Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is why I haven't been posting

This has been quite a project. It still has a way to go but she is coming along. It was empty for 2 years so there was lots of dirt and grime. It took a week to scrub and sanitize. Everything was painted the same tan color, ceilings, walls and the tile floor also was the same color. The kitchen and bathroom still need to be painted but I needed a break.
After all I came up here to rest and enjoy the cooler temps right?

The skirting has been replaces and awning removed. Put out some flowers too.
The porch will be repainted also some nice white or something, havent made up my mind yet.
this is the wall where the bed now is. It is a small room that had been added on sometime in its past life.

The living room was so nasty and dirty just like everything else

Couch was a close out and love seat used, lamps found at second hand store.will post more later on.

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  1. Looks pretty good to me, sweetie! You have gotten a lot done to it, that's for sure!

    Just keep on posting those pictures for us!