Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Thought But Thought Again

I'm sure happy we are finally seeing and feeling some cooler temps. Of course there will still be some 90's for a while yet. Sleeping had been just great.

I received another e-mail today stating that they did receive the a copy of the receipt but they are out of stock until Jan. I sent back a reply that I will keep all contact in a file for future reference. I had seen the those pop up tents for really cheap. So I thought I would order one in the mean time. I went in to order @ $14.41 but the shipping was $12. I will wait for the replacement.

Here is the offending top of the privacy tent

Can you see the little tail sticking out?

 Sunrise the day we were Leaving

Blogger acting up so it's time to go anyway

Good Night All

Monday, October 20, 2014

Went Visiting

It was really chilly this morning at 54 degrees. It felt really good.

Had to hurry and have my coffee and get ready to take Fred to the groomers early this morning. He is so nice and shiny and his nails aren't click clacking on the floor.

I had another cup of coffee and then off to see my Smiley. He was in a good mood for about an hr and then nap time was creeping up so it was time for me to leave. Cranky is not my favorite time.

That nice cool morning sure turned hot by time I got home.

I received an e-mail from Texsport to send them a copy of my receipt and they will replace the tent. So I went over to my friends house since she has a smart phone and we sent it off. I then followed up with an e-mail explaining who sent the receipt for me. No lets see what happens.

Acorn woodpeckers are fun to watch but not easy to photograph

 Early morning bath time for these little guys, this is the back side of Yellow-eyed Junco

 Should I shouldn't I? Mr Bridled Titmouse
 Oh yea this feels soooo good

 As Judy would say The End!

Good Night All

Sunday, October 19, 2014

What A Surprise Day

It was a nice morning but I thought it was kind of humid but didn't pay much attention. I was going to go out and take some pictures of the sky which was really cloudy but unusual. But I was into things around here and didn't bother.

The other day the wand to the  mini blind feel off. I guess it happened once before because it had tape on it. Must have used glue and the tape was to keep it in place. I poured more glue in the hole and tried to put it back on. Then the darn hook feel off and went behind the couch which I cannot move since the risers went on. Luckily I had a new blind sitting in the close for who know's how long. Figured it was time to change it out anyway. I got everything together and climbed up on the couch, took down the old blind and washed the window. I had to get back down and back up again to put the new blind up. Standing on a couch with old wobbly knees is not fun of safe for that matter. But at least it's done and luckily it was the same color as the other window.

Then there was the vacuum, it had a terrible odor and I was afraid I was going to have to through it away. So I took it all apart and I found these granuals in there and remembered using some packet of smelly stuff once upon a time. I guess they weren't meant for something that heats up. I located 2 filters and wash the heck out of them and set them to dry. Got a couple rags and washed the inside where the bag goes really good. When I went to get the bags these little packets feel out of the box. They are deoderants for the bag. I was a little afraid to use them but since they were made for it I opened the pack put it in the bag. Works great and so far the smell is gone. 

I went through the Neighborhood Watch stuff to get it together for the Pizza Party next Saturday.

Looked out the window to see a very dark grey sky. Then came thunder and pouring down rain. It rained for about 1 1/2 hrs. The electric flickered just enough to mess up all the clocks in the house. But it sure cooled down and it felt really nice. I just don't remember seeing any of this weather on the weather channel this morning.

I called the guy this morning about the Casita and asked him a few more questions and where was it located. He couldn't answer most of my questions and said he couldn't let me put water in the holding tanks because he didn't want them to be wet. So I told him never mind I wasn't interested. I don't know where he picked this thing up but he sure better figure out more about it so he can answer the questions. Of course he probably would lie anyway. I had said I was going to wait until Spring anyway.

Take a good look at this tree and tell me what you see

BTW, I put to bad reviews out there on the privacy tent and sent an e-mail to Texsport about their Hilo Hut

Good Night All

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Madera 2

Stripped down the camper today and got everything washed. I will just put it all in a plastic bag and store it until I am ready to go again. 

Tomorrow I am going to check out a Casita I'll post my findings tomorrow.

I had never been to this area before and it was like hitting the jackpot with all the water

This is about the extent of fall leaves. I think before they turn all the way they may just fall off

Good Night All

Friday, October 17, 2014

I Made It Back

Pulled in about 9:15 this morning. Woke up to lots of clouds so packed up, no coffee just drove on home. Got what was left in the ice chest and a few other things like dirty laundry and some camping stuff. And it began to drizzle not much but some.

Threw the clothes in the washer, made coffee and jumped in the shower. The shower was the best and being able to stand up and bathe and dress was the greatest. Made some breakfast and sat and enjoyed it. The coffee was the best ever. Now don't get me wrong I love the cowboy coffee but there's nothing like my coffee maker.

Later after lingering over my coffee, brought more stuff out of the camper and into the shed.  Tomorrow I will strip the bedding and get that washed. I also want to shampoo the carpet soon.

I will be looking for a small trailer in the spring. This is just not going to cut it.

It will take a couple of posts to get all the pictures up.

This Cricket was parked in the site across from me, but the people were gone all day. We would have liked to talk to them, but the next morning when Terry was walking on the path she waved at them and they snubbed her big time. In all I have seen and read this is so rare. Usually people are very friendly. I believe I posted this my first night out.
 To tell you the truth even if I could afford one I sure wouldn't want it.
 Sunset the first night
 Just after sunrise 

 I believe this is Mount Baldy we took a ride up to the loop for some pictures

Good Night All

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Made it here by 11, and unloaded. There isn't any shade on this site but the others where taken. So here I stay. I found some shade and put up my chair to relax for a bit.

I did see a cricket trailer and maybe tomorrow I can get better pictures of it.

I didn't know they sold these in the states. I just lost the other picture

 Maybe can talk to the owners tomorrow
 Sun set and good night