Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chores mostly

Today was not a nice day so it made for a good day to do house chores. Vacuuming and dusting. Trying to put things in order and thinking what can go to charity or garbage. Didn't get to far on that one. Fred thought we needed to take a nice long walk. I thought so to.

Then it was on to making hats for the babies and for adopt a family. That called for another walk to get the sitting kinks out.
I noticed while talking to my daughter that the sunset was really pretty. By time I got out there this is what was left

Win some lose some I guess.
I have been watching the adds for the good turkey prices and I guess this year there won't be any. .59 lb seems to be the going rate so far. I guess I can wait another few days to see what happens. 

Tomorrow should be another dark and dreary day with possible rain.  Will do some grocery shopping very early in the morning and try a new recipe that RVSue posted a few days ago. I'll let you all know how it turned out.


  1. HAHA It had some before I missed it.
    Hi John, Hope your day is going to be better than mine it started pouring just as I put the last of the grocerys in the car. Glad I have a covered car port.