Thursday, December 8, 2016

My That Header Is Huge

Haven't been doing to much just wanting to get rid of this crud. But it seems to be going away finally. My right side is so sore from all the coughing.

I did do some grocery shopping on Tuesday my least favorite thing.

Couple loads of laundry and some dusting.

But today I had lunch at my house with my granddaughter Paula and baby Mia. She kept me amused for a couple hours with those big dimples and happy little face. I was able to give her her birthday present and she just loved it. Carried it around holding it up to her chest haha it was a jacket, shirt and leggings. So funny to see a 1 yr old knowing to hold up the clothes for us to see. So it was a great day for me today.

I clicked the button to fix shrink the picture for the header but OH well I guess it does what every it want too. 

Has anyone finished they're shopping yet? I have not bought one thing yet. With all this being sick I have not done any shopping. I guess I should get on the stick. Not many gifts to buy but still there won't be much left. But then most of them like gift cards so they can buy what they want. Older ones are so fussy and the little ones think they are very cool to have their very own money to spend. But there is nothing like a few gifts under the tree. 

The 21 st is my daughters birthday so I need to take care of that. She wants a bird! Well it's her birthday.

Good Night All

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Catching Up

Seems lots of changes here on Blogger. Lots of added stuff on the tool bar.

Had a relapse of the that stinkin cold. So I finally went to the Dr. and started taking antibiotics for a nasty sinus infection. We needed to be sure it didn't get into my lungs. Starting to feel better but it sure seems like a long haul. I do have the flu and pneumonia shot but I guess there is another  flu shot I need for this year and that will have to wait until this clears up a bit more.

After last Sunday's outing I decided to stay home besides the Dr. visit. I was really getting stir crazy which is only because I shouldn't go out. 

A cold front has moved in and boy it has been cold but I am loving it. My furnace decided to die on me but been handling it OK with the electric heaters. Bought a tower Lasko and it sure does a great job and fast. I made sure it had the remote so if it got to cold or to warm in my room I could adjust it from bed. So no suffering happening here from the cold. And the cold is good for killing germs anyway.

Yesterday Saturday, my grandson stopped by with the kids to pick up a few household items since she moved out and took everything.  His mom picked them up and also drove him to pick up some food he had the money but no car. Who leaves their kids with the dad and takes all the food and dishes. Did she think for one moment we would not take care of that. I think it was to say you can't even take care of the kids. WRONG!

Anyway today Tracy and I did our breakfast and a quick run to Dollar Tree for a few items and then back home didn't want to stay out to long.  We know we will need to find some new places for breakfast now that the winter visitors are back as all our favorite places are jam packed. May have to start making breakfast at home but it just won't be the same. And soon the Gem Show will hit town and then nothing will be available.

Looking at the weather for the next week we may have 2 days reaching in the 70's for a high and the nights maybe in the low 40's hey its a heat wave. 

Good Night All

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tribute To A Cyber Friend

I got word today from one of my readers has  passed away November 15th. Jane had been a commenter on my blog for quite some time and then we became e-mail friends also. Jane had beat cancer twice before but it came back again and there was no winning this round. This time it hit hard and fast.

It's so true that our blogger friends become family of sorts. Jane so enjoyed my photos and brought her some smiles along the way.
May Jane now RIP and be pain free.

Bye my Friend

Friday, November 25, 2016

What A Wonderful Thanksgiving

I was happy to not have to rush around on Thanksgiving morning as all the pies where done but one. The Turkey only had to cook for 2 1/2 hrs so that meant I didn't have to put it in until 1 pm since my grandson wasn't getting off work until 3.

Some of my grand kids came around 2 to visit before they had to leave for work. But it was so nice to meet my granddaughter Alexis's  girl friend and to see my grandson Jason it has been such a long time, they are my son's children. Then my grandson Eric and his girlfriend came and brought a huge macaroni salad delish. Aliya came with them. We had so much food and everyone made something.

But it is a lot of work and if everyone hadn't jumped in to help I don't know if I would have been able to get it all together. Love my family.

Anthony was not happy that I took this while he was stuffing his face. 

Left front daughter Tracy, grandson Eric, girl friend Christian

right front granddaughter Alexis and granddaughter Aliya

These are tamales a Mexican food made by Christian and her mom they were sooooo good. I haven't had them in years.

Yes we had 2 turkeys

We loaded up the boys with lots of left overs to take home since they have there own apts. And no they don't cook hahaha

My daughter later called me and said she didn't get any turkey. I thought she was going to split the container we sent home with Anthony. But she still had a turkey at home uncooked so maybe she made that one.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too.

I finally figured out how to get my pictures to where I can upload them now. I had just called my friend Tom my go to guy for photography and while we were talking I tried one more place and bingo it worked. I don't know why they make things more complicated each new Windows they come up with instead of more user friendly.

Good Night All

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Had to run out 6:45 am to buy a turkey because the turkey person said they weren't coming. WOW was it cold out. A little while after I got home I get a text saying they were coming. Good Grief! I am going camping next year. 

But I got busy and baked 2 pumpkin cheese cakes, a pumpkin pie and a cheery pie. Cleaned the house and semi set the table. I need someone to bring in the chairs and a card table from the shed tomorrow.

I still want to make an apple cinoabon cake before I put the turkey in the oven.

Good Night All

Friday, November 18, 2016

It Finally Happened

The weather has finally cooled down! It has been absolutely beautiful. The range is from 78 - 84 but mostly will be in the mid to upper 70's now. This morning it was 31 degrees while the weather reports say 41. But two outdoor thermometers read the same 31. I'm very happy! 

Fred was quick as he could be out there this morning and he insisted it was time for the wood burning stove to be turned on.

Guess I'll have to put his little bed there now.

Other things going on, grocery shopping for the me and for the holidays. Going to lunch with some friends.

Tracy and I will go to lunch on Saturday instead of breakfast on Sunday, as she is taking her daughter to Scottsdale to see the new Sea Aquarium they just opened as a birthday gift. I was invited but I really don't like long trips that are made in one day.

Just spotted the a humming bird at the feeder, better make sure they are filled at all times now. Will have to bring them in at night so they don't freeze and get them out really early in the morning they will need that early morning feed to get there energy levels up as fast as they can.

Happy Friday!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Getting Things Done

Did my shopping for Thanksgiving, I did it in 2 trips so it wouldn't be so heavy to carry into the house all at once. Yesterday I thought I heard something hit the house so I went and looked around nothing today I went to make a salad for a late lunch and found that one of the cans of crescent rolls popped open. I sure hope that doesn't happen to anymore Or I'll bring them back.

Tuesday I had my granddaughter and the girls over for lunch it was a nice visit. Little Miss Mia is walking and she sure can get around. Babies sure get busy when they start walking. I sure enjoyed having them over.

It was a slow week after Tues.  so I puttered around the house and dusted and dusted with all the winds we have been having. Washed the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Today Tracy and I went out for our Sunday breakfast and then hit up a couple stores. I bought some new flannel sheets finally since the other sets are so old they aren't very flannel anymore and the price was really good. I also picked up a pair of slip on sneakers for a quick get out the door when I am running late or making a quick stop somewhere. And a cute little outfit for Miss Mia's 1 st. birthday.

Then we went to the Mission to light a candle. You can tell the winter people are back already as it sure was crowded and a mass was going on. Tracy went to the little Novena building off to the side to light the candles. I backed out as the little building was so crowded and it sure was hot in there. 

After that we headed back to my house we were really tired out. It was a good day and we sure got our walking in.

Good Night All