Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Wonderful Weather

The weather has finally cooled down and I'm loving it. The past couple days has been very cloudy, windy and raining. I expected lots more rain than we received but they say it isn't over yet so we shall see. Tomorrow's temps shouldn't get any higher than 58 glorious degrees. Today we only hit 63 I had the door wide open and was loving the breeze and all that fresh air.

I did have Michael come today and start up the furnace he was going to set it at 68 but I had him turn it way down. I just added another blanket to the bed and I have been getting the best sleep. 

My plans for Thanksgiving are still up in the air. My friend wanted me to meet her in Ajo this weekend for some boon docking. I would love to do that. BUTTTT my youngest daughter is having some medical issues and I'm not sure I want to not be here. Ajo isn't that far but there isn't any cell service out there and I would be running into Ajo constantly to check up on her. If I don't go I do have options. My grandson wants me to go to his house and he would pick me up and bring me home and I would have my daughter there. I just don't like that I have to be picked up and then taken home. But by time dinner would be over it would already start getting dark and I can't see at night. Of course then there's Fred, I guess I can take him along. But then I found out they have a cat and my allergies are bad enough right now and cats just don't work well and I don't know about Fred and a cat. I really don't have a problem at all staying home. So we shall see.

I realized today  we are only a month away from Christmas and I have only bought 1 gift. Something tells me I better get a move on. I mostly buy gift cards for the grand kids to restaurants they love them. And the great grand's I buy clothing they get enough toys. And my 2 daughters are easy to buy for. And besides Christmas on the 21st is my youngest daughters birthday. And no you don't combine the birthday with Christmas LOL

Good Night All

Friday, November 8, 2019

Checking In

Hasn't been anything to post. 

We had a nice cold spell, then it turned hot again. Next week looks good. I hate to even say maybe I will go camping because it just never happens for one reason or another.

Just the usual shopping, laundry, some cooking.

Today my daughter and  I did our lunch and hit Walmart while we waited for them to do an oil change which we thought would be done by time we finished lunch. They never did it because they didn't know how to open the hood!! So she showed them and explained to them about how to close the hood so it wouldn't fly open. And off we went off to Walmart. I picked up 2 new tops and a Christmas tree. This one is only about 4 ft. tall they get smaller all the time. LOL  I will post the other tree on Market place. It's a beautiful tree but that snow on it makes such a mess and I'm sure it isn't good for my breathing. We realized my tree topper isn't going to work anymore since it is way to big for the tree. Maybe just make a bow for it or I may have an old one in the tote. 

And when we went back to see about the car they had finished but didn't even close the hood right. She won't be going back there ever again. And this is a big chain place not some shade tree mechanic.

So that's it for the big excitement since my last post.

Good Night All

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Camping Trip A Fail

I was ready and all packed to go. Tried getting in touch with the Ranger station to see if any spaces were left but just a recording. So I pulled out with plan B in mind. The difference in the temps in plan A is that Madera Canyon is 5,200 ft elevation and plan B is only 2,100 makes a big difference in heat.

There were lots of opened sites, the office still isn't opened for the season but they have the honest box. But when I got out to get the envelope the heat hit me like an inferno. I road around looking at sites with trees for shade and close to a restroom. But it just felt like the temps were rising pretty fast. Even with all the frozen bottles I had I knew they wouldn't last.

So turned around and came back home. I'm glad I did because it turned out to be 91 degrees that afternoon and out at the camp ground the temps are higher. The cool house sure felt good.

Luckily I only had to unload the cooler and bring the camera in. I'll will give it another shot next week as they are calling for temperatures in the mid 70's.

About 1 1/2 weeks ago I really rammed my poor little toe into a container with water bottles and I don't think I broke it but it sure turned a dark purple and swelled up pretty good. That is all gone but it still hurts pretty good. There wouldn't be anything they could do about so I didn't bother getting it checked out. It sure has put and damper on my bike riding. So hopefully in the next day or 2 I'll give it another try.

Good Night All

Friday, October 18, 2019

Beautiful Weather

The temps have dropped into the low to mid 80's and it is wonderful. We had a slight breeze today so it was so enjoyable.

My daughter Tracy and I went to lunch at a place we haven't visited in about a year and we had a nice lunch and out server was a great guy and lots of fun. After lunch we hit a few stores and then came home. 

I bought a Cen-Tech power pack last week or the week before. I took it back today. It was just not going to work out for camping. The only way to recharge it was with electric power so when your out there and not in a RV park it's useless. I charged it up and tested it with my little Road Pro coffee maker and when it was finished the power pack needed to be recharged. Harbor Freight is great about returns and refunds so that was not a problem. After the holidays are over I will buy the Jackery. It can be recharged buy plugging it into the 12V in the truck as we drive down the road and can also be charged with a solar panel.

Had a scare with my pup this week and he was very sick so trip was canceled once again. By time I was able to get him into the vet you would never know he had been so sick. We don't know if he ate some mesquite pods which can kill your pet or if he may have Giardia. I don't even have a stinkin mesquite tree but my neighbor does and it is hanging way over into my yard. I'll have to see what I can get done about that. I do not have plants in my yard so there isn't any standing water for him to contract the giardia so he may have had from before I adopted him and it has been dormant all this time. Anyway he is fine now and doing just great.

