Friday, July 31, 2015

HOT N Humid

It's been so nasty out that I really hate going out. I have run to the store a couple times.

Haven't been feeling all that well so I'm not doing much at all. Hope to see the Dr. next week.

I just went out with Fred and it is really nice out. Maybe we will get a little more rain tonight.

Had to pick up lots of cards today. Lots of birthdays and one of my grand daughters is getting married next week in CO. but I won't be attending so I will send them a gift in the mail.

My daughter brought over my great grandson Marcello last night and that was fun. He tells great stories. What an imagination love it. I can't believe he is already going to be 4 in a few days. I am going to send him a card with a gift card in it, he loved the last one and thought he was really a big man with his own gift card.

Hope we get a break in the weather soon the heat is bad enough but the humidity is a killer.

Good Night All

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I made pretty good time until I hit Tucson and it's never ending road work that takes years for them to complete.

My friends Barb n Lois waited for me to pull in and we went to lunch. I sure needed that since I didn't even have a cup of coffee. I usually stop after 2 hrs and use the restroom and get coffee. I first feed and walk Fred, make sure he gets enough water.  But it was so hot already at that stop I couldn't leave Fred in the truck not even for me to use the restroom. I took small sips of water on the road and prayed I wouldn't have to go. As soon as I backed into the driveway I let Fred go and then we ran into the house so I could go.
I had a pounding headache. I made a quick cup of coffee and unloaded the food. Not that there was much of that but enough to get me by until tomorrow.

After lunch I started to unload a little at a time. At one point it started to really cloud up and get dark. I ran out to put things in the shed and it started to pour down. I got soaked. It rained so hard that it was hitting the windows on the carport side. Then the power went off. And it is still raining.

I'm sure happy I have the battery powered fans and LED lights. As the power stayed off for about an hour. Put batteries and lighters on my list. My stove has an electronic light so when there isn't any power you need a lighter or matches. Luckily I had 2 matches.

I love the bark on this tree

As I was leaving Show Low I saw this ahead of me at first I thought it was mist but it was smoke it sure was heavy as I got closer I think it was a controlled burn because I saw a warning sign about the smoke

And here is the rain pouring down

Good Night All

Monday, July 27, 2015

Trip Has Ended

It's time to head down the Mountain in the morning. I hate to go but all good things must come to an end.

The truck is loaded. Of course there are always last minute things, like the freezer stuff and fridge and when I am done here pack up the  laptop and get it in the truck along with the camera. Food will go in in the morning.

It has been a great trip and I can't thank my friend Lucy enough for the use of her place for a little over a month.

Adios my Mountain!

Good Night All

Friday, July 24, 2015

What An Awesome Day

Kind of had to kick myself a few times to get moving today. It dawned really cloudy and ugly.

But off we went to Big Lake with some other stops along the way.

We hit a campground that is mostly for folks who have horses. There are small corrals made of logs. The name is Gerbaldey or something like that which leads to a few trails one such trail is Baldy 

Then we moved onto Crescent Lake
As you  can see the clouds were ever present. This is the smaller part of the lake where it starts

Wild flowers are everywhere in lots of colors

We are now at the center of the lake
 Lucy found a snake swimming in the water

 cloud shadows and sunshine

Lucy had the sharp eye today and spotted this guy

Then we moved on to Big Lake

 Never have either of us seen this lake so packed with people in boats, and catching lots of fish

 see the tiny dots way on the other side that's where I started to take pictures
 After zooming in

 These White Aspen have carved with so many names over the years

Here's another find by Lucy at first I thought it was a dear but it is an Elk
 Further down the road Lucy spotted a herd of Elk

 Here we find a young buck, there was a full grown one in the back and always undet cover of the trees

We hit some hard rain on the way back to Lakeside and had to pull over a few times. But I am now thrilled that I at least made it to Big Lake  before I went home. I sure will miss these mountains. Hope by next year I will be able to find a small camper and can stay for the season.

Good Night All