Friday, October 8, 2010

Surprise visit and time to go home

My Daughter and Grand kids paid a surprise visit. Took them on a mad tour the entire day. Being born and raised in Tucson, they didn't realize AZ. could have so much water.
Those clouds couldn't keep us from having fun

I believe the real name for these are cat tails but not sure. I haven't seen them since I left NJ and the coast. We called them punks and would pick them and burn them to keep away mosquito's don't know if it really worked or not.

So Aliya thought she needed one to take home pretty tough going
OOPS, slipped right off the log. YUCK! But she got her prize
No Anthony it is not a corn dog
A tour around Woodland Lake found this, closer inspection found that it had been struck by lighting
In another post this was a much deeper and harder running water way now this is all that is left
Wonder what ate this?
Moving up toward Sunrise Ski Resort the trees are starting to change

This horse seems to have slipped his tether and made a get away to the other side of the road.
The rain did catch up with us and it was freezing cold
in Sunrise, had to turn on the car heater for awhile

And now sadly it is time to head down the mountain to warmer weather and home. But I will be traveling around Southern AZ. for the some winter images, until May when I return to Lakeside.

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  1. seems if you post to many pictures some drop off. Lake pictures are gone :(