Friday, December 8, 2017

Watch What You Wish For

Well I had been belly achen about wanting colder weather and boy did we get it last night. I live out more in the desert area and so it gets colder here. We hit 28 last night well more like early this am. Yes I let the faucet drip sure glad I did. I also made some sugar water for the hummers and when I let Fred out  at 6:30 am I hung it out there for them. Today I wrapped the bottle a couple times but it isn't supposed to be as cold tonight.

I have been busy getting decorations out and my daughter helped put the new tree together Sunday and strung the lights. This one didn't come pre lit for some reason. So slowly but surely the decorating will get done and this Sunday she will help me do some things out front.

Most of my Christmas shopping is done just have a couple more gifts to buy but that can wait for next week. I did do some grocery shopping today. Tomorrow I need to do some cooking of veggies. 

I figured if I can't go to the mountains I'll bring a little mountains to me. The tree has a snow coating on it and I bought a cheap plaid throw for the skirt I wasn't about to pay $50. for a plaid tree skirt.

I found this reindeer head at Kirkland's and figured it would make a great topper of course it was a little to heavy so I had to tie it to the wall

Another Kirkland find the little canned ham trailer
I will take better pictures when all is done

Good Night All

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Cooling Down

We are finally seeing lower temps. And it is wonderful. We had a few hot ones come in but that hopefully is over. We are still a good 10 degrees above average for this time of year but I'll take it. The nights and early mornings have been in the 50's and that isn't bad either. We had one early 48 degrees so Fred whined until I turned on the make believe wood burning stove. Spoiled dog.
By next Tue. we should really see the temperatures drop so I will pull out the flannel sheets on that Monday. 

But the cooler Temps have me out and about know. I went out to get the electric heater just to be on the safe side and got into cleaning up the shed. Threw lot's of things away and was able to organize the loft. I wanted to make sure that all the village stuff was gone and it was. I pulled the outdoor decorations forward and put some empty totes up so that not so much is down on the lower shelves. Still have a lot to do but at least I started. 

Did a veggie shopping today and made a big pot of veggie soup, tomorrow I will put up a pot of chicken soup. I love soup. I have a recipe for the soup that Olive Garden makes with the sausage so I will have to go to Safeway for the sausage. Walmart doesn't stock much turkey anymore and I don't understand that.

They have been doing lots of warnings about rattle snakes taking cover in peoples garages and sheds. They say they do not go into full hibernation and will strike with out warning. Great! Although I am ever mindful of those nasty things. They showed the snake guy finding a few in some garages on the news tonight and warnings have been popping up on my phone.

Good Night All

Saturday, November 25, 2017

OK It Is The End Of November!

The header picture was taken in Williams, AZ in 2010 at the end of October. Needed to see this as I am so tired of this weather here. We have been tying and passing records for the hottest November since records started. Done I'm not impressed Mother Nature. But I do tell myself at least we aren't in the triple digits anymore. Tomorrow's high is calling for 91! While the mornings are nice and cool and the A/C will only come on around 4:30 pm a few times that is a good thing. I keep the house closed up to maintain the cool temps of the very early morning.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Lots of good food and pies. I was pretty good and didn't eat much at all and only brought home a few slices of ham and some salads and the left over sweet potatoes since no one eats them.

All the left overs were packed up and my grandson took them to a place he knows that homeless people live and fed them. He has such a big heart and I am so proud of him.

So now to figure out the meals for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Not really much to think about we usually do the Italian food. Peppers, onions and sausage and for those who don't like that it's pizza, stuffed shells and meat balls and possibly a ham, salads and antipasto . Of course desserts, nuts and fruits. All left overs will be taken to this homeless camp again.

Good Night All

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

I found this guy guarding the front door of a home in Lakeside, AZ a few years ago. There was a flock of these guys and even a Turkey Crossing sign for the street.

I'm so tired so I really will make this short.
I baked a pumpkin cheese cake, pumpkin pie, mini cheese cake cups and a cheese cake. In the morning I will make stuffing, sweet potatoes and a cinnamon apple pie for my grandson. Going to someone else's house is not easy all this stuff needs to be taken there. Including plates, napkins, forks. I also supply plastic storage bags in 2 sizes so people can take home left overs. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful and tasty Thanksgiving!

Good Night All

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Where Does Time Go

I can't believe  it has been such a long time since I posted. 

We did cool down some but they are calling for another heating up and it will be mid to high 80's for Thanksgiving. The mornings are wonderful and anywhere from low to high 50's. But showing can be a bit cold. 

I was a little under the weather for about a day an a half then made the mistake of going for a flu shot. Really felt like crap after that but by the next afternoon felt great.  I put up a big pot of chicken soup with lots of good veggies in it. Love home made chicken soup.

