Thursday, February 23, 2012

No More Word Verify Here

Thanks to A Little Bit of Trouble, I found out blogger turned on my word verify. Thanks Trouble.

I did the shopping for the trip today, not that I needed much. And had to buy Fred a new bed. That boy can sure tear things up. So I just bought a cheap bed pillow and found a zipper cover to put over it.

Loaded up some things and then I was tired. So I quit and came back inside the house.

Cleaned up the mess I made in the house and sat and watched some mindless TV but not for long I feel asleep. Been fighting something. I think its allergies. I hear the pollen count is really high.

My freind Lois gave me a recipe for one serving cake. So I decided to try it. It said to cook on high in the micro for 1 min. Well Ms I never follow directions added 30 sec. and now it is in the sink with water in it so I can get it out of the dish. A jack hammer might have worked but I don't have one.
At least I know 1min. will work just fine.

San Xavier Mission

Madera Canyon after a winter snow


  1. It's rock cake! ;-) Love the pics.

  2. Thanks for removing the double word verification. I was going cross eyed trying to verify. Using a jackhammer as a kitchen appliance sounds like something out of my cookbook.

  3. Perhaps you could use the remains of the cake for stone soup?? :)

  4. Hi TexCyn,
    If you like crunchy this was would have been great if you had teeth of steal.
    Glad you liked the pictures.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Hi John,
    Your welcome, if I had known it was there sooner I would have turned it off right away.
    I didn't try that recipe again to see if it will be better at 1 min. And maybe you have to eat it right away, I let it sit to cool.
    Thanks for stopping by for my insaness.

    Hi Judy,
    That might have worked as I checked it this morning and some is still stuck pretty good and it has soaked all night.

    Glad you stopped by.

  5. The cake part made me snort. Forget the one-serving cakes; they only make one serving.

    The Good Luck Duck

  6. Tee Hee about the cake... you sound like me. Always wanting to make sure its done. I am hungry for cake now, can you supply the recipe??
    I like that picture of the cathedral! May I borrow it to paint later on?

  7. LMAOOO about that cake,,and where is the recipe? hahahah. I'll sure know to limit to 1 minute,,,

  8. Hi, JoJo,

    I've enjoyed your blog since I found you, but was very disappointed to see you accept TroublenTX' disparaging remarks about my blog without investigating for yourself to see that the accusations were false. I guess what bothers me most is that TT doesn't even seem to think it's necessary to apologize. I love the RV blogs, but guess there's a bad apple in every group of people. I'm sorry you decided to stop reading on someone else's word, alone, and hope you'll think seek the truth before putting someone else down, in the future. I wish you a happy life.

  9. A jackhammer in the kitchen? Hey, I use my smoke detector is a timer. When the alarm goes off, the food must be done!

  10. Hi Good Luck Duck,

    I need to lose weight so I can't make a full cake, no one to share it with.

    Thank You for joining up here.

    Hello Sunny,
    I don't want to publish that recipe until I get it right.
    And you may use the picture it is here is Tucson and is very well known. If you get down this way next year maybe we can go visit it.

    Thanks for stopping by I know how busy you must be right.

    Hi Hobopals,
    I did leave you a comment on your blog today but will add my apology here also. I did say if it is the same person I agree. There is someone asking for donations on a blog I read. I never saw on your blog where you had asked for a donation. So if I offended you I am very sorry for that.
    And I hope we can still be blog friends. I am glad that you left this comment or I would not have known this upset you.
    Thank you for coming by.

    Hello Phyllis,
    The smoke detector is another good way to know when something is done. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Thank you, JoJo. You are a big person to respond to me. No hard feelings. I believe you just got caught up in something that was poor judgement on another person's part PLUS the written word is misunderstood far more often than the spoken word. Had that person chosen to take the high road, as you have, I would have dropped the whole misunderstanding.

    I'm looking forward to your future blogs. I may not comment on them all, but I read them. Take care.

  12. I'm glad we were able to clear this up. And I thank you also.