Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ft. Apache 3

Maybe tonite I can finish posting this. Would hate to start to bore folks.
We had rain on an off here all day and the temperature never went over 67. This is getting old fast. Not the cooler temp the rain.  Hope to get out tomorrow there is something I really want to take pictures of .

Well lets finish this first. I hope it doesn't come out as a slide show again.

 The basket ball court was behind the boys dorm there are also courts in the front of the door.
Back of boys dorm this building is also under renovation. If there are such bad memories of this school I don't understand why they would put it back in use. Of courses  the buildings are in pretty good condition once they get rid of the asbestos

 The front of the building the architecture is really quite nice

 I believe these are privates housing

Looking down the row of quarters. The original buildings were made of wood, after a large fire burned 5 of the buildings they used the stone.

Well I gave it my best shot and I couldn't finish. Tomorrow will be General Crooks Cabin.


  1. Your rain made it over here to New Mexico last night and it was too much, too quickly. Slow it down a bit if you would.

  2. I heard that. When it started raining here after the fires we were grateful for it. But now it is getting to be a bit much. It rained here all day yesterday and last night as well. It is cloud today. And by this afternoon more raun. One of my kids called yesterday on her break and said a dumpster just floated past. This was in Tucson. I heard they got 2 in. of rain in 30min.

  3. I certainly hope that you can clear up the rain before I arrive. After all, I'm moving to Tucson to get away from the rain.