Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On the way to Big Lake

On the way to Big Lake, there was so much to see. Lots of burned out forest but as in Greer still so much beauty. There were lots of clouds and lots of rain, thunder , lighting and sun to.

You can see the ground is burned and the tree in the middle the rest is still healthy and green.

This tree was burned on the bottom but may also have been full of those beetles that are also killing lots of trees.

The rains have started to at least make the grasses grow.

the background is rain falling over the mountains.

These are a large herd of sheep and the dog was amazing at getting them to move where he wanted them.

The sheep Herder.

A lone cabin in the middle of a meadow.

Many more to come .


  1. What beautiful pictues. I especilly like that of the sheepherder and the cabin. Thanks for sharing photos of your trip. I love the Pinetop/Greer area and hope things grow back quickly.

  2. Nice to see you Granny, yes those are very beautiful places and I do hope they grow back soon. I believe they are starting to plant some small trees but it depends on the condition of the soil. I am sure they will do all they can to help the land recover.