Sunday, September 25, 2016

I Believe Fall Is Coming

We have been having some really nice weather finally. Nights have been in the high 50' - low 60's and the days in the mid 80's to mid 90's.

Friday I managed to stay out doors until noon then it was getting a little to warm under the aluminum awning. The a/c isn't running much and that is great. Looking forward to nice low electric bills once again.

I hope to get out more with this better weather also. Maybe even get in a camping trip before the really cold nights set in.

Today after Tracy and I had breakfast we stopped at a local lake to take some pictures. After which we stopped at a clothing store so Tracy could pick up some new things. Also stopped at Dollar Tree for some things.

I even walked to my friends house later on in the afternoon to return a book.

This guy just kept sitting there and my daughter was sure he was stuck so she gently move her finger under him. Yes he flew a few feet and went right back into the mud. 

Finally he quit fluttering so I could get this picture

 A pair of Killdeer, I love these birds and there little chirping sounds

The water had this blue color on the bottom and I'm wondering if it is some kind of water treatment

This really gets me, look how close this pizza box is to the trash can. There was lots of garbage in the water also. Why are people so nasty. If you come here to enjoy the park then why can't they keep it clean so it can be enjoyed.
 Tracy found this little dog somewhere and just had to have it since it was a doxie. She really wanted a black one but they didn't come in any color but the brown. The sun glasses and readers are from Dollar Tree as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness collection
Good Night All

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nothing Exciting

We had been having some cooler temps but it didn't last long. Back up to high 90's but at least the humidity is gone. 

I managed to dig out some old paint from the shed and get them open so I can dry out the paint and get rid of the cans. Someone told me to put kitty litter in the cans. I'll check it out tomorrow. Hope it worked so I can get them out for the trash. Get this clean out under way.

Didn't sleep well last night had terrible heart burn. So I got up and ate some crackers and lots of water. I'm pretty sure I know what caused it and I will not let it happen again. 

Did  breakfast with Tracy this morning and she didn't sleep well either. So we drove up to A Mountain and of course I didn't bring the camera. Next week we will go back with the camera.

We made an early day of it and I came home and slept a few times during the day.

Good Night All

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wonderful Grand Parent Day

I headed out to the porch early this morning to do the cleaning out there. It sure was dirty and I had to do some spider spraying. With so much rain they seem to be everywhere along with some other not so nice pests. By time I finished the heat was rising fast. So I ran in an jumped in the shower. 

I needed to run to Safeway for a birthday cake, As Anthony is celebrating his 26th birthday Wed. I had a Carvel ice cream cake on my mind and they not longer sell them. So I figured a regular cake would do, then I spotted ice cream cakes in a freezer next to the baker. They weren't Carvel but that was OK. and picked up some salad fixings to add to the meal.

It was a great day. Tracy made a macaroni salad and some really good marinade for the chicken. There was cheese filled hot dogs, dip and chips. Anthony did all the BBQ. 

The kids were so much fun today. Just love them to pieces.

Arriana is really growing fast now. So busy all the time and endless chatter

Playing a very interesting game with the house or garage these toys were his dads when he was little
 Anthony the BBQ Master

Anthony and Ashley
We had a wonderful day and lots of good food and fun.

Hope all Grandparents had a great day today

Good Night All

A Day Of Remembering

Friday, September 9, 2016

Summer Hangover

We did have 2 days of steady rain but not the kind that would cause any problems. The winds were mild and not the 35 -40 mph they said we would get. Yes the humidity was awful. But we all survived.

I took advantage of the cooler temps to get some deep cleaning done around here. My house is suffering from Summer Hangover. When it is so hot you just do the bare necessity cleaning and that's it. I finished the bedroom and the master bath the first day. It was terrible. The next day I managed to get the kitchen done. I have to much stuff. So I looked over what maybe I might get rid of and found nothing. If I should decide to sell and move I will have to get rid of lots of stuff as I will be down sizing quite a bit. I don't need all this room. A Park Model or Tiny house of some kind will be more than enough.

It will take about a year to get things settled here and stuff gone. I am going to list lots of things on Craig's List in about 2 weeks. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Good Night All

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hurricane Us?

This hurricane off of Mexico will be heading our way by tomorrow. The reports vary. Some say lots of rain others think it will be lite and pretty much over. But some folks are getting sand bags as the big rain a few weeks ago ran into there homes and left 4 inches of water to clean up. So they are taking precautions for this. They say most of the rain will be Southeast but Tucson was right there in the thick of it. It has been cloudy all day and late afternoon we had a good down pour. It only lasted a few min. 

I finally got around to making the arm rest covers for the new chair today. Not to shabby for doing it all by hand. And it looks so much nicer than the place mats I was using.

Made a new recipe today and it came out really good. So I would like to get to the store tomorrow before the rain comes to pick up a few veggies that they didn't have at the .99 store  to make it again but with mushrooms, and some other things on the list. If not not a big deal.

I also was going to try and put the cot in the truck to see if it will fit now that the battery is there. But the humidity was so high right off the bat this morning so I wasn't about to go out there. Maybe next week it will cool down enough to get that done.

Good Night All

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Last Pictures From Sunday

The weather has changed again. Hot and humid once again we had a little rain last night but not much.

Did a quick run to the store today but really need to go do a bigger shopping tomorrow which is going to be tough since it is  the holiday weekend. So I better get out there really early and get it done.

I cleaned the yard yesterday and moved a few things around the house. My daughter is looking for a small house to rent so I guess until that happens the chair will sit in my living room. 

Been crocheting little hats again getting ready for the Christmas donations. I am trying to decide if I want to buy more yarn to make the blanket a bit longer, it is OK for a throw but I like them to be at least body length and this one is kind of short. I'll make up my mind when I get to Walmart. I also want to buy some material I saw there that almost matches my chair. I want to make arm covers since the chair is very light in color.

Here are the last of the pictures

 My photo bomber

 I wish they would have had something to tell you what this was made of it is so beautiful

Good Night All