Sunday, September 19, 2010

Springerville , Eager and McNeary, AZ

Mc Neary was an old logging town and the mill was called Cady Lumber Corp. McNeary was a town with a hospital, school and stores.
Below is what is left of the mill.
A cabin for a worker and his family

An old store in Mc Neary still in service with the grass growing on its porch roof

Couldn't quite figure out where the house would have been. Maybe it had a wooden floor and has since been removed

An interesting find on the road back from Springerville hows that for a barn

The barn is down a few hundred yards from the cave barn
These pictures were taken in Eager. Eager is a very old town as many of the towns in the White Mountains are.
This Jack Ass was very large
Came across this old thing and as we drove around the corner we found the rest and you can see is still in use

Unlike his neighbor this burro was tiny but wanted to know if we might have some food.

All these buildings were in a few blocks of each other

A missed turn found this in a field.


  1. Wow, you sure found an interesting place!

  2. Boy, just thin of all the history behind all those old cabins and other buildings!

    Gotta love that old car as well!

    Very cool pictures, sweetie!

  3. Now, that's what i'm a' talkin' bout ~ Betty and I just love those very kind of places !

  4. Glad you all enjoyed the pictures. I love wandering around this part of the country, so many old things to look at. I have not been able to get good shots of old farm equipment as they are usually on the side of the road and there is nowhere to pull over. But will keep trying