Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Making Changes

I was trying to register for the insurance on line find a Dr. thing, I really hate how they make their websites so user unfriendly. All I want is a list of eye drs. Why do I need a secret code? I am trying to get registered and it can't find me. HELLO I AM RIGHT HERE AND YES THESE NUMBERS CAME OFF MY CARD. Fine I will call tomorrow and be a pest because they can't find me. Its to late in the day to be aggravated. I have been insured for over a year and the card has been used it even has my primary Dr listed on the card. I really need to get this cataract removed its driving me crazy already.

On to other things.
I put the tree in its box and vacuumed up the mess. I moved the furniture and did  a really good  job.
Went grocery shopping for some healthy food so I can start eating better. It really is expensive to eat well. Tomorrow I will start preparing meals and put them in proportion size containers. It makes it easier to stick with it if I don't have to cook every day. I think now all the eating out is done. Eating out is the biggest problem. We shall see how it goes. And it isn't  a New Years resolution either I don't make those. It would be a sure kill right from the start.

The weather has been so beautiful. We hit 79 today. It clouded up later this afternoon. But at 8:12 pm it is still 58 degrees not hard to take at all. Still need to do more walking and now that most of the clean up is done we will go more.

Tonights cloud cover at sun set

Until tomorrow


  1. I agree with you about some websites, such a pain to have to create accounts and passwords.

  2. I'm waiting for you to forward your weather on to Texas and then you need to slow down a bit. You're putting my activities to shame. Enjoy your expensive food.

  3. Hello Teri,
    I just don't understand why the big deal to look up a Dr. on your plan. SHeesh

    I thank you for stopping by.

    Hi John,
    I had hoped the weather would blow your way and stay but I guess not. It is a bit cooler this morning and should drop down into the mid 60s by the weekend but heck thats still great to me.
    And I really do want to slow down but still have things to do. And yes cook up that expensive food. I'd invite you for a meal but by time you get here it will be pretty cold.

    Thanks for coming by.

  4. YAY!!! Your going to do great on the diet mom. And remember if you want something have it!! Just very little of it :) Love yOu!

  5. You've got so much energy, if you eat half way rite, you'll lose weight. Can't figure out why food is higher, when they take stuff out. Like sugar,,,lol.

  6. Since you are going to quit eating out you will have plenty of money to eat healthy! Once you get the routing down of healthy organic and no processed boxed stuff it all equals out and you will actually spend less! You will feel so much better...I don't even want to eat out any more..that food is the worse..I don't care what restaurant..