Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Busy, Busy

Have been pretty busy since last Friday.

Went to Green Valley with my daughter Tracy, so we could go to BigLot's and then to lunch at the 50's diner down there. Took the back roads for something different. The weather was great so enjoyed the day. Tracy gave me a pretty bouquet of flowers for Valentines Day.

Sat. the yard was looking pretty bad with weeds getting really tall. So got out the spray and went around the front but the sprayer wasn't working very well and was leaking all over me so I quit.

Sunday, went to dinner with my daughter Debbie, Pauli, Jojo and little Miliany. We went to Texas Road Steak House, it was packed and it was very noisy but man the food was so good. We had a nice time. Pauli and the kids gave me a beautiful bouque of flowers. And Debbie gave me 2 new pair of boot slippers plus the dinner. Thank you!

Monday was my Bday but I ran out to Lowe's for a weed sprayer and more weed killer 2gl. jug of it. Ran some other errands. Came home set up the sprayer and poured the left over weed killer in and then went to pour in the new stuff when the word Bug caught my attention. Yep bought bug spray by mistake. Well since I alread broke the seal there was no taking it back. So I sprayed the front yard with what I had. 

Tue. back to Lowe's to get the right stuff and ran a few more errands and more laundry. Started to think about maybe going camping since the weather was so nice. When I watched the news it said more rain was on the way. Grrr. Tracy stopped by and we ordered some food, she gave me a really pretty wind chime.

So this morning I almost finished the new gl of weed killer but did make it all the way around the house. Tomorrow I will do another round in the back where the weeds are really bad.
Tonight my grandson Anthony sent a text to see what I was doing and said he was going to stop by. Another text to say lets go out to eat. So I scrambled to get ready and he showed up and had his to little  ones with him. They brought me some flowers a card and night shirt. We had a great time.

Good Night All

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Nice Weather, Not So Nice

We had some really nice weather for a couple of days. Really enjoyed having the door and a couple windows open. Nice to get some fresh air in the house.

Had a Dr. apt. with a new Dr. I hope this is the one. I brought some of the results of my tests ordered by the NPT from the other office. And the staff called for the bone density test. They had it in 5 min. We went over the results and pretty much knew what they would be. Most were good some not but treatable. He ordered a nebulizer for the COPD, and a referral to see a Pulmonologist that is not on the other side of the world. So we are just waiting for medical records from other Dr. 

Did my big grocery shopping and I know I have mentioned how much I hate shopping. Seems they are having lots of trouble with all those new refrigerator units they just installed or they are going to move everything around again. They are helpful and will look for what you need but how many times are they going to move things around in this store. I finally gave up and checked out. I'm only missing a few items from my list and will go to a different store tomorrow providing it stops raining. I made it home just in time to beat the rain.

For the past 2 days we have had lots of rain and temps dropped back down into the 50's for the highs. Like I have said before I don't mind the low temps as the heat will come soon enough.

Good Night All

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

I Think Winter Has Shown Up

They are saying this is the coldest winter since 2013! Well they may be right. But I'm not sure. I remember it being 17 degrees and my pipes bursting and I believe I was still working then. But maybe not. We had 2 such cold nights and both burst pipes. The neighborhood looked like an ice skating rink with so many blown pipes all over the neighborhood. When they built this park water pipes for some reason were put above ground and what was buried wasn't very deep at all. When I had mine replaced I had them bury the pipes pretty deep and nothing was above ground but what had to be. They are well insulated and I wrap my outside faucets well.
We had hit 29 last night and it only reached 46 for the high today. Tonight we are looking at 24 degrees. I will open cabinet doors and let some faucets drip.

I have a early Dr. apt tomorrow so that is going to be rotten cold and I don't know what I was thinking to make it that early as the traffic is horrible at that hour. Oh well I'll just bundle up start the truck and run back in the house for a bit. 

We will have one more night and day of this then it will start to warm up a bit. Not complaining just don't want to go out in it.

Good Night All

Friday, January 24, 2020

Closing Out Another Week

Had so many annoying dealings with Medical Ins. this week. But looks like they are going to be better now. Another new Dr. 

But not much of anything else really. But today my daughter and I went to breakfast at a place we hadn't been to in more than a year. The food was good but it may be another year before we go back.
From there went to the car wash. Found some changes there that I did not expect. I only wanted the truck washed didn't want to mess with them doing the inside. You know pay out side before you even get the wash. He said from know on if you just want a wash use that outside lane so you don't have to wait in line when they are vacuuming the other cars, then drive around the back and someone will take it from there. WELL what they do is guide you onto the rail system and you stay in your vehicle. I hate going through those things. My daughter was laughing cause I was not very happy and I hate watching the operation that is going on. But I made it with out getting car sick. Next time I will pay the extra money and get out and wait inside. LOL

After the car wash we headed out to Target as I had a gift card. I picked up a few items and only went over by 31cents. We walked all over the store just for the exercise. I wanted to go to Kirkland's to see if they were having any good sales since they are closing the store but we forgot and I really don't need anymore stuff.

Stopped to fill up the gas tank  @ 2.35 gal. and home we came.

I guess I'll go do some grocery shopping early tomorrow morning or maybe Sunday.

Oh and I finally was able to transfer one of my favorite photos that I took  a couple of years ago at Desert Museum

Good Night All

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Another House Update

I finally got around to getting my guest bathroom painted while my grandson had some free time. The pictures don't really show the shade changes unless you notice it on the mirror frame and window frame. Picked up a new light fixture also and was able to get one that matches the master bath. I wanted red accents but the shower curtain just didn't come in like it showed online, so I think I will return it and keep looking. I went to a few stores and couldn't find anything close to what I was looking for so hopefully I can hit up a few more stores and even return to some I already looked at before never know if they may have gotten in new shipments.

The shower curtain has way to much orange in it

 Here you can see the shade difference. The darker grey was left over from the bed room so I picked out this lighter color which was called Olympus white go figure looked bluish grey to us. I like it the bathroom was way to dark before being so small now it is nice and bright
 It was great to find rugs that fit this bathroom and not over lap which can be a hazard. The rugs are cherry red like the hand towels but in this picture for some reason look orange
 The shower curtain isn't  even my style but I was having so much trouble finding something that wasn't completely red 

Other than that nothing much else going on but the usual bike, cooking and getting ready to get rid of more stuff so the next time the donation truck comes around I can get on the pick up list.

Good Night All

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Good Bye To Another Great Blogger

I had a post planned for tonight but after reading of the loss of George, from Our Awesome Travels, it just seemed irrelevant. RIP George, you wanted that one more Christmas and New Year with your family and you made. We will all miss that fantastic smile and go get em attitude your Weber Q and the wonderful meals you made on it.

Suzie your were George's everything. May his angel stand next to you always. Blessings

Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Want to wish everyone a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I don't make resolutions I think they are a waste of time LOL. It's just time to build a healthier and stronger life for myself so I will do my best.


You may be sober but not the next guy or gal driving.

Good Night All