Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Rain

OK so I know how important rain is but this is over the top now. Today it started raining around noon. We lost electric power for a short time and it was cold. And we are in for this kind of weather until Aug. 9. I sure hope they are wrong. I don't mind the cold I have plenty of  warm clothes. But the constant rain can get you down.

I had to dig out the fuzzy slippers and sweat paints today. Fred thinks its cold too.

And Fred hates the rain, its do my business and run back in the house no walking right now  But he seems to be bored and makes a mess with his toys and chewy things. Oh well whats a dog to do

We did get out and do a good walk this morning I guess we have to stay one step in front of the rain .

Hope you all had a better Sunday.


  1. Fred will love it when you go home to Tucson. He's such a cute little guy. Love that expression on his face. Looks like he's saying "when is it gonna stop".

  2. Hi Granny, LOL I think thats what he is saying to. He hates the rain. Fred doesn't get to see his friends because everyone runs out does their business and runs back home. :)
    It is already very cloudy today and it was rumbling a little while ago.
    Thanks for stopping by have a great day.

  3. Hi JoJo! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Fred is adorable!!!

  4. Hey Nana,

    I think Fred is so cute and I really like his name. Not too many dogs named that. Hope he's great company for you.
    I will admit I'm SUPER happy to see you in those slippers then croccs! Those suit you a lot more in my opinion haha!

    Love ya,