Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Am I really in the White Mountains?

It was 93 here today and I think about 193 in the Tin Can Cabin. I had 3 fans going and at 10:08 pm it is still hot in here. Tomorrow I am going to buy a small a/c unit. There is one on the roof but the last time I turned it on last year it smelled of mold. I had a guy go up and look at last week because it has a crack in the top. Guy told me it was full of pine needles. I am not going to mess with that. Window a/c's are cheap.

I know that 93 is not hot compared to Tucson's 108 today but that's why I am here and not there.

Hope you are all staying cool.


  1. Hope you get the a/c unit installed so you can keep cool. We used to buy something called Cool Kote to seal the top of our travel trailers and also our mobile home when we lived in Arizona. It helps to seal any small cracks in the roof and also helps to keep the trailer cooler.

  2. You're in the mountains with 93 degree temps and I'm in the hot, muggy Midwest and the best we could do here yesterday was 71 degrees, go figure.

  3. Granny,
    The roof was one of the first things done here last year when I bought it. He put on 2 coats as it hadn't been done in years as far as he could tell. Yesterday there wasn't any breeze whats so ever.
    Have a great day Granny.

    Hey Joe,
    The muggy I can live without, but it will come in about 2-3 weeks.
    Glad to see you drop by.