Friday, August 7, 2020

A Beautiful Morning

Yesterday was a beautiful cool morning. I opened some windows and left the door open and turned on the cooler to blow the old air out of the house and some new fresher air in. It's amazing the effect it had on me. I felt energize and renewed.

I quickly turned on the oven and made some cheesy chicken breasts. It was done and out of the oven by 8am. I got the vacuum going and did all the rooms and dusted. Of course by 11 am it was time to close everything up and relax for a bit. Then I made a no potato, potato salad. About 1:30pm it was time for A/C again.

This morning it wasn't as nice but I did leave the door and a couple of windows open. My grandson came over with the kids and I made a nice breakfast for us all. They stayed for a bit and then on their way they went. I then made eggplant parmesan. For some reason it just wouldn't cook right and it was spilling over onto the bottom of the oven and really stinking. So I took it out and placed it in smaller containers and used the toaster over. It finally baked up OK. I will put quite a bit in the freezer. I think I will be good on frozer prepared meals for a bit of time. 

I would love to see more mornings in the 60s but sure doesn't look like it showing mid to upper 70s for the next 10 days and of course the 105 - 108. Oh well I just keep telling myself winter will be here soon.

Good Night All!

Monday, August 3, 2020

New Blogger

Oh I see the new blogger caught up with me. Well lets see how it goes. Well l didn't get far and it already stinks. I guess you can nolonger post a header of your choosing just this ugly nothing.

The freezer showed up yesterday after I sent a tracker note to Amazon on Friday evening wondering where my freezer was since the arrival date had already passed and no change has taken place for over a week. I recieved a note by Sat. stating deliver would be Sunday. So yes it showed yesterday and today my grandson showed up to set it up for me. And he did a few other things that needing taking care of. I fed him a good breakfast and sent him home with some food and other things he needed for his appt. 

This afternoon we finally  had a storm blow in and right out but did get lots of rain for about 20 min. It cooled it down to about 87 which was just wonderful.

Tonight my daughter stopped by to pick up her Pastina and to bring me a gift she bought me while on vacation. 2 great bars of soap and a camping kitchen towel. We had dinner and sat and caught up on life issues, mostly car stuff ,her job and the crazy things going on in this town. She has decided to hold off on doing Door Dash for awhile because of all the unrest and crazy people running around the streets lately. I'm glad she is going with her gut feelings on this. It was just a side job to have extra spending money so why risk something happening. She doesn't need the money to pay bills since she has a full time job that covers her expenses.

So it was a good day with visits and shared meals

Good Night All

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

No Furnace

This weather is a joke. We never saw temps below 98 and that was only 2 days then right back into the triple digits. It has been 109 for the past 3 days now. And looks like monsoons went somewhere else.

I did a big veggie order so I have been cooking. Problem is the freezer hasn't arrived yet and I never was able to get the stand set up. But tomorrow my grandson will come and take care of that. Maybe with any luck the freezer will show up while he's here.

I've started on a new throw for my granddaughter Aliya but at least I have until Nov. to finish it. If not for her birthday then maybe Christmas LOL.  But that gives me plenty of time.

Not much else going on around here. Still staying home and doing what I can to not go stir crazy. Maybe if it cools down a bit next week I will take a ride and find things to photograph. Sure miss doing that in the mountains but since I'm not going there I'll look around here.

Good Night All

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Lower Temps, Rain And Project Done

Yes it has only been in the very low 100's these past few days, but of course the humidity is way up, well for us here its high. Last night it rained on an off most of the night. They are calling for a big storm tonight or at least by tomorrow late morning. So I guess its safe to say that the monsoons are about to get started. Even calling for 87 F on Friday. Hmm wonder if I should have the furnace turned on. LOL

I finally finished the baby blanket today! I'm so happy to have that project done. It was taking up far to much of my time. But I love the way it turned out and it is so nice and soft.

I guess I really need to go out tomorrow to buy a gift box, wrapping paper and a card. My granddaughter Aliya will pick it up on her way to the drive by baby shower. I guess they will come to the car and take the gifts in the house. Then they will have a live thing on the internet somehow showing her opening gifts. I tell you where theres a will theres a way. 

Good Night All

BTW.. I still have the same blogger set up

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Freezer And Playing

I'm sure most of you know the heat here has been a killer and now we have humidity. So isolation is even a bigger pain because now being outdoors is just not much fun.

I had been playing with my camera before the real heat set in so I have some new pictures not many but a few.

