Monday, October 31, 2011

Washed the RV

I had a post all done and went to post and this crappy Cricket just lost it and stopped working, and it didn't even save to draft. As soon as I get back I will go to Verizon and get their air card and dump this Cricket fast. I wonder if it will even work out at the camp ground.

So as I was saying I got out there and washed the RV as best I could. I used a combination Windex and Turtle Wax Car wash. I like that bottle that connects to the garden hose. It was like mud running down off the roof. I scrubbed with the RV brush and had one of those long window squeegee things. I wrapped a towel around the window thing to scrub the window better and then another one to dry. It took a few passes on the front. I could only get to the driver door so I don't know how bad that side of the RV looks until I pull out of the driveway. But the rest is clean. I had to take a few Tylenol and rest up after that job.

I wish I knew how to down load pictures from my phone to the computer. My granddaughter sent me a picture of the baby dressed in a pirate costume. He looked so cute and he didn't seem to mind the hat at all.
I hope you enjoyed Halloween.


  1. Wish you lived closer and I'd ask to be next in the wash line. LOL

    Have your daughter email the picture to you or email from your phone to your email address. Should work.

  2. Washing a rig is a real task. I think I could only do it in sections. Only thing I keep washing is the large back window. Gets really dirty going down the road.

    Have a great November!

  3. Hey John,
    I thought you were going to say you would have helped me.
    I never set up my phone with internet so I can't send it to myself. I will ask her to e-mail me.

    Thanks for coming by.

    Good morning Phyllis,
    Yes it is hard work even if it is only a 23fter.
    But it was so dirty I just couldn't go out like that. And a car wash is scary because of the solor panels on top. Once in a while I get one of my grandsons up there and they give it a good cleaning.

    Glad you came by today.

  4. JoJo,

    You know without pictures it didn't happen! :)~ Then again, I washed mine last Wednesday and didn't take pictures so......

    I am hoping for an Indian summer this weekend so I can clean the roof! Have a great week!


  5. Hi Erik,
    Nope no pictures but I was wet enough and in enough pain for me to know I did it. :O.
    I will be happy enough just to sit and read a book and take walks with Fred. As far as I know its his first camping trip.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Another task completed! A good book and some fresh coffee seems in order to me!

    You did good, sweetie!

  7. Hi Jim,
    Thank you. When I pull out into the street to fill the water I will see how bad the drivers side looks, may have to do a quick wash on that side. Better not forget to grab a book while I am thinking about it. Of course there are bound to be some in the rig.

    Iam so glad you came by today my Special One.

  8. Mom just send the pics to your e mail. just as if you were texting someone you can put your e mail instead of a phone number