Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beautiful things to see

They must have known I was coming. But I was a good girl and did not trespass. I stayed on the outside of the fence.

Can you imagine owning all this beauty.

Sunrise Lake doesn't look very big but it is. It goes a long way around. It travels way beyond Sunrise Sky resort.

You can barely see the boats out there

I think this building may be a store. There are also camping sites way back

I don't think this is an outhouse I think maybe it is a pay station.

I guess I should just post this now before blogger decides not to work again and I lose everything once again.


  1. That is sure one beautiful spot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for joining in on my blog. And your welcome. It has been a long time since I found something to photograph

  3. Hey Nana,

    Having system issues?
    Great pictures of the lake! Can you get into that water? It looks refreshing!! Why are there so many no trespassing signs, but then boats and etc in the water? Maybe I'm confused.

    Love ya,

  4. You are seeing 2 different lakes. The one with the signs is a ranch with a small lake. :)
    I wondered if that might cause a problem.
    Love Ya Nana

  5. wow, what a pretty spot!! yeah, can't imagine owning that for sure. hope you're having a wonderful summer!