Saturday, March 24, 2012

Busy 2 Days

I already told you I went to the Street Fair yesterday.
This morning my #2 daughter came about 8:30 am and we went to an Estate Sale here in the Village. I picked up some wig heads so I can display my hats and scarves and a huge window screen for the windshield. They were selling a bread machine so I picked that up for my sister. Debbie and Tony headed out to another yard sale and I headed to the Art Show my sister was showing her art work at. I picked up Kathy on my way. After the art show Kathy and I went to lunch. Just as we headed to the shop behind it Lois called and told  me  there was a fashion show one of our friends Rose Mary was in and her dog Pink. So we did a quick tour through the store and headed home. I took the
fastestshower ever and was ready to be picked up by 1:30. Lois picked us up and we adopted another friend into our crazyness, Ann.
At the last minute they told Rosemary Pink couldn't be in the show. She was disappointed but she still did the show. Then we headed off to VF store and we each picked up something. OH wait Lois didn't buy anything we will have to fix that soon.

I love this picture and the color is so sharp. It was hard to get good shots because of the glare of the lights.

This is my big little sister. The stips sitting on the table are book marks all hand drawn and

Each greeting card has a different picture

I received this picture for my birthday

I found this
saguaro in the parking lot it lost an arm. I thought it kind of looked like and eye

Rose Mary in a casual outfit

I think she looked so pretty in this black dress.

And of course look who's in the back ground making trouble. And Ann is off to the right acting all innocent. LOL

I'm thinking tomorrow I might just stay home and do some chores around the house but.....


  1. I knew two days in a row of not opening your billfold was too much to hope for. Looks like another fun day for the wild bunch.

  2. Hi John,

    I bought a pair of capri's I needed those as my old ones were really old and it was a matter of time before they gave up the cover up. LOL
    Thanks for coming for a ready.

  3. Love estate and yard sales. Don't go, don't need any more ,,,stuff,,lolol.

  4. I used to go all the time years ago. I only went because I knew there was things we could use there. I loved going but life changes. And like you said I really don't need anything.