Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lackluster Indeed!

I received and e-mail this morning from my friend Tom H. He said my blog was kind of lackluster lately. Well I know he is right as much as I hate to admit that.
I have been thinking about going out to take some new pictures. The weather was great so off I went.
Drove out to Saguaro National Monument West. There were lots of people at the Visitors . We were looking at all the license plates on the cars. We should have taken count of out of State plates including those from Canada.

 The glare is from the glass that I took this picture through at the Visitor Center
 There was a sign somewhere that said these are extinct. They are not, there are very few left but I had one in my yard about a year ago. He was behind my trash can, gave the guy a good scare when he picked up the can.Gila monsters are extremely poisonous. But they sure are pretty.

There are so many Saguaro here and they're just full of water from the winter rains. 
This is my new back pack. Been trying to find one this size for a long time. Its perfect for picture taking outings. 
And I can't get lost with this little gadget and I will know how stinkin hot it is too.
Tomorrow I will post more pictures as we drove deeper into the Park


  1. As a Junior Ranger you will need to spend more time at the National Parks doing your duty.

  2. My dilemma now,,do i keep posting these boring blogs,,or just do em when i have something to actually say?
    BTW, i love your pics, and always read your blogs.

  3. Hi John,
    I wll give it a try. I will spend more time in the parks up at the mountains. Its much cooler there.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Trouble,
    It does get hard to post sometimes. But now you are trying to get that gate problems solved and its interesting, to me anyway.
    Thanks for the comments on my pictures.
    And thanks for coming and reading some of my boring stuff.

  4. Cool find on the backpack! I have one that has several pockets, I got it for hiking when I'm able to again. Right now, it's my portable RV office, it holds my paperwork. Maybe I should get another one! I wish I could go hiking there, maybe someday, we'll meet up & do a little walking. Fred & Carlos (my foster Chi-weenine) can go with us!