celebrate my Birthday which is Friday. We hadn't been out together for quite some time. We had a nice time.

Tracy came at around 5 pm and we headed off to Brush and Bottle. We brought along a snack and our Zero flavored water. This place s so much fun. You can bring wine, beer what ever you want and a snack. We didn't have time for dinner and that was ours cheese, ham and crackers. We had a really good time and so did everyone else there. Lots of couples for Valentines day. This was a combined Valentine and Birthday gift for me from Tracy. Tracy's picture is on the left mine is the right 

I don't know what is happening here but anyway the picture went to bottom. So I guess I will just continue here.
My plans for today are not going to happen as the wind is howling out there. I guess it will be a good day to go out into the shed and organize and see what else I will have to replace for camping.

Wishing all of you a wonderful day

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Friday, February 10, 2017

New Mechanic

After reading reviews and talking to some of my neighbors about this shop I decided to get the truck in. I was pleased with all the questions they asked about the truck and then asked me what all I was looking for. I explained about the last place I took the truck and the fact I didn't think they did anything the last time I brought in the truck. So everything was checked out to make sure there weren't any leaks anywhere and found nothing. Still a mystery about why there wasn't any transmission fluid in there on my last trip after they were supposed to check everything. Also the plugs were really bad and they said it was amazing I was getting any spark at all. I saw the plug I to was amazed. So I had been paying for service I wasn't getting for who knows how long. What a shame to treat long standing customers that way. I had been going to Tucson Mountain Motors since 2004 and they were really good until about 2014 by 2015 it was over. The owner was more interested in his antique gas station pumps and old Porches and let some kids run the place. 

So the cost was $283. for everything which included new radiator cap, oil change, full tune up,fuel system flush, 5/30 syn blend oil, 3 parts chemical kit and labor. They told me the truck is in excellent condition for  2004 with  125,465 miles on it. The list is much longer for all they did and I sure feel good about it all too. The place is called Motor Works & Machine. I don't know if anyone who reads my blog lives around here but if you do this is the place. They are friendly and receive you well.  I was told if I want to tow a trailer I can pull up to 4,500 lbs with no trouble at all. I doubt I will but it's nice to know.

The temps have risen quite a bit and have been in the high 80's but by Sunday they will drop down again into 60's and that's fine with me. It's way to hot already.

Good Night All

Sunday, February 5, 2017

A New Week Starts

Today it was so beautiful got really warm. We started out with the heater on in the truck.

We went to breakfast and by time we came out it had warmed up a bit. We hit Dollar Tree and the Famous Footwear so Tracy could get herself a pair of sneakers for working out at the gym she joined. I'm going to go with her next Saturday to check it out. It's only $10. a month and no contract. I like that part. It's Planet Fitness. Maybe I will be able to do something there. I need to do something.

When we came back to my house she said she had my birthday gift and wanted to give it to me now. 

 I think I need to put a better flower pot in the back ground.
A new week is now starting and I hope to stay busy and do lots of outdoor things. I did sit out on the porch today after Tracy left it was such a beautiful day again. Still want to make more changes out there. I have a corner piece for storage out there and it needs to be cleaned out and plenty of stuff tossed. 

I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow and then I need to do a little shopping.

Good Nigh All

Thursday, February 2, 2017

This Is The Perfect Time

The weather has been so wonderful! While the mornings are still chilly that's fine. Of course this morning was 40 degrees which is much warmer than it has been. By afternoon it is perfect with high 60's or low 70's.

I have been working on cleaning up the porch of the winter wind messes. I cleared some pots off the porch that once held pretty colored flowers. But with the pretty flowers come skeeters and so this year no flowers. Besides once the heat hits they all die anyway but the skeeters remain.

I had moved one of the wicker chairs into the spare bedroom but removed it back to the porch since I never used the room for what I intended it to be which was for crocheting, which these days I am doing very little of. 

Back to the porch; Fred and I have been spending our afternoons out there and really enjoy being outdoors after this crazy really cold, windy and wet winter.  Of course all to soon it will be way to hot to sit out there once mid morning arrives. 

