Friday, February 16, 2018

Trying To Catch Up

I have the worst Internet company there is, but since I try to stay in my budget I have to suck it up. Every time it rains for prolonged or heavily Internet quits. So some time Wed. it went out an came back on this morning then off then on and then soooo slooowww. I finally am able to get caught up and it's already late afternoon. I only took a short break to run my errand.

The rains have finally arrived. It started early Wed, and today we had a brief halt so I ran an errand and made it back to the truck just as it started to sprinkle again, once in the driveway it really started to rain. It has been a steady slow rain which is a good thing as it gave the ground a chance to let it soak in. We hadn't had any really good rain in a long time.

This is the mountain about 2 miles south of me out front of my house

Yes there are mountains there

These next pictures are mountains a block behind my house

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day.

Have a Great Weekend If I don't get back here before then.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Progress, Another Cold Front

It has been a busy week so far and it's only Tue.

Had breakfast Sunday with my daughter Debbie and her granddaughter Miliany, also her son Eric and his girl Christian, Miliany kept us entertained such a busy little girl but she is so  good.

I have been as you all know been boxing up things to go to donate center. That stuff was starting to drive me crazy. Box on the coffee table, box on the kitchen table, box on the drier, a big bag of stuff in my room and a container out on the patio table with Christmas ornament no long needed. So Sunday I backed the truck into the driveway and loaded her up. 
Mark the guy who does work on my house stopped by so we could go over the jobs and he could take measurements and figure out a price. He had to take out the stairs I had installed last year by a guy who said he knew how to do the work. Well he just wanted the money to get drunk I guess, and he did a really bad job and the steps were still to steep and he never extended the railings. Well I guess I learned a lesson on that one. I also needed a drain pipe added to the side of the house where  a hole was drilled in the so called gutter to stop the water from running into the shed and a new porch light.

Monday off I went to drop off the donations and then to the bank to get the money for the materials.
What a relief to get all that stuff out on my house. As soon as I got home I called Mark and he picked up the money. I went to work cleaning up my house and getting it organized again. It just seems that when things are around that shouldn't be it just turns into chaos everywhere. It was really nice to see things back in order. Dusted and vacuumed again too.

Mark got right to it when he returned with the materials. First and fasts job was the porch light and then the drain pipe. He set up the yard with all the lumber and his work station and started cutting everything. The next thing I knew he was calling it a day and the new stairs were already in place and safe to use so Fred could use his yard.

Today I had to get Fred to the groomers by 8:30 so it was a bit of a rush but we got there early and we were back home before 9 am and Mark was already at it. Fed Fred and made me a bowl of cereal and finally was able to sit and have a nice cup of coffee. Mark completed the job in no time and what a great job he did. The stairs are sold and so are the railings. The height is perfect and Fred and I both can get down and up with ease now. Mark cleaned up all the area and even found the old stair risers from the original steps under the steps, everything is so neat and clean. Thank You Mark. Tomorrow I will pick up the rest of the money to pay him off.

We have gone back to the crazy winds and now a cold front has started to move in and they say lots of rain. I don't mind the cold or the rain but hate the wind.

Good Night All

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Perfect Weather

Labs went pretty good a couple little hick cups but no biggies. Still have to do more things but not for a few months. But I think the nurse misread his note so I will call and ask for a closer apt. than the 3 months.

The weather has been so wonderful. Only slight breezes but perfect temps. Cleaned up the yard and picked up some flowers to brighten up the yard a bit. Not going to do much in case I hit the road in June or July. Pulled the shop vac out and put it on the porch so I can give it a really good cleaning and move things around so I can face the humming bird feeders. 

Of course I forgot to bring in the little sticks with the names on them. My daughter really loved this one and we both loved the color

And this one too, we really liked the color
 Bought this one last week the color is so much prettier than it shows in the picture 

Like I said I won't buy much because there is a strong possibility I will be leaving this summer. I don't know for how long but long enough to beat most of the heat. My friend Bobbie once again offered her house to me as she lives full time in her MH and said it is was to much work to bring all the stuff from the MH to the house and then back out again. She said all I would need are sheets, There packed aha ha. I will spend some time in Show Low and Lakeside to try to acclimate to the higher elevation then head up to Greer. I will go back and forth to Lakeside as I have friends there too and I can park in their yard and there are some free camping areas and some really cheap campgrounds there. So I will lean towards these plans and see what happens.

On my way home from the breakfast I stopped at O'Rielly's automotive store and finally bought the windshield wipers. What a pleasant store compared to Auto Zone and that rude bunch. The guy came right out and put them on for me. And the store is so clean too. But I sure was shocked at how much they cost for each one. I have always had them put on when I was having work done on the car if they needed changing so I really never paid attention. It sure was nice to run the washers and be able to see out the window.

Oh I don't know why my e-mail address shows up on the top of the blog as gmail I never put that there and it is wrong it never worked. I tried to remove it and it told me I am not allowed to. I did send them some feed back about this address. If you need to reach me please leave me a not in comments and I will forward the right e-mail 

Good Night All

Sunday, January 28, 2018

In Hiding

Just can't seem to win this winter. I believe I have said this before I really don't mind the cold at all. But man this wind is awful. It says allergies are down well who is determining this. With all the dirt and dust blowing around it is very bad. I sneeze all the time, nose runs all the time and some sinus headaches pop up on and off. Kind of makes you hide out in the house a lot. I am constantly dusting and vacuuming. So when I do run out for necessary needs I make it quick from house to truck and into the store.