If I don't answer comments that means I am off line and will answer when I am back on, this may take place Monday.

Good Night All

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A Little Of This and A Little Of That

Been trying to get some things accomplished so I can take off for a few days camping. I was hoping to go this week but then it heated up into the 90's again to hot. So looks like starting Thur. the temperature's will drop into the mid 80's with night time in the high 50's  perfect.

I ordered some sporks from Amazon and there was a pk of 6 with one really nice storage case. I gave 2 to my friend as I only wanted to carry 2 with me. The coloring on them is from my Fall center piece

So out I went to the tote and removed lots of flatware, don't know why I had so many pieces in there. But one of my granddaughters is getting her own apartment so I will give her the set that was in the tote. I did leave a butter knife and sharp knife in there I don't know how sharp this knife on the fork is.

Today top todo was to get the truck cleaned it was filthy. It had been full of dust and of course it rained just enough one day to make it a real nasty looking mess. So that was my first stop. They had a special 1/2 off on the better cleaning so I went for it. As the truck came out I thought I saw some marks but then when they finished wiping it off I didn't see it anymore. So on to my next stop Harbor Freight. As I was pulling into the parking space I had trouble seeing out of the side window. It looked all smeared and so did the dash. As I got out of the truck I noticed all these fat streaks on the side panel and door, as I walked around the truck I noticed this stuff everywhere and on most of the windows. I guess when they dried it off the truck was in the shade and now it was in full sun. So I picked up my purchase and went back to the car wash. Two guys came hurrying out and I said look at this mess. They said OH sorry we will rewash the truck for free, like did they think I would pay to have the truck rewashed! Anyway they ran it back through and it looks really good now. But of course the wind started blowing like crazy soon after I got home and they say it will be really windy again tomorrow. Guess I'll go dig out my duster.

So my purchase at Harbor Freight is a Cen-Tech 4 in 1 Portable Power Pack. It can do everything I need it for plus jump start a battery and air tires. I wanted the Jackery but it is so far out of my budget I just couldn't see myself going for it. I have 90 days to see if I like this and if not I can return it. So right now it is charging as it takes 48 for the first charge. So I'm glad I bought this for this camping trip to see how it goes. Of course I forgot to take a picture.

I was also supposed to stop at Lowe's to pick up the insulation for the cooler. But after the second turn at the car wash it was getting pretty hot so I'll just go tomorrow morning.

 I discovered a beautiful male Costa's humming bird that roosts on my porch every day. I'm sure it's to chase off any other hummer that tries to drink from the feeder. He used to fly off when I would let Fred out but he got used to him so he just stays sitting there now.

 It was pouring down rain this day

 Sorry the pictures are really bad hope it isn't the camera and operator error

Good Night All

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Lunch With Friends and Fire

My friends and I had been trying to get together for lunch and had to reschedule a few times due to the heavy rains or excessive heat. So today it finally worked out. We went to our favorite place and had a wonderful time. We never stopped talking, but what else is new. The food was good and I did well to not eat things that I shouldn't have. But they have the best green beans, mushrooms, salmon and other veggies that I love. 

This morning when I let Fred out I looked to the South and the mountains looked like they were covered in a mist. I thought it looked great so I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. After getting my coffee and turning on the computer Mr. Fred thought he should go out again, the mountains seemed to be covered over even more. After a while of reading things on the computer I turned to look out the window and it looked like fog. Hmmm wait a minute the sun had been shining brightly so how can there now be fog. I went out and then I could smell that it was smoke and you could smell something burning. I went all around the house outside and checked up and down the street. The smell was stronger and the thick smoke was worse. Yet I heard no sirens. I brought up the local news channel and there it was, fire on the Tohon O'odam Reservation. They have a co op place there and they store huge bales of hay, 20,000 to be exact and it was all on fire. The fire had started yesterday around 6 pm. I heard lots of sirens last night but didn't think much about it. They say the fire will burn for days. Besides the bales of hay they lost a few buildings also. But luckily San Xavier Mission isn't in any danger.

The Mission and fire is to the left of the mountain range

A slight breeze came up and cleared the smoke away quickly. As I was heading out to meet with the Ladies you could see the heavy smoke rising from the fire. All the can do is keep pouring water on the fire.

So that was my day and the weather has been delightful. We have been in the mid to high 80's and night time temps in the low 60's. 

Good Night All

Friday, September 27, 2019


We had lots of rain over the week and the temperatures dropped about 30 degrees at some times of the day. Lots of flooding at lower parts to town and some people were stranded on the wrong side of the rushing water. Since I am at a higher point I was fine. 

Even had some tornadoes touch down in a couple of towns. It was some really crazy weather.

But OH how wonderful to feel the coolness it brought with it. We have been in the low to mid 80's and the nights are low 60's. Makes for wonderful sleeping. The mornings are so wonderful and all the windows and door are open most of the day. While the humidity is quite high the cooler temps make it tolerable. I just run the fans and it helps.

We had been below the needed water levels and heading toward a drought, but this rain brought that  way up above the level needed. I just hope it stays this way now.

Good Night All