Friday, April 8, 2011

The nice breeze has turned into heavy wind

Well I guess I can't complain to much from what I am reading on other blogs it is windy everywhere. I keep thinking something is bound to blow off the house. We are supposed to get rain but that is always just a scare. I talked to the guy who is doing work on my Tin Can Cabin. He has been laid up all winter with heart problems and is now doing so much better. He has started the redo on the bathroom and it will be done when I get there. The other projects aren't as important and can wait for the better weather conditions. They are getting snow again this weekend. And it had been so nice up there too. I hope the Dr. tells me I am free to go as soon as I am ready. That can be as early as the 15 th of this month or the 22 nd. I just want to get going I am so ready. Its time to explore and post some new pictures. Maybe this year I will have a camera in hand when the next Bald Eagle flies over my head. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. oh, misery loves company! yes, this wind is horrible and i this we desert folks are getting more than our share of it! hope it calms for you soon. looks like we're gonna get some warmer weather this coming week also. hope your knee is feeling much better and you have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you are raring to get going! Be sure to keep that camera with you at all time! Never know when something picture-worthy will show up!

  3. LOTS of wind here in Oklahoma. Never stops. And to think right behind our rig is a STORM SHELTER. I think by storm they mean tornado!

    Talked to a friend earlier in California - she complained about the wind there too.

    As hopeful said - misery loves company and we have plenty of it!

  4. Hi Hopeful, Glad you stopped by. Yes it looks like it will warm up this coming week. Then we can complain about the heat. :)

    Hi Jim, Yes I am ready to hit the road for Lakeside. As I look around my little home office I still have lots to do here but I will get er done. Hope your spirits will lift soon.

    Hi Phyllis, Now that is scary to know that there is storm shelter behind your rig but at least its close by. Stay safe and glad you came by today