Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just another day

Not much going on at the moment , but this weekend will be busy. It's Oktoberfest. I know its still Sept.
They have ten reservations for RVers coming in for this weekend. There will be a parade, car show, and a huge craft show. I did the car show last year. I love the cars but it is way to crowded. I also did the craft show and I will go back to that as its right down the street. I don't need anything but heck I'm sure I'll find something. :) I always do. 

Fred went to the groomers today. When I picked him up he had a blue bow attached to his collar. He looked embarrassed so I bought him a manly collar.

 He seemed to be very proud on his new collar
Of course the day was very exhausting. As you can see we haven't had to much luck teaching him to pick up his toys

Looked at some conversion vans today and a few commercial vans. But they all had V8 engines and I sure don't need a gas hog. But I have lots of time I will need to sell Mom's Little Run Away first. And that won't happen for a few months at least.
Talk at you more tomorrow.


  1. Maybe Fred's attitude about picking up after himself will change now that he is wearing that manly man collar.....and maybe not. At least he knows how to relax like a real man.

  2. JoJo, keep in mind todays V8's aren't like the old days. Either are the V6's for that matter both make a lot more power and get much better MPG. But don't rule out the V8's, when pulling a weight like a box or even heavier conversion van they often get better MPG than a smaller engine would because it takes less effort for a V8 with good torque to pull it.

    Loki doesn't pick up after herself either, whats with these dogs anyway? :)


  3. Hi John, I had to laugh at your comment. Didn't think about how, yes he knows how to relax like a man.
    Thanks for the chuckle and coming by.

    Hi Erik, Thanks for the information. I will keep that in mind while looking. I was trying to talk to my son about all this last night but the reception was awful.
    I don't know about making teaching them to clean up but I have seen it done.

    Thanks for stopping in for a read today.

  4. Right now he probably knows right where his favorite toys are!

    The main thing is...he looks very happy and content!

  5. Hi Sweaty, yes he does know. Today I went to a 2nd hand store and bought a basket I put all his toys in it and went out on the porch, he procceded to bring out his toys one at a time until they were all at my feet. LOL. He looked at me with such pride, I couldn't help but laugh.

    Thanks for coming by for read .

  6. I just read your previous post. I have to admit, I don't know a great deal about the "outside" work of setting up and breaking down camp. It's about time I did. But, if I was alone I don't think I would be traveling unless I could find a friend who wanted to tag along.

    I didn't realize you were thinking of selling your cabin. Sorry to admit, I don't read blogs every day. Miss a day - miss a lot!

  7. Hi Phyllis,
    I wasn't thinking of selling the Tin Can Cabin, it was my motor home. But if they don't stop the increases in the annual fee here I will have to sell. I love it here but not that much that I will pay outragous fees. If they had a pool and better amenities I could under stand but just a club house that isn't very pretty do not cover these costs. Yes we have wifi and cable but it doesn't cost all that much.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  8. Dear Fred, glad to hear you got a new manly collar. Sure is nice when you got a woman in your life that understands us men. Aint it?