Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Once again terrible winds have been blowing none stop. It is very dry as we haven't had any rain in forever. So all the wind is causing so much dirt and of course pollen blowing everywhere. Everyone is complaining about runny noses or stuffed up noses and all kinds of terrible symptoms.  Yesterday when I woke up my throat felt as though I had swallowed ground up glass. I drank lots of hot tea with lots of honey and lemon and then gargled with Orajel mouth wash. It burned like crazy but it started to clear up my throat. Did a good gargle before bed and this morning it was well on its way to healing. After brushing my teeth and taking my meds. I gargled again and waited an hour before having my coffee.

The wind was down so I figured I better get a start on the weeds. I finally got to top off the container and poured it into the sprayer, I pumped and pumped but it just wouldn't catch for some reason. By now the wind started to pick up again so I just grabbed my new little stove and brought it in the house and out to the porch with a can of butane. Just took a little bit of time and I figured it all out. It is so easy to assemble and very light weight just love it.

Love this little stove and it has it's own carrying case, the little cans are the butane. My friend said they last between 4-5 hours.

I did this part of the set up outdoors. Don't like messing with these fuels indoors. Of course it has an electronic starter and it worked perfect.
So if the wind ever stops blowing and before the temps get to hot maybe I can get in a short camping trip soon.

I will be leaving maybe end of May or early June for the White Mountains. I sure hope the rains comes soon as there is already a fire up in Pine, where there was a huge fire already last year. They say it is staying on the ground so far and has not climbed into the canopy lets hope it stays that way and will be out soon.

Good Night All

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I Know

Not much has been going on.

The temperatures are rising fast  today we met a record of 96 and then by Thur. they will fall to 76. Of course that will only last 2 days and start rising again. But they are calling for some very high winds Thur. and Friday so I will make sure I get everything done tomorrow.

I had my Heating an A/C guy Michael, here last Thur. to shut down the furnace and check over the A/C, cleaned the coils and totally cleaned the unit outside, he also drained off the hot water heater. So know I am good until fall again. 

If I ever get to Walmart and buy the butane for my new stove I'll take some pictures and show it. I made the trip last week and bought everything in the store but butane. 

Good Night All

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Strange Things and Happy Easter

I took a ride up to Madera Canyon yesterday to meet up with a long time blogger friend Sondra, from, my life my art my journey. It was great finally getting to meet Sondra after all the years of reading each others blog. We had a nice little picnic lunch and I even met her pups. It was a beautiful day with a slight breeze to keep things cool. We said our good byes since they're hasn't been any openings at Bogs Springs and Sondra has been doing boon docking in a cow pasture. After she resupplied at Walmart she was heading north and hoping to make Utah by today then on to CO. the next. Safe journeys my friend. Of course no pictures were taken once again. 

I have noticed something amiss with blogger lately, Some posts seem to be posting a day later than the actual posting which makes your comments a day late and doesn't seem to make much sense anymore or when you receive a e-mail from someone telling you they left a comment and it isn't there. Further down you find the answer on a day before post. Has anyone else noticed this?

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Easter!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Short Trip

I did my camping trip. After much huffing and puffing I loaded up and took off for Gilbert Ray Campground here in Tucson. It was pretty much a trial run and it failed. 
After unloading and more huffing and puffing, I went to set up the stove and that went really bad. The connector to the propane bottle went bad. I thought maybe it was the propane canister because the propane was leaking out. I tried another canister and it really went bad, the pin from the connector broke off or came undone and stuck in the propane canister. This resulted in my thumb , index and middle finger  getting freeze burn and the propane leaking out of the canister. I just set it on the ground and hoped it wouldn't explode. So know I'm left with no way to make coffee or heat up my food. Luckily my friend was there also and she had her propane stove in her new rig. She got that set up for me. OK got that out of the way and it was time to just sit back and catch my breath. The rest of the day wasn't bad.

I then opened the package for the new battery tester and found out that the guy at Walmart didn't have a clue about this battery. He told me it had a full charge, well it didn't and it was very low. The inverter wouldn't even work. I'm sure glad I didn't need to  use the heater or charge my camera batteries.

