Friday, July 2, 2010

The Christmas Tree Resturant

I finally went to the The Christmas Tree Reasturant.
The meal was wonderful. I had a Hamburger that you build yourself, and I built a beauty, also had Steak Fries and Ice Tea.
The service was GREAT and we will return for the Chicken and Dumplings soon.

Santa must have worked very hard this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
My friend Carolynn came and enjoyed also

The waitress turned on the fire place for me but it didn't show up
There are lots of gifts to be bought, mugs, houses, tree ornaments and so much more.


  1. You finally went to the restaurant, good for you and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Now I wanna go check it out too :-)

  2. the spelling for the reaturant was the way it was on the card Who Knows why?

  3. Interesing place! Never knew about it before...but if the food was good, that's the main thing!

    Keep the pictures coming!