I will see my Dr. this week as it is time for the annual physical things. I did labs Friday and I will call in Tues. to set up other apps. I hope we can get everything else done at one time at one location. Such as chest x-rays, mam and what ever else he wants done.

One of my full timer friends pulled in today so we are planning a get together with other friends before she is off rolling down the road again to Q and then Vegas. She was supposed to have cataract surgery and then her insurance said they wouldn't pay for it since it wasn't an emergency ? She has dropped them and will just go with medicare as she is having a problem with vision of course. So after Vegas she will head back to TX. and get this done. I always thought the ins. she had was one of the best, well I guess that isn't the case at all. 

I had been telling one of my friends about my little toaster oven that I bought when I had a rig, we know how limited space is so I went on line to check some small appliances out and found this little guy.

As you can see it is now stored in the shed with all the other camping gear. I keep it wrapped up so it stays clean. Sure hope to find something before this summer

Today my great grand son came to breakfast with us today. Why do they have to grow up so fast. No picture was taken. He also is having a constant runny nose poor kid.

After breakfast I stopped at Auto Zone as I need new windshield wipers. I was completely ignored so out the door I went. Won't see me in there again.

The had to stop at Lowe's to get a new porch light and checked out some flowers. I picked one up that attracts butterflies and will plant it tomorrow. They said if you plant now they have a better chance of surviving the summer. Sure hope so.

Good Night All

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cold Front For Real

They kept announcing about this big cold front heading our way for Sat. 1/20 with crazy winds and lots of rain and snow on the mountains. After the last big announcement a few weeks ago I sure didn't believe them this time. But I did cook up a nice big pot of chicken soup just in case. Friday the temperature was 78 and just a slight breeze. Saturday morning I let Fred out and it sure didn't seem all that chilly to me. So I scoffed at the weather report and settled in with my coffee and my FB reading. I posted about another bad weather error only to have to eat my words about 20 min. later when the wind came up with a vengeance, sun seemed to have taken a vacation and the clouds moved in. You could feel the cold coming right into the house. I had to turn the furnace up. Around 2 pm the rain hit pretty good for about 20 min. 
I was happy I had put out the humming bird feeders when I first let Fred out, and took them down and covered them up before I went to bed last night. It was pretty darn cold this morning when Fred and I went out for the first outs and I rehung the feeders.

My daughter and I went off to breakfast and it sure was cold at 8:30 , sure glad I have a great heater in my truck. By time we left the restaurant this morning it had warmed up pretty good and was only chilly. 
I wanted to get a new purse, t-shirts and a 9 v battery for my carbon monoxide detector  so we went to Walmart. I didn't find a purse but did buy 3 t- shirts, the battery , a set of flannel sheets that were on clearance for $19 and had the deep pocket fitted sheet a new strap for my camera but decided I really don't like it and will return it. Then we headed off to Spectrum outdoor mall. We hit Ross and I found a really nice purse there and Tracy found a few things she liked too.
By time we left there it was really hot in the truck and we headed home.

We sat on the porch for a few minutes but it was pretty cold again and the wind had picked up too.

This cold may last until tomorrow then go back into the low 70's with another cold front coming in for next weekend again. I might not scoff that one off.

Good Night All

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Large Isn't It

The header pictures seem to get larger and larger all the time. I remember when there was a place to click to make them smaller. It was there and then it was gone.

Anyway not much going on around here. The temperatures are good but the wind is awful. So not doing much out door stuff.

Been trying some new low carb recipes and so far they are really good. My cousin said to try pinterest and boy did that start some trouble. One of those alerts came on with all kinds of threats. I couldn't do anything and had no intentions of doing anything they wanted. I put a call into Geek Squad and waited and waited and then it all stopped what ever it was doing and I was able to proceed. I deleted everything that popped up and did a real scan with my virus package. It cleared up everything and now all is fine I hope. 

Have a Great Day

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Beautiful Day At The Desert Museum

My youngest daughter had a birthday on Dec. 21, it was cold and she was working so many crazy hours that we couldn't celebrate her birthday. All she wanted was to be able to pet the Sting Rays at Desert Museum. Well today we finally went the weather was perfect.
This beautiful guy was right at the entrance is a Harris Hawk
 Now that's a face only his mother could love
 Garden eels

 See Horses
 You have to wash your hands and arms before you can put your hands in the water. Palms down and stay still. As you can see the Ray's will either go over your hand or under. This one even gave her hand a kiss

 Female Northern Cardinal Thx for correcting me Sondra

 OK  I believe this guy is from the Heron family? Sondra?
Black - crowned Night - Heron
 How would you  like to brush up against this tree

 Steeler's Jay

 After I zoomed in even more

It was a fantastic day and my daughter was very happy. Even if I had to drag her away from the Sting Rays. We missed a lot of stuff but I was so done. Maybe we will go again before it gets to hot.
And still was having trouble with camera not always focusing. Don't know why.

Good Night All