Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Store

Today Rose, Michelle and I headed out for a new store. Of course as always these great stores are always clear out on the east side of town. Natural Grocers is a great store. All organic which means little to me, as the produce while really good looking was so expensive I quickly moved on. They have really good things and some prices are very high while others were a bit lower than even Walmart. Lots of Gluten & wheat free products. They had coconut flour and many other kinds of flour. I found a sandwich sized baggie of dried chives for 2.50. vs just under $6. for a small jar at the regular grocery store. Blue Diamond Pecan Nut-Thins were .10 cheaper than Walmart. They are great crackers and are gluten free. I don't have a problem with wheat or any of that stuff but they are lower in calories and fat. It is a large store and you can find lots of hard to find items there. I could have spent more time looking but the others were done so I checked out and we moved on to Home Goods right next door. All I bought there was a toy for Fred and poo bags. I was a good girl today.

It has been cloudy all day and we hit some light rain on the way home. We shall see if we get this big storm tomorrow like they keep saying is coming in.

Good Night All

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yes the weather was excellent for going to Green Valley today. It was warm not hot and the sun was shining bright. 
Kathy drove and Barb sat in front, while I took the back seat and snapped away with the camera. Some pictures were just a blur. 

It is so sad to see what this open pit mining has done to our beautiful desert. But yes it does give lots of people jobs. But some day it will just be a giant hole in the earth. 

So as we Zoomed down the Freeway I snapped you will see images in the background from the shadows of the truck reflecting off the window.

The mines are starting to show up now as we go further south

They are really starting to grow larger and larger and coming closer to the road now.

 As we headed back to Tucson you can see there are no mines on the east side of the road. Yet

I found this neat cloth bad and the price was really good. I am thinking to use it to carry my cameras in it

I like the wide shoulder strap and will be easier on the shoulder to carry the weight of the cameras, and their cases

Good Night All

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fantastic Morning

Last night it pour down rain. Some times it rained so hard it actually woke me up. I love the sound of rain. But it stopped at about the time I had to let Fred out, as we all know to well rain is not one of Fred's friends.

As I sat here drinking my coffee and messing around on the computer I turned to look out the window and what a beautiful sight I was greeted with. I took these pictures through a dirty window so ...

 Even the wet street was pink and purple


I stayed home today and did some house work, some not all but at least something.

Tomorrow is going to be a nice day so a couple of us are heading to Green Valley for the Farmers Market. The rest of the week will not be nice so I can finish the rest of the house then. Why waste nice days.

Good Night All

Monday, January 26, 2015

Day Off

This morning my daughter needed a ride to the dentist and I had already made other plans. But they told her to come in as they had a cancellation for an early time. So I flew around and got out the door as soon as I could. We actually made it in time. They have this weird system after your done that takes about 15 minutes to process your fee and the next apt. I was just about to say something as I needed to be at my other apt. when they called her. It also cost more than they originally quoted. I would have questioned it but she felt so bad we just left. I stopped and we had the script filled and I bought her some powdered  drink and milk since she won't be able to chew for a few days.

I then realized I needed gas so stopped and filled up. It sure is nice to be paying half of what it used to cost to fill the tank. 

I went and picked up my sister and off we went for lunch an hour later than planned but that was fine. My kids come first.

I wonder if I can manage to stay home tomorrow and clean up this house. I have been on the go for about 4 days now. Not complaining I love being on the go but my house looks like it has been ransacked, well OK not that bad but bad enough.

I sure would like to just sit and enjoy my coffee and not have to make a mad dash out the door without even drinking half the cup.

Good Night All

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not Happening!

I picked up Tracy, this morning and went to breakfast. It was really chilly when we started out. 
We came back to my house so she could do her taxes. After that we headed back to where the trailer is to meet Lucy there. We went over some things I had questions about and she found things she questioned. The guy was trying to tell me he has other offers and he would not come down more that 2200. No way was I going to pay that much. They are the type of men that think women are really stupid. I brought a copy of the 73 completely redone for 3200. His comment was because it is on the east coast. Then he was saying this guy standing there wanted to buy it and that my truck might be to high to tow. then they pointed to  what the guy was driving it was a very old Blazer that was twice as high and my truck. Really was my reply if my truck is to high how will he tow it on  another trailer. with that we said good by and left. Tracy said the guy was a relative of theirs. I guess they thought she didn't hear that.

As Tracy and I were walking in Target I got a text from this fool asking me to call him. Came up with this bull story about how he could get his brother to come down to 2000. but I had to come up with the cash in 1 hr. or the price was going back up. I told him I don't take to being intimidated  or forced sales and not to hold his breath.

Anyway we went on with our day and I bought a new purse at Target. Then went on to Famous Footwear and found a pair of sneakers I hope will continue to feel good so I can start walking again. 

All in all we had a great day. And it warmed up to a point that I had to use the a/c in truck.

 Wonder how much junk I can fit in this purse

Good Night All

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Really Nice Day

The wind was really blowing this morning,  Allergies are really bad enough without all this wind. But it just seemed to calm right down around noon.

Today was the High Tea and Fashion Show at the club house. My Granddaughter and I used to attend these almost every year. Then life kind of got in the way. So today was very special for us. We had a great time. All the tables are set up by individuals from the Village. Each table is different and they were all so beautiful. Little finger sandwiches, cucumber cream cheese, Ruben's, egg salad and then lots of tiny little cup cakes, cheese cakes and other things to many to add. Gifts were given and Amanda won the center piece of Tulips that she had admired the whole time. I won a candle and I sent her home with that too, plus she was given a pretty afghan. Amanda even was given some of the little goodies left over. They figured she is eating for 3 now. I also sent home a baggy of pretzels for my Great Grandson Marcello.

After the tea we came back to the house and just visited a bit. It has been a long time since we could just hang out together. Thank You my Princess Jr. 

Good Night All 

Friday, January 23, 2015


Yesterday was bone chilling cold here. I know some of you think it isn't all that bad but for us it was cold. The high for the day was 47 degrees. 

They were doing more water line work here so I had no water from 8-12:30 sick of this. I don't know why this wasn't done from the get go 2 months ago. Just shows how unorganized these people are.

I did manage to get my hair trimmed up and went out with it pretty wet head afterwards. So I came straight home and turned up the heat.

Stopped at my friends house to see how her pup was doing after some surgery to remove a lump on her leg. She seemed to be a little groggy but fine.

This morning was a little warmer but still cold. I did a few things around the house and then headed out.

I saw an add for a Love Bug trailer on Craig's List. I had never heard of the brand before. It could use some TLC and if he still has it next week I will go back with Lucy and take a better look around and see if some of the things can be fixed, like they spray painted the thing grey and painted the windows shut not to mention they are plexy glass and the front ones are painted black. WTH! He needs to get this plugged in so I can check to see if the fridge works and the lights. I know I will have to rewire the running lights as the wires look like crap, some new tires too. I'll offer him maybe 1500. If he doesn't want to take it he can keep it. The body is like a Scamp or Casita and  is 13'. 

After that I came back home and did nothing.

Good Night All