Friday, December 19, 2014

Ups An Downs

This morning as I was getting ready to take my sis in for her follow up my neighbor called to let me know I had a flat. Sure glad she called cause I would not have known until I tried to drive off since it was the passenger rear tire. So I walked over to my sisters and we took her car after many adjustments to the seat, steering wheel and mirrors. See she is just about 5' tall. 

When I returned home I called Good Sam Roadside and the guy was here in 20 min. He changed out the tire and off I went to get it fixed.

I waited for Lowe's to call all day to let me know when they would be here tomorrow for the install no call. Of course now I am on hold, new word is that they call in the morning Oh well I'll just be ready as early as possible. UPDATE! They called to let me know they would be here between 10 - 12:30 to install. glad I don't go to bed early.

I thought I heard a delivery truck earlier today so went to check and found my privacy tent on the front porch.That's a big Yippee. Now if the weather would just co operate with me to try things out.

Took some pictures of the snow capped mountain today. Sorry about the dirty windshield 

This pictures was take a few days ago at sunrise when we had the big rains

 I should have gotten out of the car but traffic didn't allow for it
Those are pines to left and to the right is Mount Bigelow Observatory it has a 61" Telescope and is at a height of 8,540'

A few years back this top area had been badly burned and the Observatory Station was almost lost

I was getting ready to take the picture below this one when I spotted this in my view finder
It has been very damp and cold and so there was this mist lying heavier below the mountain than the top

Have a safe and wonderful weekend 

Good Night All

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Moving Along

We had a little more rain this morning and heavy clouds.

As I was leaving this morning Fed Ex stopped in front of the house and he was delivering my screen room. I opened up the back of the camper and had him through it in. He liked my set up.
Had to take my sister to the eye Dr. this morning and was really hoping it wasn't going to rain anymore. On our way home the sky south was almost a black. But we made it back and just had a few rain drops here and there.

My Friend Rose called and we went off to  a couple stores. I picked up a gift card and that was it.

Came home and put on my nice warm sweats and got comfortable.

Good Night All

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dodging The Rain

It started to rain about 4 am at least that's when I heard it the first time. When I woke up at 6 am it was drizzling a little and then it stopped so I quick let Fred out and as soon as he felt a drop he came running back. 

It rained on an off so I took off for Lowe's and ordered my dishwasher. It will be installed on Sat. yippee.

Did you know you can't really find the end of a rainbow? There was a really nice one while I was on my way to Lowe's and I thought for sure I was going to get to the end, but the closer I thought I was getting the more it seemed to be further away. 

I was just about ready to pull into my driveway when I remembered I wanted to fill up the tank so off I went to get gas at $2.29 nice.
Figured it was a good idea since I have to take my sister for her cataract surgery and it is still supposed to be raining.

Good Night All

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hit Walmart about 8:30 am parked right out front. I found almost everything I needed. Some things will have to wait until just before Christmas Eve. My poor wallet is crying and tomorrow I have to go order the dishwasher. 8~(P. Only 2 more gift cards and gifts are done. All the food is bought and the Pizza's are ordered. I will pick up the rolls when I pick up the Pizza's on Christmas Eve.

I bought myself a pair of jeans and a long sleeve thing to hang around the house in. Even remembered to buy ink for the printer. It said double pk. right 2 bl one color what a rip. 

Sure is going to be a busy week. But this egg nog and Irish Cream is helping take the edge off a little.

Time to put my feet up and watch some mindless TV

Good Night All

Monday, December 15, 2014


Renewed my Pass Port American today and my Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Ordered my instant up screen room and a pop up privacy tent just in case the other one never shows up and I can still use the pop to get dress in if the hold true to the word to send a new replacement.

Went to lunch with my friend Terry today and the food was good as always at out favorite Mexican place.

Picked up my sister and went riding around looking at lights. Made me think how I should have put out more decorations but then remembered I would have to take them down again.

Saw some huge javelina ripping up some trash  down the street. I guess they are leaving for NM tomorrow so put it out early.

Had to show the lady next door how to use her oven some fancy stove but I figured it out. I hated touching it or getting to close.

Tomorrow big shopping day so I need to get out really early to hit Wally World then Lowe's.

Good Night All

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Baby It's Cold

It went down to 36 degrees last night and by 6:30 am about 34. It was cold and wet out from the rain of yesterday. We made a quick out this morning as the sweater didn't do much for Fred. Tomorrow morning I will use his jacket for sure. To bad he won't wear boots haha.

It did warm up a little this afternoon for about 2 hrs and Rose and I stood in the sun for a bit. I came home and didn't do much else. I think Tue. I will give up the wait for the dishwasher to croak and go buy one. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Good Night All

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Coming In And Going Out

When I took Fred on our first outs it was warm and lots of stars. Sunrise was beautiful bright sun shining, 20 min. later dark and windy, 30 min. pouring down rain and cold. In no time at all the temps dropped about 15 degrees. The storm moving in over the southwester mountains
Someday I am going to rip that sign down

 The mountain is completely hidden now by cloud

The north those mountains are only about 3 blocks from my house
 Storm moving out
 North cleared up

Good Night all