Friday, April 28, 2017


Yesterday and today the wind returned with a vengeance. Aircraft used to pour retardant and water on the fire had to be grounded. Wed. with the lower wind they had gotten a 40% containment but the fire has reached 47,000 acres. After today I don't know yet. Tomorrow should be a calm day and for the next few days with lower temps also. 

My NJ cousins left today and wondered about the take off in these crazy 35 mph wind gust. Wishing them a safe journey home.

With these high winds I stayed indoors as the allergies are terrible and my eyes burn like crazy.

I put up a pot of veggie soup and baked some asparagus. 

That is all I have for now.

Good Night All

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day Trip

While the fire is still raging and is at 45,000 acres they did have a break in the wind today. I haven't seen an update of the latest containment if any for today. And now there is another fire in Phx. area. Doesn't look good for fire season this year.

My cousins are here from NJ and will be leaving on Friday. So Jo-Ann looked up Bisbee after  we talked about it and they all thought that would be a good day trip.

We made a pit stop in Tombstone for a little stretch and then I wanted to show them a very old cemetery I found a few years ago while sight seeing. No not Boot Hill lol.

Then back on the road to Bisbee. The weather was just gorgeous with a slight breeze. I knew right away breathing was going to be a problem so I told them to go ahead and we could meet at the coffee shop. 

I took some pictures and it started to get a little hot on that side of the street so I walked over to sit in the shade and talked to some really  nice folks. Then wandered into the coffee shop for a nice Chia and went and sat outside and people watched .

This was found at the old cemetery in Tombstone
 Found this at one of the plots
 Some grave markers are just plain and made of simple items as some of these people were very poor. There are many graves that haven't any markers or they are long gone.


 Smoke in the distance from the fire
 Entering Bisbee

 Lots of pretty flowers in this garden. 

Old Adobe house built right off the side of the mountain. This is how the homes were built some have been refurbished but most just  fell to ruin

 Old early mine shaft

 Does anyone know if this white flower is on a tulip tree?

 While they took pictures of us I took a picture of them
 I wish I had a program to take out these stinkin wires
 The first time I spotted this guy he was dragging a trash can and singing at the top of his lungs. He was wearing a long tattered skirt. But this is what makes Bisbee, Bisbee

 And then to the end of our visit the must see Lavender Pit

Good Night All

Monday, April 24, 2017

Wind Fanning Flames

The winds blew hard today fanning the fire to 7500 acres and 35 people have been evacuated. Ranch animals have also been evacuated to the Fair Grounds in another town. Tomorrow they predict more high winds. Containment is only at 7%. Not much hope in holding this fire back under these conditions.

If people would only learn if you smoke put your cigarettes out in your car ashtray not out the window, if you make a fire make sure it is out DEAD OUT. Of course they have not found out how it was started but it is human caused since there has been no lightening anywhere in the area.

Good Night All

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fire Season Has Hit Madera Canyon

Today I received an e-mail from Lucy asking if I hear about the fire. I had not so I quickly googled and sure enough. At that point in time it was 980 acres it is now 2,000 and of course it is human caused. This is the front side of the mountain as you head up the road. There is a campground off to the left on a dirt road. This is not the camp ground I would have been at it is up further and to the other side of the mountain. But from a photo someone took as day was turning to evening the fire had already climbed to the top of the ridge.  From the looks of it that is where it started. 12 homes have been evacuated already

Just had an update of where the fire started and it was to the right of the road to the Madera Canyon near the U of A Experimental Range and it was human caused. When will these idiots learn?

Sawmill Fire

Today was other wise quiet as my daughter was in CO. Springs in a most beautiful trip. Her pictures are just gorgeous. So no breakfast out today.

I ran to the store as tomorrow I will be having my NJ cousins here for lunch. I put together a Pasta Salad and picked up some lunch meats and rolls, cheeses, Sicilian olives and a few other veggies to munch on. 

Good Night All

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Canceled The Camping Trip

As I was gathering the dry food goods I had the news on and the weather report came on. Temps are going to be in very high 90's. I know it is a little cooler up there but not that much to make it a fun trip for neither Fred nor I. I am so disappointed but maybe next week as it looks like it will drop down into the mid to low 80's that is more comfortable.

Went to lunch with some friends today who will be heading up north in the next week or 2. We had a good time and hope to see each other up north some time this summer.

Good Night All

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hope Everyone Had a Wonderful Holiday

It was a quiet day here. My daughter and I did our usual breakfast. We went to a new to us place. It was very crowded and very loud. I ordered from the menu while Tracy did the buffet and she hardly ate anything. I offered her half of mine which was really very good. But she declined and tried something else from the buffet and still ate very little. They had a mariachi band but the place was already to loud and to small for that. They were good but oh so loud. We got done and cleared out as soon as possible. The line to get in was out the door. So people must really like this place. 

We then looked around to see if any stores might be open but it was to early and it being Easter most were not opened. So of course we hit up good old Walmart so Tracy could get some grocery's for her house while she is gone on her trip to CO.

Been moving right along getting things done around the house. Shampooed the carpets yesterday finally. I couldn't believe how dirty they had gotten. Giving lots of thought to getting rid of the living room and the kitchen flooring as they were never installed properly. I think I would like plank flooring from the kitchen down to the hall. I sure felt the aches and pains today for that work out.

Tomorrow I will do a last minute shopping for food for the trip. Don't need much and I can get to a store in town if something is needed. Then finish up packing the camper. Need to get a fast hair cut also and Fred's nails trimmed.

Good Night All

Monday, April 10, 2017

Checking In

I have been busy trying to get things done around the house. But as always something always pops up.

The toilet in my bathroom always took forever to fill. I tried a few things but couldn't fix the problem. The other morning I went in to take a shower and the toilet was running. Now it never took that long. So I took off the lid and started to play around. I got it to stop. After a while I went in to gather towels for laundry and the darn thing was running again without having been used. More playing around but nothing. So I shut off the water to the toilet. And was using the one in the front of the house. But at night I am not going to walk all the way there(76') I would be wide awake by then. So I let the toilet fill up and shut the water back off. This was getting to be a real pain. It didn't even start as a slow running but a full pouring of water over the over flow. So this morning I caught the handyman and he checked it out and said when he had a break in his schedule he would come back.

 Also the light switch that kept shutting off.  I had already bought a replacement as I could do this myself usually. So I showed it to Mark and he said this isn't going to work it is for 3 different lights. I guess I wasn't wearing my glasses when I bought it.

So he was back soon as he had to wait for some flooring guys to finish an area he is working on. I asked him why the water flow was so slow and he showed me the part that caused this problem. I said I wondered if that was the cause but I didn't know what to do with it. He couldn't understand why anyone would put something like that on in the first place. Sure is nice not to have to wait forever for the toilet to fill up and for the light not to turn off by itself.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to shampooing the carpets.

Good Night All