Monday, May 25, 2015

One More Down

Back was better after I did some moving around slowly for a while. It reminded me every so often not to push it. 

I did a clean out of my closet today so I need to do a drop off at Big Brothers, Big Sister soon.

Made the reservations for Fool Hollow Lake today. YIPPEE! We will be there from 6/14 until 6/17 and see where we go from there. Don't know how long the others are staying up on the Mountain. Don't know how long I will stay up there either. Time  can only tell how it works out. I still need to gather all the camping gear into one spot so I just can grab and load up on Sat. and hope to pull out by 5:30 - 6 am on that Sunday.

Tomorrow I have my follow up at the eye Dr. and then I will go to camping world to check out inverter. I know I can get them really cheap online but then I wouldn't know how to install it anyway.

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful long weekend.

Good Night All

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy Memorial Day And Lets Not Forget The Reason

Woke up with a bit of a pain in my back this morning but I was determined to work on the camper. So I did a check on the clothes and need to add a couple more t's and shorts. I fixed the panels that came loose and trimmed more blue insulation away from the door mechanism as it seemed to be interfering with the workings. I needed to add a screw so I can hang up a mirror. That may have been a bad idea for the back. The self tapping screw just wouldn't fit tight into the drill and I was really putting every thing I had into trying to get it in. Finally went in the shed and hunted a better hex to insert into the drill and walla of course I still had to put everything I had into the push. I put up the 2 new LED lights and think maybe I will buy 2 more. 

My back really was letting me know it wasn't very happy with me so I came in and took some Tylenol of course they didn't work very well for the pain but made me sleepy. Took a short little nap. When I woke up my back was worse. It is really in the muscle. Went and put some rub on it and that hasn't worked either so I found some old pain pills and just took one. Also put the heating pad on for a while. 

I played on the computer for a bit looking at some of my pictures and printed out a few for the camper.

I hope my back is better tomorrow as I still want to do a few more things in the camper.

Please be safe and don't drink an drive 

Good Night All

Saturday, May 23, 2015

One Done

Today was the baby shower. Lots of great gifts to help them get going for the twins. Plenty of wipes and diapers. I think I am getting to old to deal with running an screaming kids. Lord I thought I was going to go mad.

My granddaughter Alexis on the right 
 My grandson Eric and his girl friend Christian

Grandson Micheal and his soon to be wife Paula and their little girl

 Mom and Dad of the twins Amanda n Alonzo

Amanda, Marcello and Alonzo loved the picture frame to bad I couldn't fix it to close  out the outside stuff

Granddaughter Aliya

So now all I have to do is finish up with Dr. apt. and I am hitting the road for the Mountains and a much needed attitude adjustment.

Tomorrow I will back into the driveway and get things done in the camper. I have some new LED lights to hang up and check the clothes supply. I still want to shampoo the rug in there.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Weekend be safe and Don't Drink n Drive.

Good Night All

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cooking And Cleaning Day

I picked up what little veggies were available this week  and they sure weren't very fresh. So I figured I better get them cooked up today. I had eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini and butternut squash. I cooked the butternut in a microwave covered bowl with a little nutmeg and some butter. Turned out really well. The rest of the squash was done in a stir fry pan with a little olive oil, red wine vinegar and some herbs. Boy was that delicious . Then I remembered I bought some taco flavored ground turkey and made a loaf out of that. Now I have plenty of ready made food for at least a week or 2. I'll throw in some fish with the veggies a couple times during the week.

Had to dust again as the wind is still blowing mostly in the afternoons and I am dusting all the time and vacuuming too.

I need to get some stuff done on the camper so Sunday I will back the truck into the driveway and get moving. Getting excited about hitting the road. 

Blogger wouldn't let me make my header smaller rather than get aggravated I just left it.

Good Night All

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Moving On

Went to exercise this morning felt pretty good. Have to get these down pat so I can do them while I am gone.

Came home and cleaned up and met my friend Lucy for lunch talked about going up to Lakeside and that she will be doing house and dog sitting for friends and I could stay at her place as long as it hasn't sold while I'm in town. Hope to be able to do more traveling around to lakes and hope do some of NM. I miss being up on the mountain so much it will be great to get up there again.

Good Night All.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Can See!

The pre surgery route was not very good but the rest went well. I had a follow up this morning and drove myself. Things were a little foggy still but I have been dealing with that for some time anyway. They said everything looked really good and by this evening all is cleared up.

I went grocery shopping on my way home and picked up a few veggies. It was slim pickins as most of the stuff was way past it's healthy state. 

Tomorrow I can go back to exercise which I am really happy to do since I have now missed 2 classes.

Good Night All

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Slow Weekend

Yesterday didn't do much until evening when my daughter Debbie came over. We went out to eat and then sat and chatted for a while. I gave her the left over fake grass and the memory foam mattress I didn't need anymore and a couple shirts for the boys.

Today I did a few loads of laundry and sat out on the porch. It was a beautiful day.

Around noon a guy knocked on the door and said he was from Rudolfo's where we had diner last night I looked at his hands and he was holding my wallet. Holly crap I didn't even know I lost it. That was really nice of them to bring it to me and I'm lucky no one else found it. Everything was in order. I couldn't thank him enough for bringing it to me.

That is the 3 rd, time my wallet fell out of that purse, so that is the end of that thing.

Can't wait to get this eye surgery over with tomorrow so I can start getting ready to hit the road. I have some things I need to get done on the camper and I'm thinking about getting a rack for the top so I don't have to keep unloading. If I need to stay in a parking lot somewhere I surely don't want to unload the stuff onto the ground . I'll look into that this week.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Good Night All