Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is the sky right over my head at 12:30 pm (north)
This is the sky just to my right it looked a lot darker than the picture shows

This is to the left of the first photo (west)

I took this one from the front of my place which is south.
It would sprinkle and stop, then came thunder and sun. Soon the sun couldn't break threw the clouds.  The day was cloudy from that point on.  I spent the afternoon sitting out on the porch with the fan on as the air was heavy with humidity. I turned on the weather channel and just caught the local weather. I couldn't believe my ears when the guy said it was clear Sky's and sunny. What planet was this guy reporting from anyway.?
May tomorrow they will predict heavy clouds and the sun will shine .


  1. Looks like the skies over here in NM. You can picture out the weather you want by the direction you face.

  2. I would have loved to make the western side my choice. Lots of rain here.
    You have a great day John.