Bed time was the real test, I had not used the new bed set up since it was installed a while back. It turned out to be way to hard even with the 4" memory foam and a folded over egg crate type thing under that. So I slept very little that night and had lots of pain in my hips and shoulders. And since this bed came out higher than the last one I kept getting the curtain wrapped up in the covers and pulling it down. I also didn't do a very good job of setting up for the morning so I was really having a hard time getting myself together and keep the curtain from falling out of the window while I tried to get dressed. Not wanting to moon anyone. haha  Finally did the best I could so I could get poor Fred out for his business.

I finally got it all together and made me some coffee. The rest of the day was pretty good and I was breathing better. 

As the sun was setting I gathered things up and put away so I  could load up in the morning and get home. 

I will have to pull everything out of the truck and redo it like I had the first time I set it up. Put back the original bed and stack my drawers in the corner. Part of the problem with the new bed besides being way to hard is I couldn't fit the drawers under it because of the middle leg. I was only able to use one drawer and still have room for Fred. 

There wasn't much to photo out there and was surprised at how few birds were around.

As sun was rising it was creating these shadows and the Ocotillo is about to bloom
 Just as the rising sun starts to move further  southeast and higher in the sky it really does some great shadowing 

Here comes the moon

Ordered a new butane stove today, I know I could have ordered a new assembly for the propane but I just never liked hooking up the propane canisters it is really annoying trying to get those things on.

Good Night All

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Will The Wind Ever Stop

Still working on spring cleaning. Takes time when you have to stop to catch your breath all the time. And if the wind ever stops blowing and recovering everything in dust again I will never get finished.

One way or the other I am going to go camping next week. Madera Canyon is in full birding season and I have got to get up there. The camp ground is small so I don't know if  I will even find a place to pull in. But I'm going to give it a try. If Sondra makes it we can always share a site. But she may have already been there and gone. I forgot to tell here there isn't any WiFi and cell service is iffy if any at all.

If I can't get in there I will try to at least get some pictures and then head for home or Gilbert Ray just to get some camping in.

Yesterday the fire dept. was a few doors away I believe it was for snake removal. Stinkin snakes. That kind of makes me a little off for going to Gilbert Ray because of Fred. Of course he will be on leash but he is very noisy and can pull before I am aware of what he is after. We shall see.

Hope You All Have a Wonderful Weekend

Thursday, March 15, 2018

They're Back

Today I was given a clean bill of health finally. Of course we already knew I have COPD, so we discussed my heading to the mountains this summer. Dr. is going to see if my insurance will pay for one of those small oxygen machine. I doubt they will so I will see what I can find on Walmart.com and Amazon. I did get one of those cans that you can hold to your face it worked fine but that can get pretty expensive after awhile. Just have to see what we come up with.

And this morning when I was letting Fred out for his first visit the Humming birds were out there fighting over the feeder. Made my day. Hadn't seen them in awhile.

I hope to head out to do some camping in the area next week but we will see the weather looks kind of iffy. 

Good Night All

Friday, March 9, 2018

A Visitor

We are finally having some nice weather even if it is cloudy and possible rain on the way. But nice temperatures. Been sitting out on the porch and crocheting some hats for a friend with Traumatic Brain Injury. The plates make him very cold which in turn cause terrible headaches. He asked if I could make one in royal blue with the green ribbon since it is TBI month. So I got that one and another mailed off to him and his wife said he was so thrilled. We go back a long way and always had great fun together. Which they didn't live so far away now.

After going in the house today for a late lunch Fred decided he wanted to go back out. He loves laying in the sun. As I walked out something caught my eye and at a closer look it was a beautiful Cooper's Hawk having his lunch. I had wondered why I hadn't seen or heard any humming birds lately or the pesky ladder back woodpecker.

Here comes a pesky human
 OK lady get your pictures and be gone

Lady do I bother you when your eating?

I have seen lots of feathers under and around this tree before but I thought it might be the stinking cats killing off the birds and maybe some of it is.  But when it comes to the hawks I understand it's nature, when it's those dam cats that people allow to roam free that's another story.

Good Night All