Saturday, January 14, 2017

Up, Down, Up Down

The Internet works sometimes and sometimes not. When I notice the icon is free of the triangle I get on. Try to catch up before it shuts down again. While playing Spider sometimes I notice it is up again. And so it goes. Up n down

I found a work order from Century Link in my mail, I quickly responded to cancel as I will not permit them to do anything more to my laptop. I guess I will still have to take it to the Geek Squad guys to get this fixed.

Just be careful of these company that out source to other countries and I suspect the guy in the USA was part of the problem too.

Anyway yesterday was very cloudy and it just looked like it might pour at any minute but the weather said no. So I took off and did my shopping really quick since I really didn't have any food left and I do mean anything. 

It never rained yesterday but I was happy to have gotten the dreaded shopping done.

Today was the same but had lots of laundry to do so I got that done and put away. But late this afternoon it rained a bit. But this evening it poured on an off and had some thunder to go along with it.

I did go out to lunch with my friend Kathy this week to a Chinese restaurant we like. We spent a long time there just catching up on things since we don't see much of each other anymore. It was really a nice time.

Of course tomorrow my daughter Tracy and I will be doing our Sunday breakfast somewhere and who knows what afterward.

Good Night All

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Will It Last

I had a Tech here yesterday for 2 hrs. he put in a new modem and crawled all over the place. He even went in the shed looking for a reason why the other jacks don't work. He said they could rewire for one to the computer room for $100. No that isn't going to happen. It has been working for a year like this. So he started working on the laptop and figured out that all those guys on the phone repair system some how managed to mess up the IP address. He didn't know how to fix it because this is Widows 10. He never shut down the laptop and I didn't realize it until this morning. I noticed that the yellow triangle was not in front of the Internet icon so I jumped right on it. Will it last? I don't know it did this before but as soon as I shut down it went back off upon reboot. Oh and he was able to add century link to my phone so I can get more speed while at the house. Reading blogs is still a problem and while I can read mine I can't post to it.

Other than that everything has been pretty good on the home front. Weather has been really nice, I even managed to clean up the porch some and Fred and I really enjoyed being out there. Of course we are possibly going to have rain tomorrow. Last night got really cold and this morning it still is but should warm up nicely.

Have a Great Day

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Miracle or Century Link?

I have not had internet since last Sunday. I spent 2 hrs. on the phone Monday, one of those hours was with India or what ever country that is. The first person was easy to understand and then she put me on hold to check something and we got cut off. Called back and got cut off again, called back and it said all circuits are busy, called again and some guy answered and he could barely speak english. OK enough of this. Connect me to the USA now! An hour spent with a really nice guy but how much can one person take of unplug this unplug that do it again. ENOUGH!  Send someone to check your equipment, no its at your house. We will send someone tomorrow to check you stuff at 11:30 am no I will not be home, Sunday at 8 am no I will be getting ready to leave. He, tells me, he, is trying to help me. After an hour you haven't been any help at all and I am in need to leaving for an apt. Flat out refused to send someone out to check their junction box down the street. I told him now many people in the park where I live have dropped Century Link because of these problems. I told him I better not see a bill in the mail since you never seem to get a discount for all the down times. He said well you have to ask for it. WHAT?! OK well make sure you mark this down.
I ran a check on my system and it came back 1 of 2 things, bad modem or cut off to home.

I checked everyday to see if it was working and of course it didn't. this morning I turned it on and noticed the triangle was gone from the little icon and took a chance and walla here I am. HHhmmmm.

While I have wifi in my phone it really isn't great it is soooo slow and I just can't bring up much of what I do. I could see and read my blog but not post. It just gets so frustrating.

The weather has been beautiful chilly in the morning but warming up later in the afternoon so that the door can be left open and some fresh air can come in.

Haven't been doing to much just taking short runs here and there just to get out of the house.

Have a Great Day!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Cold and Rainy

Yesterday was freezing cold and rainy. The temperature ranged from 48 - 50 all day long.

My grandson Anthony, my daughter Tracy and I  headed out for breakfast anyway hoping that it would clear up.

As we sat at the table my daughter asked if I only put on one earring. I said I had both of them on when I left the house. I had been messing with my jacket so I knew it had to be somewhere near. As we got ready to leave of course the sky opened up with buckets of cold hard rain. Tracy ran ahead to open the doors, as I walked out I spotted my earring right there. Yippee! In that short time to pick it up and get to the truck I was soaked. 

