Friday, September 19, 2014


I took a ride with my sis today. Thank Heaven for A/C the humidity was horrible.

She needed to stop at Michael's , Office Max and Harbor Freight. I was happy to go to Harbor Freight so I could pick up another heater. I figured it was worth having 2 since they are so cheap @ 12.99.

After that we headed back toward our side of town for lunch. Since the clouds were looking awfully nasty over what you could see of the Catalina Mountains. We decided to give Coyote Pause another try. And glad to say the food was really good. Had a black bean burger fresh made and a small salad.  Maybe the Chef is finally learning his trade.

We wandered around the little stores and headed home. I think I did really well not buying anything but the heater.

Good Night All

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We're Good

It was drizzling first outs this morning and I guess it rained all night, I didn't hear a  thing.  We had clouds most of the day but we did see some sun shine too.

Other parts of AZ. weren't that lucky and lots of flooding in Southern  and Southeastern got hit hard.

I was going to work on the camper today and only managed to stabilize the bed with bungee cords as it moves around with the risers. I went to see what to pull out of the shed and got into more organizing and boy it was just to humid. Had to give up and come in and take a shower. I'll just do a little each morning. 

Wanted to make sure I gathered Fred's things for a trip to Sadona next week for 3 days. Can't wait. Staying in a cottage my friend rented to take her sister but she had to cancel out. I will only have to pitch in for gas and the $10. extra a night for Fred. 
It may be still to early for fall colors but the colors there are beautiful all year round.

Good Night All

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Maybe Not

It rained during the night and we had 98% humidity this morning. It drizzled on an off until 11 am.

I went to the store to pick up just a few things and did hit somewhat heavy rain on the way home. But nothing so bad that driving was bad. 

The latest weather reports are now saying it will more than likely hit the eastern side of Tucson. I live west.  We may see some rain tonight but who knows. They are always wrong anyway.

I have been able to keep the a/c off until around 4:30 pm.  It is really nice out but hot in the house. Don't get that as I keep the fans going and the windows open. There is even a nice breeze outside.
Well at least I am able to keep it off for most of the day and it isn't running constantly.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Good Night All

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guess We Are In For It

This morning it was really humid and was raining on first outs this morning. 

I opened up the house and ran fans as it was cool enough even though it was humid.

I stopped at the club house this morning at coffee Klatch time to make sure there wasn't a meeting. There wasn't so I moved on to the bank and headed home. Don't like driving in rain. It rained on an off most of the day.

In the news tonight they really were getting into this big storm. In Marana, they were filling sand bags for people to pick up for free. Warnings were big and telling people to get ready as the ground can't hold much more water. If it is slow and steady it may be OK but they are seeing huge down pours in the forecast for tomorrow and Thurs. They showed pictures of last weeks storms and all the stupid people driving in the floods and of course getting stuck. I know I mentioned this a few times already on this blog.   A women and her child drowned last week when they drove into a wash. No one ever listens to these warnings. They don't expect this to hit until around 11 am tomorrow.

So I will head out to Walmart for just a few items, if it has already started to rain I will just got to Family Dollar and Safeway and get home. They want people to have plenty of drinking water and flash lights or candles on hand. For me that is never a problem.

Today the temps only reached about 86 and I didn't even turn on the a/c until around 4:30 pm when the humidity really started to climb. I hear NM will also get hit pretty hard with this rain from Odile which is now called a Tropical Storm but packing high winds and lots of rain. 

For my readers in low lying places here and NM please be careful. They are asking all those who do not need to be on the roads to stay home. 

I think this is the biggest storm to hit here since about 1982.

Good Night All 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Grandchild's Birthday

Of course the morning was again cool but more humid. 
We had planned to head out to Madera this morning then out to breakfast or lunch which ever came the closest.  Of course plans never seem to work so I said just lets play it by ear.

 So we never made it to Madera but had a great lunch at local Italian place. The food was great. And we all took most of it home.

 Then made a few stops for grandson  to put in some job apps. But only a few places actually do hand written, all others are on line.  Some larger stores used to have the computers in the stores but they are even getting rid of them now too.

It started to show some really heavy clouds so I opted to go home and let them finish there day.  I was really tired and took a short nap in my chair.

According to the weather app. We will be getting hit with rains from the Hurricane from down south. Tomorrow will be 60% then will go to 80% for the Wed. and Thurs. We sure got the rain we needed this summer and if this storm hits like they say. We will be well over our much needed levels. But I don't know how much more Phx. can handle they have had some really bad flooding and closing of I10 and 17 in the last to big rain storms.

Good Night All

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Beautiful Sunday

It was so beautiful out this morning. After coffee and stopping here to read comments and e-mail I went out and sprayed the weeds I saw popping their nasty little heads up.

When I went back in the shed I knew I had to start fixing up the mess. I have pieces of fake grass still and while my grandson folded it up it fell apart and knocked stuff all over the place. So I tackled that and used bungee cords to secure them and stuck them in the corner out of the way. I was able to re stack things but the big issue is to load the camper back up which will eliminate more stuff.  So I backed the truck in and was planning on loading up tomorrow but that may not happen. Things change around here in a heart beat.  I'll wait and see. 

Spent lots of time out on the porch too. Had to give it up around 10:30 when it started to heat up and the breeze seemed to go away.

Figured out some of the word Program and was able to make some changes to Neighborhood Watch call lists. Progress is in the making.

Good Night All

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Not much going on here. It was a nice day windy but nice. Kept the temps down.

I went to Walgreen's to pick up some ear drops for allergies hope it works.

Did a lot of reading today. Tried being outdoors but the wind was really making the eyes itch. At least I didn't have to turn on the a/c until about 11:30 am and kept it high with just the fans running and keeping it cool.

I took the bandage off today but it still looks like it needs a few more days and the air made it burn so while  I was at Walgreen's I picked up some small bandaged and at least these don't yell look at her bandage. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend so far.

Good Night All