Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fool Hollow Lake

There are many lakes here in the White Mountains.
Every time I think I have seen the prettiest one I find another. It is relaxing and peaceful, with lots of tent
campsites as well as RV spaces. The tent sites are along the water and I can just picture getting up in the morning and sitting at the table drinking coffee and drinking in the beauty.

The shot below is from a tent site

these are just a few of the many wild flowers here

this Rock Squirrel posed for a few pictures, guess
he thought I might feed him

the boat was just drifting along, no loud motor roaring down the lake

He paddled and she just road the current
I zoomed in as much as I could I have never been so close to a Heron ever.

I would love to go back again and just sit on one of the docks for a while and wait for that Bald Eagle I know is around there somewhere.

1 comment:

  1. As usual, beautiful pictures! Sure makes me want to come up there and go fishing!

    Keep those pictures coming, my friend!