Been trying to get some heavy duty cleaning done. Gave the stove a good cleaning and then spilled Orzo all over the top and of course it went under the burners. OH well small clean up. Was able to move some furniture which is the hardest part. When did I get so old.

My daughter and I did our Sunday breakfast and tried to find a gold chain for my granddaughter for her birthday, but found nothing I could afford. Penny's had a great sale but you couldn't pick it up until Thanksgiving or the next day. You know that isn't going to happen. What kind of nonsense  is that not dragging me into a store when these people should be home with their family's not working. And the next day would be horrible with crowds. I thought most stores weren't going to open on Thanksgiving.

I have a company coming tomorrow to give me a estimate on a new furnace and after this week will call a couple more places to see what I'm looking at price wise. I may be pulling out the electric heaters again this year and then replace the furnace next year. After spending money on the washer and dryer it will be a bit painful to put out more big dollars.

Good Night All

Saturday, November 11, 2017

I'm So Bad

I know I'm late but I wish to send my greatest Thank You to all our Veterans! 

I know I said I would post more and well......

The weather has been really nice and so out the door I go. And all this fresh air is a real kick, just knocks me out. Not that I have been doing anything big but just getting out and doing anything. Since I spent the last 6 months staying at home and out of the heat getting outside is the best feeling. I try to kick my butt everyday to leave this house no matter what I will do just do it.

A couple months ago my Kindle quit working after a failed forced upgrade by Amazon. Trying to reach them was impossible and I was really angry. Their outsource people are of no help and it always the answer is can you move your laptop to another part of the house? No I am doing that and good bye. So I went to Barnes n Noble and bought a Nook book. I really dislike this thing. It is heavier than the Kindle and the on/off switch is on the side right where you would hold the Nook, so you are always shutting it down plus it takes forever to even start up. I asked my friend how she liked hers well she said it just up and died after being used very little, kind of shocked me to think that Barnes n Noble would put out such a bad product. Anyway the the other day I found my way to a comment section on Amazon and I was not alone in this mess of and upgrade. I left my comment, when I went in yesterday they had a section to trade in your Kindle and depending on the condition you can get $20. mine was in great shape and if you wanted to re read your old books you could. See the problem was it wouldn't download new books anymore and that seemed to be every ones problem. I still think they should do more since it is obviously a problem with the upgrade itself.  So I packed it up printed out a label and took off for the UPS store and sent it back. I attached a note stating I really miss my Kindle and if they can fix their error I would keep it. But if you bought a new one they offered an additional $20. toward it. That brings the price down to $29. I should also add I bought the Kindle in about 2008. So I did get my money out of it.

Tomorrow is family day here at my house and my grandsons are doing the BBQ. we are all contributing some dish. 

Good Night All

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Things Remembered

I have been preparing for another camping trip which should have taken place yesterday and of course it didn't happen again. But the truck is loaded and ready again. 

When I first started camping  I kept a journal. I had ruined the book so I picked up another one so I could transfer the old and continue on. 
As I read through the journal I couldn't believe how often I took off and enjoyed traveling so much. Not all trips were enjoyable and I learned never to travel with certain people ever!.

My first journey was in the cutest little Chalet and it was the only trip in it. I still wish to this day I would have added a lift kit to open it up. I did take it in and the guy talked me out of it. I'm sure if I had taken it somewhere else and had that done I would still own the little trailer.

My next was a Class C, my first trip was a solo adventure and I knew nothing about setting up all the tanks or much less anything else on the outside, I didn't even know how to open the awning. I went to  Wells Fargo RV Park in Tombstone, AZ and the manger Dan assured me before I left I would know everything I needed to know. I spent a week there and when I left I knew all I needed to know. I will be forever grateful to Dan and his wonderful wife.

From there I drove to Bisbee, AZ I had a hard time finding the entrance to the park and had to make a u turn on the little road just above the town. YIKES but I did it. I did all my own hook ups and was thrilled with myself. I did a few trips there.

But the worst trip was going to the Grand Canyon. Some one told me how to set up the GPS and it was a disaster. There was construction everywhere and no clear directions on how to return to the Hwy. After driving for 7.5 hrs I was only in a town that should have taken me no more than 2 hrs. The person with me was no help at all and just read a book instead of helping with a map or something. Well at least I finally made it to Williams and I was a mess. It was freezing cold there and 2 hrs after we arrived it snowed. Luckily not to bad. We hopped on the train to Grand Canyon the next morning and I tell you that revived me to see all that beauty. At least the trip wasn't a total loss and the person with me doesn't know how luck she was that I didn't throw her out on the side of the road. haha

But I had many more adventures but I think for tonight it is enough.

Good Night All