Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things that interested me

While driving to the museum I found this mountain top that caught my eye.

 This could be taken for a cupped hand if you look at it closely
 The sign said Apache Trout. I saw lots of Apache Trout this summer and they did not look like this ugly thing. Maybe he is just really old. The color is right.
 I was just a little to short to capture this nest in a Cholla Cactus. They are sometimes called teddy bear, but let me tell you you really don't want one of these to get stuck in you anywhere.

 We had lots of wind the day before this was taken and that is dirt in the air. It was breezy this day to but not bad and made the day enjoyable.
 Took this from one of the patio's where you can eat outside. It was such a beautiful day for it to. Could have sat out there all day.

These last 2 pictures where taken from the entrance to the Museum.

Hope you enjoyed the rest of the show.


  1. That first picture looked like a catchers mitt to me, but I still might have baseball on my mind. I sure enjoyed the rest of the pictures though. Thanks.

  2. Now I am sort of missing not going back to AZ this winter. Especially since there is already snow just a bit north of here.

  3. Hi John,

    Yes it does since it has that deep pocket look.
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    Thanks for coming over last night.

    Hi Phyllis,

    I'm sorry your not coming this way I would love to have met you both.

    Snow is one of the reasons I came back to Tucson from Lakeside. :)

    Thank you for coming by this morning.

  4. I always find the Sonoran desert interesting.

  5. Hi Judy and Emma,
    Yes in the cooler months it is so pretty once it starts climbing into the mid 90's its time to go North. I remember when I loved it all year round now I can't take the heat anymore.

    So glad you stopped by today.

  6. I love Arizona and never get tired of seeing pictures.

  7. Hello Granny,
    I will be heading out the end of this week, so hope I can get some good pictures for you while I am out there.
    Thank you for coming over today.

  8. I think cacti are amazing plants. I am sure they saved the lives of many through the years. They also remind me of watching westerns when we were kids.