Monday, June 29, 2015

Greer, AZ

This morning Lucy an I headed to Greer for lunch with another friend Bobbie. We at a really nice little place with a deck out back or table in out front, they also had seating inside but it was to warm. So we headed out back to the deck. We knew a storm was heading that way so we tried not to hurry to much. And we did enjoy a nice visit with Bobbie. We only hit one store which was right next door to the restaurant. So headed back down to Lakeside being chased by very black clouds.

But we made with only a few spots of lite drizzle. Today was Lucy's birthday so we stopped at the Casino to see if her birthday might bring her luck. At least she left with her original money and I spent $2. Yes I am cheap.

We came on back to the trailer and got Fred walked and then Lucy's friend called to let her know they had cake. So off we went to their place and had some cake and good laughs.

It was thundering when we left their house and got home to walk Fred again and then the rain came. 

The drive up to Greer is just breath taking

You can see the clouds building but they were still a nice  fluffy white

This was our view from the deck where we had lunch the food was great. 

Of course you can still see how bad and how close the fire of 2012 was.

look closely at the bottom of his picture to see the little cabin that was spared by the fire. 

Hope to make a few more trips to Greer over the next few weeks to see more. New stores open but I will return to this restaurant again.

Good Night All

Friday, June 26, 2015

Power Outage

This post won't be easy as I have a flashlight over my shoulder to see and the battery doesn't last very long.

Had a great day wandering around some antique stores and one of my favorite stores Liberty Market. I picked up a new t-shirt as my supply is getting pretty ragged.

Went to Woodland Lake and it used to be so beautiful but now it is very sad.

I wonder how long it will be before this tree takes out this wall

I haven't seen this lake at full capacity in years

No he isn't dead just diving for food

The family is growing up now


The second family leaving shore

Seems they are predicting storms for tomorrow but we shall see.

Ah the power came back on.

Just in time to say :

Good Night All

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Show Low Lake

This morning it was in the high 50's and absolutely beautiful. Had to wear a flannel shirt for a little while. 

Fred was feeling really good and very playful today so all is well.

I need to run to Walmart again for a few things and decided to stop at Show Low Lake with the camera this time. I was also going to go to Rainbow Lake and the Post Office.

I was wondering what the poor people where doing today, then I remembered I was standing there taking these pictures 

These next shots were taken from tent camping sites really nice views

They have fire pits picnic tables and the restrooms are off to the side

After I left here I missed the turn for Rainbow Lake and totally forgot about going to the post office until I parked the truck at the trailer. I brought everything is the house and put things away. I really needed to go to the Post Office so I loaded Fred into the truck and off we went to the lake, great I left the camera home. So off we went to the Post Office. Tomorrow is another day.

Good Night All

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

All Better

Went to do the laundry around 6 am. While waiting for the dryer to finish Lucy came running in saying Fred was really sick worse than last night. Sure glad she was here in my absence. She stayed with the clothes and I ran home and picked him up and off we went to the vet. He was in bad shape. He had stopped vomiting by then but was very week and dehydrated. So I had to leave him there so they could do an IV. They called a few hours later to let me know he was doing better and I could pick him up around 5. They called again and said to come at 4:30 instead so we could go over a few things. Fred will be on a special diet for a few days with a special food so his stomach has time to adjust again. They sent me home with 2 cans of food. He is only allowed small amounts of water at a time also. But he is his happy self and was the hit of the Vet's office. As week as he was he still had a tail wag for everyone as the day went on and they worked their miracles with him. Want to thank everyone for all the well wishes for Fred.

We had quite a storm today and the temps dropped to 58 degrees. It felt great but I did have to close some windows.

Hoping for a much better day around here tomorrow.

Good Night All

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dang Fred!

Today was looking like a decent day cooler temps. Had some things I needed to get done so I started to get ready.

I got a text from Lucy wanting to know if I was up yet. hahah She came up from Tucson this morning.(I am staying at her place )

So I made extra breakfast and fed Fred. Off we went to run the errands and I thought take some pictures.

We pulled over and I took a picture(haven't loaded it) then pulled into a really nice spot and nothing worked. Figured the battery was dead so we headed home.

It had gotten quite warm in here while we were gone and something in her bag melted on her meds. She was trying to save some and a few flew to the floor. Before she could react Fred was on the scene. Lucy thought she had kicked the pill away but Fred is quick. Lucy even pride his mouth open to make sure he didn't have anything. But Fred rarely chews anything he inhales. We started to keep an eye on him and Lucy did some research on the pill and reactions from it. I noticed he started getting lethargic so I kept waking him up and a call went in to a vet and poison control. They said to try to induce vomiting and make sure he drinks lots of water. He vomited a small amount and did drink lots of water. I picked him up and put him over my knees to more or less feel for his heart rate when he really let it go with lots of vomit followed by lots of water. We then took him out and had him walk around. I figured if we made him move the lethargy would move out of him. We came back and he seemed to be coming around. A little while later we took another longer walk and he perked up really good. Thank Heavens he is all right. Little Shit. Lucy was beside herself with guilt, but things happen it was not intentional and Fred is like a 3 yr old kid.

Maybe tomorrow will be a much better day.

Good Night All 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Warm One

The morning was beautiful and cool again but it doesn't last long. So after feeding Fred and myself, I took off to return a fan I bought last week that the base didn't fit. The girl never asked what was wrong with it and just gave me my money back. Kind of makes you wonder how many have been returned already.

Then on to Wally World for grocery shopping. Picked up most of the essentials and didn't go searching around for anything that was not on my list.

By time I left the store the heat was up. I sure was wanting some good refreshing water with lemon, cucumbers and lime. OOPS forgot the lemon so I ran to Safeway and picked up a couple.

Out side of a few short walks with Fred there wasn't much else I felt like doing. I did start working on a baby hat.

Tomorrow I need to pick up some meds at Walgreen's but I think I will stop at Show Low Lake for some picture taking, maybe stop at a few more lakes on the way back.

We had some thunder an lightening this evening but it blew over.
This may be the start of the monsoons already.

Good Night All

Late Post or Early

For some reason computer wasn't co operating last night. Maybe its the heat.

Haven't done much because it is just to hard to hand around outside. I did sit out in the gazebo for a short time, then the heat drove me back inside. Have been doing lots of reading.

Here are more pics from Fool Hollow

Looked like a storm headed out way

 You can see in the center rain coming down but it never hit the ground it just evaportated

As the sun set it was just majestic

Hope it cools down enough to start getting out more 

Have a Great Day