Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cold you say

Well I guess its safe to say it is down right cold and ugly today. There is heavy over cast clouds and they are saying Thunder Storms for the next 3 days. And of course the wind.
How am I supposed to go out and look for a Bald Eagle when I can't even dress warm enough to go out to a Lake to look?
I opened the blinds and curtains and could feel even more cold. I hate not opening the curtains and letting in what little light there is to come in.
I may have to go out an buy a warmer jacket just to go out there and take pictures. I can crochet a quick beanie I guess to cover my ears, I did bring a scarf and gloves.
I hope somewhere some of you have sun and Spring weather.


  1. We're having the same cold, rainy weather you are. I hope it warms up for you soon.

  2. It's not that cold here in Maryland, but we have had a ton of rain. The ducks are happy~~~

  3. Warm..85 degrees.45 mph rain, yet. So, all that glitters etc.

  4. Hi Granny,
    I hope it warms up for both of us. It is still raining at 9:30 pm

    Gail, Nice to see you here. I know this rain is good for the forest as there have been so many fires already this spring.

    Michael, I will settle for 75 degrees and no more wind. I'am I asking for to much? lol