Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Is It Almost Over Yet

Been doing some cooking and I actual or I should say my daughter made some Fat Burning Blueberry Muffins. Tracy asked where is the amount of blueberry's listed? Well it never called for any but we threw them in anyway. And no I did not remember to take pictures. Anyway these muffins called for almond butter and almond flour, baking soda, baking powder and eggs. This was one expensive recipe and well they weren't very tasty. Although my granddaughter loved them go figure. I kept some for me and I have heated mine and added a little butter to add moisture. Not bad with coffee and that counts for my breakfast because let me tell you they are filling and not very large.

I found this little recipe book at the check out as I waited with the rest of the customers who refuse to do self check out.
Quinoa and other Grains
I found a recipe for Spinach and Fetta Farro Stuffed Peppers
I couldn't find Farro so I used Quinoa

The recipe called for 6 servings so I just cut it down and made serving for 4 as you can see I used one red and one yellow pepper.
It was delicious and I had one with a side of cauliflower with seasoning and some melted cheese, another night I had baked zucchini on the side and I froze the other 2.
1 pk 8.8 oz quick- cooking farro prepared according to pkg using vegetable broth in place of water.
1tbl olive oil
1/2 cp sliced green onion
1 pkg baby spinach
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 tbl chopped oregano
1 can 14 oz petite diced tomatoes drained
1/8 tps black pepper
1 container 4 oz crumbled feta cheese, divided
3 large bell peppers halved lengthwise, cores and ribs removed
Pre-heat over t 350

Heat oil in large skillet over medium - heat, Add green onions, spinach, garlic and oregano; cook 3 min, stirring frequently. Stir in farro, tomatoes black pepper and 1/2 cup cheese

Spoon farro mixture into bell pepper place in shallow baking pan. Pour 1/4 cp water into bottom of pan; cover with foil.

Bake 30 min or until bell peppers are crisp-tender and filling heated through. Sprinkle with remaining cheese.

You can substitute anything you like I usually do. 

And is it almost over I am so ready for fall now.

Good Night All

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Crazy

A fellow blogger, from, my life my art my journey has been doing lots of traveling this year and started a life count of birds she has seen. Sondra is well into the 400 range now. I promised I would post a picture of a Tit Mouse that we have here in the higher elevations. Of course it doesn't count because its just a picture. I love these little birds and they can keep me amused for quite some time when up in the mountains. I hope Sondra can come this way sometime I think camping and exploring with her would be fun.

Now this first bird is not the Tit Mouse and maybe Sondra can ID it for me the picture is terrible because he wouldn't stay in one spot. This picture was taken in Sedona I believe it is a Summer Tanager

Here is the little Tit Mouse bathing at the run off from the water spicket  early in the morning at Madera Canyon

Can I have some privacy please 

Had some crazy weather come through the east side of town yesterday. They call them micro bursts and one ripped up huge trees smashing into apt. buildings. 2 people had to be rescued but were not injured but they were trapped in the building. 2 buildings may be torn down .  We had dark clouds and some wind on this side of town and some rain.

I have been trying some new vegetable recipes so if they look good I will take pictures and post.

Have a Great Day

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Drying Time

We seem to be into a drying spell from the monsoon, but higher temps again. Come Wed. we will be at 105. Oh well it is summer in the desert.

Haven't been doing to much. Did give the house a good cleaning up. 

Today besides our Sunday breakfast we had a double birthday party to go too. My granddaughter Amanda and her first born are the same day. It was quite a birthday gift for her 6 yrs ago. It was a day of lots of kids running and having a good time. They have a pool where they live so they took all the kids to the pool and I helped my grandson clean up the food and drinks from lunch. He then took off for his swim and I relaxed in the nice cool club house. My ex SIL and his new wife came in and we sat and caught up on what has been going on. It didn't last long as the little ones starting returning and one not so happy and screaming her lungs out. They brought out the cake and something didn't go well with that but I didn't see quite what happened but it looked like one of the kids pushed the birthday boys face in the cake. That sure didn't sit well with some of the adults or my grandson. Of course the cake was ruined. they moved on quickly as quite a mess was made and they needed to have it cleaned up before they left the room that they had rented. Gifts were opened and we headed out the door. 

Tomorrow I have to take the truck for emissions testing the first time since I bought the truck. I have no doubt it will pass. Then order my new tags online for 2 yrs. It sure was nice not to have to do this for 4 yrs since I bought the truck but I don't know if I can do it for that long again but will check.

In the back we have Eric with his niece Miliani, baby up close is Armani

Way in the back is Jazz, but we were trying to get Miliani  to turn around but when she did the phone wouldn't take the picture
 This is the birthday boy Marcello 

Little ms attitude Arriana with her Nana
 Birthday mom Amanda and Jazz

I had stopped at Walmart after breakfast to see about a new phone and the one I wanted was out of stock. I'll have to keep checking with them this week to see if it came in. But I'm pretty proud of myself that I finally bit the bullet and downloaded these from my phone. 

Good Night All

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Monsoon's Are Back

We had a few days of just sprinkles or no rain at all. Temperatures were down but the humidity was  and is awful.
I took a stroll around the yard and holy molly the weeds! I thought I was going to have to buy a weed whacker. I was going out and pulling some of the weeds but the humidity quickly ended that game plan. But I swear those things were growing 1 1/2" per hour. I check the shed and sure enough I had a full container of spray. I walked all around the house and sprayed. I had to be very careful of Fred out in the yard until it all dried but I still wouldn't let him wander around. In a couple hours you could see lots of dying weeds. We had a sprinkling of rain but it didn't hurt the spraying at all. I got out there again this morning and did another round as the grasses don't die as fast as the broad leafy stuff. The humidity was worse than yesterday and I was so happy to be done. I came in the house drank a bottle of water and hit the shower. 

