Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blue Sky's!

Today the sky was blue and it felt soooo good. The only problem and just a slight one was Weather Channel said it was to have a high of 74 and it was 84. But it was a wonderful day.

Around noon the clouds started to appear


 We stopped at Ace so we could take pictures of the tower we visited the other day and found one of the workers trying to find the nest  so they could put this baby back. I guess he was the second one to be found today but no one could find the nest.
 Here is the tower from the front.

I think I could see a bear in these clouds, the head is right in the middle top of the picture

The we hit some new stores that Jeanne found. I wish I could learn to look and not buy. LOL

Hope you all had a wonderful day.

BTW I do answer your comments.


  1. The blue sky looks wonderful. 84º is cooler than the temps we're having. We're getting into the mid to high 90s here.

  2. Hi Granny, Yes its not a bad temp at all. I talked to my sister last night and she said it was a very hot in Tucson yesterday.
    Hope you are feeling better, you have been on my mind.

  3. Hey Nana,

    You got some beautiful pictures!!! You know I'm a succa for the cloud pictures. Absolutely LOVE them!

    Love ya,

  4. Thanks Princess,
    check out the blog tomorrow.
    Love you Nana/ Marcello's Nona