Returned home as I was not feeling like I wanted to do anything else. The kids took off for other places and I changed into my sweats and turned on the electric heaters to take the chill out of the house.

The rain is finally passed but the cold temps are here for at least a week the sun is at least shining nice a bright but by Friday they are calling for more rain.

It looks like a new fridge may have to be bought. I have the knob set on one dot away from off and still it is so cold it is ruining some of the veggies. Salad mixes especially. I may go pricing them out today. With what they charge to come out and then for repairs I just think it's better to replace a 11 yr old appliance. I'm not into all that jazzy stuff just a plain old fridge with maybe a freezer on the bottom this time if that costs more then the usual top model will do.

Have a great Day All

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!
I'm wishing for everyone to have a fantastic, healthy and prosperous 2017!

I really hope this is going to be a better year health wise for me. For sure I want to get back out and do some traveling. Those are my goals.

Wishing my family and friends much health, happiness and success this year in all your endeavors.

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Wonderful Christmas

My daughter Tracy and her 2 kids  Anthony and Aliya showed up around 3:30  pm to get the stuffed shells in the oven. 

Eric and Christian weren't sure they would come since Eric is having kidney stone problems. So young to have this problem. The last we heard they had gone to the ER. 

After the Shells were done we popped the ham into the oven. We started to eat when Christian sent a text they were on there way. Oops. No biggie we just set up places for them at the table and we sat and talked while they ate. We don't have a problem with this group like the rest of them who would have been insulted. Eric was feeling no pain at this point and we had fun. 

Lots of laughter and good times. Later Anthony's ex finally showed up with the his kids and more fun was happening. They are so adorable and little Arriana is Daddy's little girl. Poor little Anthony had a fat lip as he tried to pick something up off the floor by reaching it from the bed. Yep he flopped right on his face. I don't know who's house they were at. But kids are tough and we just gave him some ice to put on it and he was fine.

Soon everyone was getting ready to go and left overs were distributed and all pies left my house. The eggnog pie seemed to be a delight I only had a fork full and left the table to get  something. So I never got to finish it as someone cleaned off the table and it was thrown away. But that's fine I didn't need it and I was quite full already even though I really didn't eat much. Pasta is very filling.

Anthony fixed the floor vent in my room that I tripped on. Did a great job too.  Thank you again for a job well done.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and love filled day.

Maybe in the next blog post I can figure out how to post some pictures. Have I mentioned how much I hate Windows 10?

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday

Some people may be celebrating a different holiday so I post both as my header. Which ever you celebrate I wish you the best and joyous of times. May your day be filled with lots of laughter and happiness.

I managed to finish my shopping yesterday early. It wasn't what I planned for some of the gifts but was all I could manage to get done. After stopping for the few children's gifts I hit Walmart Neighborhood Grocery for the rest of the food. By time I finished I wondered if I would get it in the house. But I did and took some Tylenol and sat for a little bit. Then got busy wrapping the gifts and more rest.

My granddaughter and her family arrived around 6:30 and we had pizza. We then sat and I enjoyed the kids opening their gifts and playing. Little Jazz is so cute and she is so quiet and always has a smile on her little face. I missed seeing her twin Armani as he was with his God parents. 

Today I made a pumpkin pie and a eggnog cream pie for the first time. Hope it turned out OK it was the easiest pie to make, no baking just mixing everything together and stick in the fridge.

·        1 pkg. (3.4 oz) of vanilla instant pudding
·        2 cups cold Shamrock Farms Eggnog
·        1 cup frozen whipped topping, thawed
·        1 graham cracker pie crust
·        Additional frozen whipped topping, thawed, for serving (optional)
·        Ground nutmeg, for serving (optional)


In a large mixing bowl with a hand held mixer, beat pudding mix with eggnog for 2 minutes. Gently fold in 1 cup whipped topping until just combined. Spoon mixture into pie crust. Refrigerate at least four hours

We had quite a wind storm blow in this afternoon then followed by a terrible rain and the temps dropped about 15 degrees in about 25 min. Some one posted some snow up on the north end of Tucson at the Catalina Hwy area.
Good Night All and have a very wonderful Holiday