Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nice Visit

Another nice cool morning. And the 90 degrees later in the day wasn't to pleasant with the humidity up again.

Went to Safeway to pick up a birthday card and some Yuban that was on sale and toilet tissue with there coupons.

After lunch I picked up Kathy and we went over to Barb's to help celebrate her birthday which isn't until Sat. but things will get busy around the Village this weekend.  It sure was nice being all together again after a long summer of there absents.

Seems we had an attempted burglary last night down near the wash. Couldn't they wait until I was done with this stuff. Stinkin Creeps. 

Had an e-mail from a camper friend this morning letting me know they are heading this way. I better get my act together for a camping trip. I was thinking of changing things around in the camper for more room but I don't think there is much I can do with it. I will have to take some measurements. 

I was checking out some appliances that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter thing and found many things, I'll keep it all in mind for later uses.

You all have a wonderful weekend.

Good Night All

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We hit 50 degrees in the early morning hours. How I hated to get up. But Fred need out and I had to go do labs. 

After feeding Fred I took off for the Dr. for the nurse to draw blood. I have been told to drink water before I go so I did but ..I got poked 3 times and not a drop was to be had. OH MY! I feel very much alive. And I feel really healthy too.  So know I will have to go to the lab where maybe they will have better luck.

I came home and drank coffee and had some breakfast. Man that coffee sure tasted good too. 

Speaking of coffee one of my readers and I am one of hers, mentioned the Melitta Coffee set up for camping. I was telling Barb I needed to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to see if they had them as I didn't find it at Wally World. I did find them on line at Amazon and the Melitta site but then there would be shipping and I'm sure it would cost as much as the little Melitta piece. Barb said I have one that someone left behind after a visit a few years ago so come get it. Free is so much better. Thank You! It sure will beat the cowboy stuff I have been making.

On my way home I spotted Kathy and Jer unloading their car. So Welcome back!  All my buddies are home now so let the fun begin. Tomorrow we will get together at Barbs to celebrate her birthday.

Good Night All

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Found More

This morning that wonderful chilly weather was back. stayed in the mid 80's wonderful.

My friend called and said she found another pop up that I was looking for. I had said I wouldn't mind a pop up tent trailer if only one side opened. And there it was I will call about it tomorrow after I go for my labs, yes I forgot to go this morning.

There was also a 1980 13' Scamp that looked like show room new. What a difference from the 1990 Casita and for the same price. I'll check out that one too.

Other than that it was a slow quiet day. I cleaned up the porch and moved some plants around, and filled the fountain. Watered the house plants and vacuumed.  

It was just to nice out to stay indoors.  

Good Night All

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wouldn't Take It

The sunrise this morning was so gorgeous and no I didn't run out to take a picture. :(

Had a text from my friend Lucy today to let me know she was home from the mountain.  So of course we headed to China Buffet. 

We had so much to catch up on and talked till our jaws hurt.

I was telling her about the little Casita and he dropped the price by $1,000.  So we headed over to see it. HAHAHHA  This guy is nuts. People have been leaving him their opinion all over his 2 very large signs.  one of the back windows was broken out and you can see all the windows leak as the caulking has dried out. It reeked of mold, the toilet was missing, the ceiling rug is all falling down and several things were broken including the door  hinges which were badly bent. who knows if the tanks are any good. I called him and offered him $500. he wouldn't take it.
Lucy and I could fix pretty much all of it but not if I have to pay him $3,000. The longer he leaves it out there the worse it will get and I am surprised they haven't towed it away already. 

I would not have put the carpet back but insulate the walls and then cover them with something else. But to bad so sad. Next

After we had a good laugh over that we went to our favorite store Dollar Tree. And headed home.

It was a fun day.

Good Night All

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Didn't Work

Again today even though it was only 88 it sure felt hotter than that. Don't know whats up with this humidity again.

The trailer was really nice but way to heavy for my truck to tow. It has been kept up really nice and has lots of new things and upgrades. 1988 model. Then I was told about an Aliner on Mission Rd. I was telling someone about it and they said they are asking 14,000.  Won't wasting my time on that  one. No big hurry I'll keep looking.

Other than that I didn't do to much today. Stopped to see how my sister was doing with her and her Ceramic groups little craft affair. It wasn't going real well and I just moved on. It picked up later on in the afternoon.

Good Night All

Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's Over

First someone needs to tell the weather if IS FALL! It was really warm today and very humid.

I had gotten some new Capri's yesterday and a new shirt for today's event. The pants although black worked out but the shirt noway it was to hot. I did have a shirt to wear and if I would have remembered it I would not have bought the new one. Oh well maybe something will come up this winter and I can wear it then.

I went to the Club house early and got all the pamphlet set up on a table. My Co Chair came with her husband and they started getting other things together. People of course always show up early but we were ready. The pizza was on time and so were our speakers. 
We had a speaker from the Sheriff's Dept. 2 from the Drexel Heights Fire EMT Division and a guy who has an animal removal business. He brought along some critters, snakes and a beautiful Gila monster,and a  desert toad. I stayed near the exit when the snakes came out. :~( All in all everything went off quite well and I was told it was the best  G.A.I.N. get together they could ever remember. We had 43 attendees and they also said that was one of the largest ones ever. So I am glad that I did a good job and leaving the Neighborhood Watch on a good note.

One of my neighbors told me about a travel trailer their friends is selling and they will give me a ride over there to check it out sometime this week. I think it maybe more than I want to have but worth a look.

I am ready to relax now so you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Flu Shot Day

Had a follow up today for the kidney test and what ever else they did back on Oct.1. Everything was normal. Then the Dr. asked about a flu shot I have never had one. He said your a bad candidate for the flu but a good candidate for the flu shot. OK shoot me.  Then he started looking through my chart and said Oh it's time for your yearly check up. Oh wonders of all time. So EKG was done, Oxygen levels where tested and a slew of other things are being ordered. 
Did any of you notice that the older we get the more test are required for a yearly physical?  I don't have time for all this, I have places to go and tree's to hug. Then of course I had to start coughing and that lead to more looking and questions. Decided it was just allergies and gave me a script for nasal spray. I knew that.

It turned into a very busy day and tomorrow will be even worse. Need to do the shopping for home and the G.A.I.N. Pizza Party. I will be so happy once this is over on Sat.

Good Night All