Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shopping Day

This morning I ran and picked up my privacy tent. While I was out doing that Lucy sent me a text to go for lunch.

I stopped at Family Dollar to look for a bird bath but they didn't have any left.

I wasn't home to long when Lucy got here so off we went. We stopped at out favorite Chinese place. Of course Big Lot's is right there so we just had to go there. 

I picked up a small blender for one drink since the bullet seems not be doing so well. After we left there we decided a trip to the Dollar Tree was in order so off we went. I picked up Awesome cleaner, after shower spray and laundry stain remover also by Awesome. It's awesome stuff I tell you.

These pictures where taken last year and I would like to camp there this summer. It is free boondocking.

 These floweres grew wild everywhere in the area

Good Night All

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Learned A Few New Things

It sure was a nice day today. The wind didn't come up until  around 3 this afternoon. I don't think it was as hot as they said it would be either.

My friend Tom showed up and we first started looking at my computer t look at Picasa and see what I  was having trouble with . He also put a short cut icon for WordPad so I can find my documents from Microsoft Word that I somehow lost.  On his next trip out he will fix Microsoft Word unless I find working with WordPad just as easily.

Then we moved on to the camera and figured out a few more things. 

Added a little more color This flower was taken with PowerShot

Taken with the PowerShot

 this was taken with the rebel and for some reason would not take the crop sure didn't need my arm in there holding the flowers still

Also taken with the Rebel
This is getting very interesting and I think I have learned quite a bit from Tom.  Can't thank him enough. Thank You Tom!

Tomorrow I will pick up my privacy tent and then rethink the packing of the camper once again. There just has to be a way to eliminate that big tote.  So I can fit in an ice chest for the up coming trip.

Good Night All

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last Meeting

It was another nice day not to hot and not to windy.  

Went to coffee at the club house this morning and then came home to work on some water lists for the park and update phone numbers.

Then it was porch time and some salad.  And more paper work.  Attended the final meeting until October YAY! 

Found out had to make some calls to let them know certain zones will have the water shut off at 9 am tomorrow. That took about and hour to complete the 3 zones.

Walked Fred and put some water in the fountain. We sat out for a little while and then headed in to make dinner. 

Tomorrow is another camera lesson. Hope it sinks in.

Good Night All

Monday, April 14, 2014

Stinkin Coyotes

Today was pretty nice and I am wanting to get on the road.

I am waiting for something to come from Walmart and I may just get going.  Need to get out and breath some quiet time and see some green trees.

I was going to try and get some of the moon eclipse tonight. I set up my tripod and called Tom to find out what settings would be best to use. My friend Donna was walking past and she had a flashlight to help.  No sooner did I get going and here came those dang Coyotes.  Sounded like they were coming in through the wash. So Donna high tailed it for home with her little dog. She does carry a zapper with her but why take a chance. Didn't get much and what I did was a disappointment for me. Oh well keep trying.

Good Night All

Quick Post And a Few Pictures

Having lots of computer problems and have not been able to get on line or I get there and then crash. Obviously Malwarwbytes all right it isn't worth a crap. It quit working and i couldn't get on line to do anything about it.

Anyway hope all are well and I will see if I can read some blogs  while this is working.

There are lots of buds on the snap dragons can't wait to see what other colors there will be. I took these with my small canon. I couldn't use the new one because the wind was blowing and I had to hold the stems to take a still.

Good Day All

Friday, April 11, 2014

Nothing Much

There hasn't been much going on.
The temps are up so sitting on the porch doesn't last long. But it is nice to sit out to drink coffee now. Watching and listening to the birds.

Did some house work. Was supposed to go grocery shopping but just didn't get there. Maybe very early tomorrow morning but I bet I don't. I have figured out some of the food I need to do long term camping with out worrying about ice all the time.
 Those little cups of breakfast oats all you need is hot water, tuna in a foil pouch and also the salmon, rice packs that just need boiling water. There are lots of options I have found that will make it easier. When I get it all together I will take a picture to show the variety of things out there in a regular grocery store without killing the budget.

Kathy's granddaughter Sam was here today and was messing with the new camera.

Fred just thinking he is so cute

Hanging around Kathy's legs 
 Just checking out objects and color

 All tired out from playing with Sam.
Getting ready to head out to Madera on the 27 until I run out of time at the camp ground. My friend Terry said she wanted to go get in some time too but not that long. But that's OK. I would go sooner but have things the week before so I will just wait. But I sure don't want too.

Have a great weekend.

Good Night All

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Promised Recipe And Maybe A Picture Or 2

I took some shots today while my friend Tom was here and some after. I put them on Picasa so we will see if I can up load them from there.

But first here is the recipe for the Cheese Danish,

for some reason it will not upload the picture.

Cheese Danish
2 can’s crescent rolls ( reduced fat Walmart brand)
2 – 8 oz. pkg  light cream cheese
1- cup sugar (splenda to conversion use)
1 – tsp. vanilla extract
1 – egg (1/4cp liquid eggs)
1-egg white
Preheat oven to 350* and grease a 13x9 in. baking pan. Lay a pkg. of crescent rolls in Pan and pinch openings together. Beat the ingredients (not egg white) together until smooth .
Spread the mixture over the crescent rolls evenly, then lay second pkg. of crescent rolls over the top and brush egg white over the top.

Bake for 30- 40 min. or until top is golden brown.

If you desire thicker cheese use smaller pan.

 It is not allowing me to print the pictures from Picasa and they wouldn't look right from my regular picture settings. going to have to figure out Picasa soon.

Good Night All