Monday, March 19, 2012

And Winter Goes On

Fred and I flew out the door this morning so he could do his morning business and we flew back in. It was down right cold out there.

As I sat drinking my coffee and playing spider I hear something really loud on the awning. Yup it was hail then it was mixed with rain and of course the wind raised its nasty head a few good gusts.

I needed to go to the store today so I waited for it clear up. Just as I was ready to leave it started pouring again. When it stopped I made a beline for the car and the store. It was still pretty cold and windy.  As I was leaving the parking lot I realized I needed gas. I had to put my hood on because it was so windy and bitter cold. I was sure happy to get home. It continued like that off and on all day and sometimes it rained while the sun was shining.
Tomorrow it will still be cold but it shouldn't rain anymore. There is lots of snow on the Catalina Mountains but couldn't find a good place to pull over and get a few shots.

Hail the blew onto the porch

It didn't stay clear for long


  1. It's spring, time for your weather to improve Jo.

  2. Told you, it was gonna come this way, and yep, all nite long was storming. Got chilly here too.

  3. Hi John,
    Really this is nuts. For the next few days the temp are only going to be in the high 50s.But at least the rain has gone away.

    Thanks for coming over for a read.

    Hey Trouble,
    I like to share our weather.

    thanks for stopping by.