Sunday, March 4, 2012

Warm Sunday

The weather is changing here in Southern AZ. It was 80 today and sunny. Went to a little Art Show or what ever they were calling it. It was small but very interesting. And it was packed with people. We thought we might have lunch at the Coyote Pause but it was also packed. They have the best salads there. We went to a bar that has been around longer than I have lived in this town. The food has always been good there even though it has changed hands.

I bought a book titled  Southeastern Arizona Mining Towns, by William Ascarza, which he signed. I love reading about the old west and its beginnings.

 William Ascarza
This man uses little bits of wood to create this art. It was hard to get good picture because of all the people and it seems that lady in the pink shirt was everywhere.

These handbags are all hand crafted and if you can see one the handle little peaces of cacti. Her work is really top of the line.

Hope you all had a sunny nice weekend


  1. I looked that book up on Amazon and it would interest me. Your day looked enjoyable,

  2. Hi John,
    I also have lots of books by Marchall Trimble. He researches very well. The only problem with his writing is that stories are repeated in other book. They are mostly writen in short stories about each area.

    Thanks for coming.

    Hi Julie,
    It is a really lovely place. And has been in the location for many years and has had many lives.

    Thanks for coming by.

  3. I think it could be dangerous to my checkbook if I went to these places with you!! ;-)