Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beautiful Day

The sun was shining and there wasn't any wind. YIPPEE
Went for a walk and it was a little chilly but there wasn't any wind!

I needed to answer a letter so I got that done and took it to the Post Office drop box.

I stopped at the MH and put chemicals in the tanks. I am still looking for the charger to my phone. No luck. At least I can charge it with the MiFi charger. Just can't imagine what happened to that thing. I also can't find a small eye drop bottle that I was given at the eye Dr.s office of natural tears. They work really well. I swear things just go missing in the MH. I spent some time talking with Cathy while I was looking for those things and also got some custard cups out, tooth paste and a few other things I will use at the house.
Time sure did go by fast and I headed for home.

The day sure flew by today. Isn't that always the way when you have been house bound because of bad weather and then you have a nice day and zip its gone.

Made dinner and then started to crochet. I was almost done with the hat I was making and realized I wouldn't have enough yarn to put the fringe on the scarf so I had to rip out the hat and use a smaller hook. I hope that works if not I will have to rip out a row on the scarf. I guess that will be OK.

Guess I have to run to Wally World tomorrow to pick up some extra yarn. I really hate to since I still have a huge bag full but there isn't the colors I need.
When I get home I will have to shred paper again. Its amazing how these companies can keep sending out all these credit cards, Ins, and every other junk with your name on it and a form to fill out and cry how broke they are and raise the rates. If they didn't send all this junk mail they could save a fortune. Now it all needs to be shredded since I really don't need some creep filling it out and I get stuck paying for something.
Or then there's the one that comes and states this is your last chance. And that one has been coming for about 5 yrs. If I haven't answered you or bought your junk don't you think it really should be my last chance and quit sending me that last chance mail.

Oh OK I am off my soap box.

1 Month and 3 days


  1. Nasty days drag, nice days fly by. At least one of us had a fly by day.

  2. I hear you about the difference in the length of days corresponding to how good the weather is. :)

  3. Hi John,
    Your weather has to get better soon. I have been trying to check the weather for today but it only gives me tonight. Maybe I'm better off not knowing and just moving along.

    thanks for coming.

    Hi Judy,
    Just have to cram as much into those days as possible. Hope you are having great weather. I love the places you go to.

  4. Glad you are having a good day! We've been having thunderstorms so far today, it's around noon now & starting back up again. I have a hi-top van. I'm going to flip the fiberglass top off of it & use it as a boat! I swear! Love the pictures :-)
    Hope you find the eye drops & charger soon.

  5. Hi Cyn,
    Sounds like a winner using your van top as a boat. You may have come up with something you might want to put a Patent on that idea could make a fortune atop that is a boat.

    Glad you like the pictures can't. And I hope it drys out soon.

    Hey Trouble,
    I know you all needed the rain but this is a lot of rain.