I thought I heard thunder but wasn't sure if it was the kid on the other side of the road beating the hell out of his drums. Nope it was thunder. I checked out side and could see the effects of the spray since the sun had been beating down on the weeds as I was spraying so I knew it would be OK and it would further let the weed killer sink into the ground to further to kill the roots. I use I believe its called Spetrecide our something like that. Stuff is fantastic you think I would remember the name after all these years.

Lots of flood warnings so somewhere in this city they are getting far more rain than my area. 

Good Night All

Friday, July 28, 2017

A Little Drying, Very Little

Finally was able to get together with my good friend Lucy, for lunch on Wed. It sure was good seeing her looking so well again. We went to our favorite Chinese Restaurant and spent a good hour there. We just hadn't finished catching up yet. We decided to go check out the new Tractor Supply across the road. Well they still aren't opened. We just didn't know where else to go. Checked a few parking lots looking to see what was around and couldn't come up with anything. Then I said lets go to Lowe's, so we did. Walked around checking out new cabinets and paints. We got tired so I said lets go sit at the patio section. Sat in these chairs and wow they sure were the most comfortable chairs I had ever sat on. We spent an hour just sitting there catching up. I was hoping they might offer us a lemonade or something. I finally thought to look at the price of the chair, it was $500. and I don't know if that included the cushion but at that price I'm sure they did and the cushions are what made the chair so comfy.

After the big storms of last week it was nice to have a couple days relief. My grandson was going to come a shovel the gravel back into the yard but he got a job which is much more important than shoveling gravel. But my daughter Debbie came and she did it for me. We gathered up some river rock and lined the edge so hopefully it will keep the gravel from washing out. I need to find more to strengthen the line better.

We had a storm roll in late this afternoon but the rain wasn't all that hard but it sure did thunder pretty good. Weather is calling for more rain now every day again.

My little ornament there was washed down a bit as it was closer to the house. This was after the huge rain storm of Sunday last

Moved the ornament back further. But I haven't taken pictures of the repair yet

Good Night All

Monday, July 24, 2017

But It's A Dry Heat?

Yes we always need rain in the desert but there comes a time when enough is enough. There has been some major flooding just about everywhere in Tucson. I hadn't been out since the really big one that started Friday night, but did go out Sunday with my daughter. Lots of washed out roads and lots of dirt and rocks from the fast moving water all over the roads. It has been raining for almost 2 weeks but these couple days have been really wild around my area.


I started this post Sunday but then lost Internet due to the rain that you see in the video, is hope it works  which really gave me heck trying to load for this post. 
And it loaded at the top of this post so I had to cut and paste which has caused the post to line up properly and I will just let it do what ever it wants just so I can finish and post.
We had a great breakfast with my daughter and my grandson and his girl Christian, as an added bonus they had their godson which is my great grandson. For a 2 yr old he was so well behaved and it was a pleasure to have him with us at breakfast. I have to give his parents a big thank you for raising such well behaved children. Armani is the other half of the twins, and they also have and older child. And his godparents also do a good a job with him also.
Tracy and I had other plans for after breakfast but they kind of  had to be changed as I was pumping gas Tracy got a call from Aliya that she needed a ride home from work. So off we went to pick her up, but she had to sit in the back of the camper since my truck is only a 2 seat. But she did fine since there are plenty of pillows and cushioned things to be comfy. we opened the 2 middle windows and she said she could feel the cool air from the cab.
With that in mind of someone having to sit back there I thought maybe buying a pool noodle it can be pushed between the cab and camper to keep more cool air going straight back there and keeping the fumes out of both places. Cracking open one of the side windows to also help pull the air through a little more.

Have A Great Day

Monday, July 17, 2017

Full On Monsoon Season

Sunday, we did our breakfast at the Desert Diamond  Casino as my grand kids wanted to meet us again. They contacted us and said they couldn't make it as they had there Godson and he wasn't feeling well. Poor little guy. Tracy had her grandson on Friday night and had to take him to urgent care was running a high fever and just wasn't himself at all. Happy to report they are all doing well now. 

After breakfast we went back to Levitz to pick up Tracy's other piece of furniture and  then I dropped her off at home so she could put it together, another job well done.

My daughter Debbie had to make a trip to Yuma, AZ, Sunday, and has never driven that far before. My granddaughter was supposed to go with her but other life things got in the way. So Debbie's son Adam took up the cause and went with her. The trip went well there and back.

Proud of my girls to take on these jobs. I always tried to teach them to be independent and handle things on their own and not depend on others. 

Monsoons, took their time getting here but once they showed up we have been pounded really good every evening and all through the night. Lot of thunder, lightening and hard wind driven rains. It was sad to hear about the 9 people that lost their lives as a huge flood of black water, burned out trees and rock came down the with no warning from a rain storm way past where they were. Most of the victims were related and some  children also were lost.

These storms are severe and can do a lot of damage. I sit higher here so mostly it just runs off down the road to the wash. Today I was going to get a hair cut and do a run to the .99 Store but when I pulled out of the driveway the clouds were already building and very dark and heavy. So I just went to the Neighborhood Grocery store and picked up some veggies to get by today and Tide so I can do some laundry. 

Tonight on the weather they said to expect the storms to come in earlier now as they are coming from the southeast. So I better make sure I get out good and early tomorrow morning.

Good Night All