I was opening the blinds one morning when I spotted this web I love the rainbow effect from the sunrise

The last full moon 

I finally decided on a freezer. I didn't need a very large one just more than I had with my fridge. So I opted for 1.1 it will be enough for my needs to hold extra meats and veggies. It should be here the week of the 27th I know where I want it just need to find a suitable table to hold it. It can just sit on the counter but I don't want it there. I may put in the computer room or what used to be Freds Man Cave. Fred doesn't use that room anymore. I have my bike and sewing machine in that room. But it is also a play room for the kids so that may not be a good spot. Although they never bother with the bike or the sewing machine. My other option is the computer room which also has space for it. I have 2 weeks to make up my mind.

I have been working on the baby blanket and hope to get it done by Friday. But the yarn has been a bear to work with. It comes out in big chunks of knotted garbage. I have had to cut it off and it wastes a lot. I hope I have enough to finish that would be a rotten shame. The shower was canceled because of Covid19 which is still running rampant here. They are going to do a drive by shower. And they will come to the car to collect the gifts. This is her first baby and she is frantic because her mother will not be allowed in the hospital only the babies father. But when we had our kids no one was allowed in the delivery room we had our babies by ourselves, with a Dr. and a nurse peroid. If I finish the blanket I'll take a picture.

Good Night All

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Heat Is On

Covid19 still going strong around here because  idiots still refusing to wear a mask. 

The heat has been high and this weekend it will be even higher at 110 - 115. But I have nowhere to go so I just close up all the blinds and stay in. I only go out to let Fred out and we get right back in the house.

Still ordering deliver for groceries. More things are available except for my favorite coffee now and still no hand sanitizer or lysol spray. Don't understand that when my daughter finds them almost everwhere else. BUT they finally had Charmin!! That was a thrill.

Been cooking up a storm as I had room in the freezer. Made a veggie stew, a sort of veggie lasagna with no pasta or meat, more like a generic. LOL But the zucchin and eggplants haven't been all that fresh and have to be cooked fast. Half the eggplant and a zucchini along with other veggies went into the stew and the other half of eggplant and a zucchini went into the generic lasagna. 

I also made bread the other day and it finally was a success. So that also went into the freezer since I won't be making another one until fall or winter. Had to keep the oven on far to long. But at least I finally made one that was eatable and not another brick. It was a no nead dutch oven recipe.

The baby blanket may not make it to the finish line for the 25th as the yarn was awful and I spent a good 4hrs trying to get it apart I finally gave up and cut it free. So we shall see baring anymore problems with yarn I may get it finished. It is coming out so pretty it would be a shame for it to be a wasted job. This was not cheap yarn and for this to come out in a waded mess was so aggravating. It must have been a dirty machine problem that just twisted the yarn and there was lots of fuzz that just tied the yarn threads together. Oh well fingers crossed that wont happen again.

Well I think that is about it for this exciting life of isolation. Thanks to all the IDIOTS who refuse to wear a mask.

Good Night All

Monday, June 29, 2020

More Wind

For the next few days we are enjoying a cold front yes that's what I said a cold front. Temps are down to mid 90's. But with all the wind you still can't enjoy the outdoors. Some mornings the wind comes in from the northeast and the smell from the fire comes all the way here. For a few days the winds were down and they got a bit of containment but I don't know how they did the last 2 days.

Couldn't get any news on the fire because  our governor was doing his dance about the huge rise in Covid19. Gee I wonder who's fault that is. So bars and gyms are closed again. He still will not enforce mandatory masks, and leaving it up to the mayors, what a looser. Afraid to ruffle trumps feathers. 

So I continue to stay put and do my routine around here. Crocheting on the baby blanket but it doesn't seem to grow much.

We lost a dear family friend this Friday morning. Most of my grandkids are devastated as they all loved him so much. He was only 18 when he took the roll of step dad to 4 kids. There bond was such a beautiful one. And continued even after the divorce. I feel so bad for the youngest who lives in CO. . Those 2 were thick as thieves and she is having such a hard time not being with family right now. She said she is so happy she had made the visit in March and they talked about her moving back here. Elvis was born with many medical problems and was only given a year if that. Well he made it to 38 he was a tough guy. But the second round of pneumoniae in 4 mths finished his already struggling heart. He had a smile that seemed to never leave his face. You never knew if he was not well he just wasn't going to let you know. RIP you are missed

Good Night All