Saturday, September 24, 2011


I left the house this morning at 8:45 am to the Art Show, last year there were many cars parked in the lot. Not one antique car was there. I picked up a few dessert bowls and 3 little gifts for the new babies. I could have turned down my street with ease but oh no not me. I figure I would find some cars along the main drag so I made my way to White Mountain Blvd. Big mistake. I spotted one car and pulled into a parking lot thinking I was going to get more. Wrong again there was only one. The traffic going back to my street was bumper to bumper, so I made a right turn down a side street thinking I was going to come out by a light and cross over to my street. Nope blocked and police making sure no one would go that way, I asked about the next block up nope blocked. Turned around had to go about 2 miles away from my area and hoped someone would let me make a left turn. I was able to do that and circle around and finally got back into the right direction.  Needles to say I never left the RV Park again today.

 So this is the only car I snapped today
 I just love these fields of yellow flowers, they grow every where. I was happy to see this little pond with water in it again. But this is not the lake.
Tomorrow I will leave the house quite early and head up to where the care show is. I hope. Wish me luck


  1. In my previous life I lived in the downtown area of a tourist town and always looked forward to when they had events and the traffic patterns were messed up as people filled the downtown. Now if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to talk to you about.

  2. I sure know what you mean. In Tucson they do those bycle tour things. Talk about a mess. I never leave my house on those occasions. And now I know better than to veture out for these.
    I don'tknow that I want to get out this morning for the cars. We will see. Need more coffee to get up the nerve. :)
    Hope you have a good day John and thanks for coming by.