So once again summer thoughts of escaping are hitting hard. I think I have finally found an outlet where I can sell some of the things I have been wanting to get rid of. I will gather them up and take them in to the store next week. I have lots of change to roll and take to the bank, going to build the summer funds up so maybe I can find something to go traveling in. And also get rid of lots of things I don't need or use anymore.

Getting out and about these past 2 weeks with friends and getting things done has been great. I did get my license renewed finally. I had mentioned needing to go to one of my friends and she I will go with you. So we set a date and off we went. Drove to Green Valley and we were out of there in 20 min. It was great. After that we went to Big Lot's and did some shopping. I miss that store so much. There was one just down the road from me but for some reason they closed it. It was always packed so don't really know what happened. There are other stores in Tucson but I hate this town and they are way to far. Green Valley is so much easier to get to and it sure is a nice big store. 

After shopping we went to Denny's for lunch and we both brought home half of the meal.

Well better get a move on must go get a hair cut today I have put it off long enough.

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


We had one heck of a storm last night. Winds howling and raining buckets. But it did not reach a freeze level. 

I did a quick shopping yesterday so I could make a few meals for the freezer.

Yesterday I made Chicken Parmesan. I used 3 chicken breast and by time they cook up they are about 3 1/2 oz each. I had one for dinner last night and boy that was really good with a little angel hair pasta. I put the rest in little corning ware dishes with the left over pasta and put them in the freezer.

Today I had a surprise visit from my daughter Debbie and she brought her granddaughter which of course is my great granddaughter I am having trouble bringing up her picture. I will try again tomorrow. But oh what a happy baby, Mili was a delight to have here today. Always smiling and so cheery. Mili has never seen me before but greeted me with a big old smile.

After they left I worked on my next meal Eggplant Parmesan, and that was so good too. I didn't make any pasta as I don't want to be eating all the carbs. I had some for dinner tonight and put the rest in more freezer containers. I used less cheese on this one.

Tonight they are saying freeze and from the looks of it it will be down to about 28 - 30 so I went out and made sure the faucets outside were covered good. The one behind the house was covered but it was soaked so I changed it out to a dry cover.

I guess I will leave the little heater in the kitchen living room area on low tonight and let the water drip. Don't need any problems. Although that isn't all that cold I would rather be safe than sorry. Even Fred has a blanket in his man cave . He really doesn't like the cold at all or as everyone knows he also hates water. 

Tomorrow I really need to get to DMV and renew my license as they expire next month on my birthday. I almost forgot since they hadn't needed to be renewed in years. At one time as long as you didn't have any tickets you could renew on line but not anymore you can't even to a change of address on line now. They want a new picture every time you make a change or renew. cha ching cha ching.

Good Night All

Monday, January 23, 2017

Freeze Watch!

We have a flood warning until Wed. due to another round of rain coming in today through tonight and now Freeze Watch. 

This has been one of those winters let me tell you. Some people not familiar with our winters don't seem to understand that we get winter monsoon's here. January is the start of this and it can last until February or March. After that we get the high winds that last all of April.  It makes for an interesting season. This year has been at the high of it all.

Yesterday Tracy and I went to a Denny's closer to my home and found they have really stepped up with the food. It wasn't even crowded like it usually is. Even our server mentioned how quiet it was. Maybe between the big game and the opening of the Gem show everyone was somewhere else.

After  breakfast we thought maybe we should go wonder around the Spectrum, maybe Kirkland's, and a few other stores just to get out and do something. Then Tracy mentioned she was out of test strips this is the second time she said this, I made a quick u turn and and headed for Walmart, which was also very empty. I told her I would wait in the truck so we don't wander around and spend money on stuff. But no we both went in and had a blast of course. I did good and only spent about  $15. while Tracy bought all kinds of things. haha Not MY Fault I offered to wait in the Truck.

By then we figured it was time to head home, so she could get her house in order before returning to work today.

I think I will make a fast trip to the grocery store for a few items since it will be a nasty day and I can spend it making some veggie things for the week.

Have a Great Day