Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Painting and the fish fry

As you will see I am in desperate need of a shed Hope that happens this weekend. I started painting last Saturday and then the weather changed and the painting is on hold. That red paint was so ugly and made the porch very dark and uninviting I didn't use it much and really wanted too.

I shoved things from one side to another but it looks so bright now. I still can't believe how much larger and more inviting it looks.

The front of the porch will be covered in a white finish to cover this mess. I sure wish I new who built this mess. But I now it will look so much better.

I also can't figure out why the pictures are always crooked the street must really sloped down :)

this wall will also be painted white and the things hanging on the wall will be arranged, and the stuff piled there will be in a shed.

Here are all the fish cooked and ready to be served. What a wonderful meal we had.

Our wonderful hostess and host who caught all these fish Betsy and Al I Thank You so very much.

Here are this weeks catch, I was to close so you can't see that the fish are 12 in. They are golden trout and rainbow trout caught at the Apache Reservation which seems to have the best and biggest fish.

I am so happy to finally post these pictures.

Hope you all enjoyed.