Monday, June 28, 2010

Show Low Lake

The man below is sitting on the dam, but as you

can see next the wind really started to blow and he

was losing his chair and almost his clothes

This guy is pulling in his pontoon the wind is getting stronger

and it is lightening and thundering

Camp Ground across the street from the lake

Not Long before this shot these kids were in the water at the boat ramp

Bate shop, registration and store

This sign was posted at the tent camping ground

Here I was standing in the rain, it was just to beautiful to

pass up

the spots are rain drops on the windshield

Trying to secure his things from the wind

It was raining pretty good

I was wondering wha this Hawk was looking at as

I gave up and started to leave a cat dashed across the street

and the hawk was right on him, the cat had to be 3x his size

the cat got away

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