Friday, May 20, 2011

Exploring and out the window

I just realized that the camera settings were changed some how these pictures are awful. The day was cloudy enough without this happening.
You can barely see the female Rufus at the feeder.

I don't know if some one left this flag there without knowing or they left it there for a reason.

I came across this sign and drove the 2 miles but all I saw were lots of cows and horses just wandering around on the road or set back off the road.

I did see another sign for the lake but the bottom half of the sign was missing so I didn't know whether to turn right or go straight the weather was getting nasty and the road was bad so I decided to turn around and go back.

You lookin at me?

If you look very closely you can see a horse in the back ground
This guy was right out there on the highway and the speed limit is 55 he didn't seem to care about that. You can see how close he was to the car.

Haven't you ever seen a steer before lady?

Hope to go exploring again soon. If the weather clears up enough I would like to take the road all the way to White River.
the gas at the Casino was down to 3.57, I filled up quick


  1. Looks like you had a good time exploring.

  2. That looks like a fun day. Our gas isn't that cheap but it is down 20¢ today.

  3. Hi Teri,
    It was and if I had told someone where I was headed I might have kept going... I don't think my cell would have worked out there.
    Glad you stopped by.

    Hi Granny,
    I love going off into places I have never been. It is very beautiful up. I hope the gas keeps coming down.
    Thanks for coming by today.

  4. looks so peaceful and relaxing! glad you got out and about.

  5. Hi Hopeful,
    It is but today I found out I needed a permit to even be on that road. guess I better be more careful where I choose to go. :)

  6. Hi, thanks for the comment on my blog. Good Idea about the hornet spray, I think it has like a 20' range, I hadn't thought about using that for personal protection - need to buy some today.
    You would think the road would be posted, if you are not supposed to be on it.

  7. Love the pictures of the cows. They have always been one of my favorite animals to watch. Stay safe.

  8. Hi Teri,
    Yes I read about the hornet spray on RVBuddies around the campfire a womens camping group I belong to. Another one is to put a large dog water bowl outside the door. And yes the spray can reach 20'
    there was a sign but I didn't think it was also just for driving on the road.

    Hi Pidge.
    Yes I love the way they look at you. Its like they are really thinking something about you, LOL
    Thank you both for stopping in.