Thursday, August 18, 2011

Clouds, Thunder, Lightening and lots of Rain

When I woke this morning at 5:50am it was a little on the dark side. But it is getting light later and dark earlier now. So I crawled over to the bathroom to get ready for our first walk of the day. It ain't easy let me tell you. But it is usual quick. Get back to the house give Fred his fresh water and food and grab the nearest, biggest cup for coffee and sit in front of the computer to wake up. Then after a nice huge cup of coffee I realized it wasn't getting any lighter outside. OK lets get a shower and then another cup of coffee and see what kind of trouble I can get into today. After the next walk which is longer and saying hi to half the RV Park we head home .
I figured it was time to clean up the porch. I had 2 desks sitting out there that I wanted to donate to the Dog House.
The Dog House helps support the Humane Society here in Lakeside.  So I got the first one in with not to much trouble since it was still in its box, but it was heavy. Then came the next one which was left here when I bought the place. I thought if I removed the legs it wouldn't be to much trouble. Well I couldn't get the legs off for some reason ( since they were always loose and falling off) So I carefully moved it around so I wouldn't rip the screens and fought hard to get it into the car and here comes a neighbor wanting to know what I was doing and if I was throwing it away. Well to make a long story short they took it home. Off I go to The Dog House with the remaining desk. They are always so happy for a good donation.
Anyway I walked around and found a hanging light for the porch which I have been hunting around for all summer, and a book   Dawn Powell by Tim Page, It is a biography. The book was .50 and the light was $5. As I was heading for home the sky had turned very dark grey and the lightening was awesome. As I parked the car the rain started and it continued to rain for the rest of the day. I really don't mind I just wish the awning would get fixed so the porch stays dry.

I'm thinking to paint over the Kachina's and add a bear and some trees to the panels. Now if I can only find some nice comfy chairs to sit on instead of those plastic ones around the table I will be set.
 Hope you all had a wonderful day.


  1. My goodness girl, you sure did do a lot of work. Now time to sit back and enjoy the now extra space by reading a good book!

  2. Hi Phyllis,
    As soon as it cools down more I need to finish painting the porch and then I am done.... for this season anyway. I messed up by passing on a good deal thinking I would get a better one on a really nice set of chairs. Now they are gone sold out, won't let that happen next year. But I will sit and relax until it cools down.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I hope the rain is helping to replenish the water level in the lakes.

  4. Hi Granny, It has. But Woodland Lake is being pumped out and that is sad. Hope you are having a great day.