Friday, June 17, 2011

New porch face

YIPPEE ITS DONE, well almost.
I need to paint the new steps, and touch up some of the paint. The new awning is up and the ramp is gone, screen is also now up and a portable screen door in place. Need to work on the path to the stairs. None of us expected to see such a deep cut where the ramp was. But I am so happy to have this done.

The new front

The red brick blocks below will come out and moved to in front of the steps. Will need to do lots of leveling, and buy some sand to lay the blocks

The way it looked before, some one made this porch closure on the inside instead of on the outside

I may have the trailer painted white next summer. There is always something to do.


  1. Certainly looks good to me! Like the white a lot better than the old color!

    You are really making some headway on the place!

  2. Thank you Jim. I just want to be done so next year when i come up maybe I will get to plant that veggie garden I wanted to do this year.