Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tried A New Recipe

We had a few sprinkles the other day it lasted about 2 sec. But the clouds have been building and the humidity is on the rise. Yep monsoon season is here.

I finally got around to shampooing my chair but the sad news is its old. Its clean but the material is showing signs of wear and I guess its time to look for a new one. It served me well through the back injury and not being able to lay down and I slept in that chair for a long time. So with a few cleanings through all that she has had enough. I'll miss it. Maybe I'll find one just like it of course I'm sure the pattern won't be the same.

I found a new recipe somewhere on line and I finally tried it out yesterday.

Of course I made a few changes like not using the hot peppers

I used green chili's instead. But I used almost everything else 

in the recipe. It was so good and it is all low cal. 

I no longer use canned beans I make them from dried beans 
and cook them in veggie broth with low sodium. this way they 
won't have any sugar or salt in them.

I have no idea what is going on with blogger today but I am 
having a terrible time with fonts and over writing. So I will close

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Few

Not much to write about these days. 
Went to lunch one day with my friend Lucy and boy was it hot out. 
I was supposed to go shopping but went straight home. Yesterday I lolly gagged around and left the house to late. I had to stop at my friend Barb's to drop something off and spent way to long running my mouth. But the shopping had to get done so off I went. Didn't buy much but enough to have to much to put on the front seat so it had to go in the back of the truck. So backing in was in order. And I am sure I have mentioned how bad I am at that chore. After getting things into the house I had to sit and guzzel plenty of water., as the temps once again were 108.  So see just a few things going on. 

I have a honey do list but since I  am the only honey around here I guess I better get busy with it. It is all indoors so there shouldn't be any excuse to not get some of them done.

Have a Great Day

Monday, June 20, 2016

Can We Say HOT!

We are breaking records with this heat everywhere. Fires are burning everywhere. There might be ran on the way but that is a long shot and if it does and lightening comes with it it will be really bad.

The Cedar Fire jumped the containment lines yesterday when the wind changed directions and we are at last report 256,739 acres. 
There is another fire in Southwestern AZ about 30 miles from Tucson in the  mountain area near the Mexico boarder and last report had already burned 1,200 acres.

The fire in Canada is almost contained and CA. is in a real mess.

I only left my house to let out Fred and put the trash to the crub and I was hot, hot. And it was already late afternoon. It now 100 at 8:44 pm. Did a lot of crocheting today and am almost done with a baby hat I need done for tomorrow. 

Stay cool if you can and drink lots of water even if your  not leaving your house.

Good Night All

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Fathers Day!

Wishing all the dads a Happy Fathers Day and all the mom's who did double duty on raising the kids. It was a tough job.

Update on fire;

They do have some containment and all the fire breaks are doing there job. Maybe on Monday they may be able to lift the pre evac. The White Mountain Apache have been doing a really good job thinning out the dead and over growth in the forest which also helped. Bless All of You fighting this fire.

Good Night All

Friday, June 17, 2016

Up Date

I went out early this morning to spray weeds, not many at all and with this heat and the spray they will die fast. Watered what is left of my porch plants and will have to do that every morning to insure  they make it through this nasty heat.

Then back into the house and only quick outs for Fred. Finished closing up the blinds and did some things around the house.

Working on some crochet projects keeps my mind off being stuck inside. Cooked up some Quinoa(sp)? and placed it in 1/2 cup containers and used some for a great salad I had for dinner tonight.

The Cedar Fire is not contained but it has been kept behind the fire breaks that have been set up by the hot shot crews. There are 600 firefighters on the lines. 9,652 acres have burned which is about 8.3 miles  south of Pinetop/Lakeside, and 11.4 miles from Show Low.
Good progress was made today. Forestdale (which I incorrectly named yesterday) was evacuated and still are not allowed back in. Pre evac for Pinetop/Lakeside and Show Low are still in place.
Pretty much everything depends on the weather and winds.

Good Night All

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cedar Creek Fire, White Mountains, AZ

Yesterday a very fast moving fire started in the White Mountains in the Show Low, Pinetop/Lakeside area and was only 9 miles from those towns. Still have no idea how this was started. It is already at 8,000'. Seems the Cedar Creek Fire has been held back and has not crossed the fire line made by the fire crews, the wind also was less intense than they thought it might be. Still keeping pre evacuations in place. Bless those Fire Fighters and all other crews working this fire there are many. They work long hours in extreme heat. I have met a few during and after the Wallo Fire. Please pray for their safety. Ft. Apache under pre evacuation most of the fire is on White Mountain Apache land. They have a huge  fire crew out there also.
Went to Walmart today and believe me it was forced. I tried to talk myself out of it hard. But I needed things I knew they didn't have at the little store. Besides it got me some exercise walking all over the store. Needed white yarn and of course they had a really pretty color so I had to buy 2 skeins for a hat and scarf. Have plenty to crocheting to do. I'm sure I will switch to smaller things as it gets hotter as the blanket I am working on now is getting pretty heavy. We still will have 2 more days of cooler weather like 102 then Sunday the heat will hit hard. I am so ready for this I think. Just hate sitting with all the blinds closed but it sure helps.

Good Night All

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Catch Up

The weather had cooled down for a few days so that was pleasant. 
Sunday, Tracy, and I, went to out usual breakfast and only made to short stops.

When we got back to my place Tracy, took the bed out of the truck and we set it up in the spare room. I washed the bedding when she left and later made up the bed. Tracy, also brought one of the wicker chairs in and put it in the room. I have worked on it on an off since. 

Today it was get out of the house day. Barb wanted to go shopping so she picked me up and another friend was in the back seat. First stop was Stein Mart, I didn't buy anything there. Second stop was Hobby Lobby, I didn't buy anything there either. 

Lunch was at Potbelly's and that was a first for all of us. The food was great.

Barb, want to go to Sears I do not like Sears and will not ever buy anything there. Barb, picked up some shorts and out the door we went.

Next stop was See's Candy so she could buy some candy for her other half and Ann bought a box. I waited in the car didn't need any temptations.

All in all it was a good day with some laughs it was great.

Good Night All