Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

Put up my new Maxine calendar today and entered some Art Shows for next month and for March.

Hope to pull out of here next week for  about a week. Its time! The weather promises to be fantastic. But even if it isn't I'm going anyway.

Took down the Christmas decorations outside today except for the ones on the house trim. I will try to get them down tomorrow. If not oh well to bad so sad. They will go into the trash anyway.
I still have to take down the tree. Guess that will get done tomorrow too.

Cooked up a big pan of yellow squash, onion, orange bell pepper and carrots. The house still smells so yummy.

Other than that that's all there is today.

I hope you all had a great day if you are still celebrating the New Year. Be safe driving.

And they are doing a marathon Twilight Zone today and tonite on SciFi.


  1. My decorations are all down. I removed your tree picture from my screen saver. Thanks for letting me borrow your tree.

  2. My decs are still up, but then, there's not many, so it'll be easy to take them down & store them in here somewhere. Tell me more about the art shows please? And I can't wait to follow you..virtually that is ;-)

  3. Hasn't the weather been perfect?...had to decorations going in the trash anyway...that is where mine went!

  4. Hello John,
    No problem. Maybe next year I will remember to put the video of the fire place on and the picture will be better.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi TexCyn,
    I love these Art & Craft shows. They have beautsiful paintings, metal work, Pottery, jewelry and lots of food vendors.
    Vendors come from all over the country and Canada to sell. I have posted pictures a few times from shows. I'm sure I will take pictures at this one to so you can see them.

    Thanks for stopping by for a read

    Hi Ain't,
    I loved your picture for Christmas very simple and peaceful. My son hung these lights and never tested them first. some sections worked and some not. It sure is a long one to. So if the wind quits blowing today I may try to get it down tomorrow is trash day.
    And yes our weather has been perfect until today when the wind came up.
    I am so happy you stopped here today. Been wondering how you are doing.
    Thank you for stopping here.

  5. Bout time, getting on the road! lol. I got my Norman Rockwell freebie calendar up, too.
    Happy Trails,,,

  6. Walked into my daughters last night ..... they had on that Twilight Zone marathon. I well remember that series.

  7. Hey Trouble,
    Yes its time to hit the road for awhile.
    Thanks for stopping by today.

    Hi Phyllis,
    I would watch for and remember seeing it before so it was back and forth between other boring things. LOL
    Thanks for coming by this afternoon.