Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wind and Fire

I picked up Kathy and we headed to the Cat Mountain Emporium to find the piece they thought I would like. They were right. It was a great little piece that I will use for my coffee creamer. But I also found a great plate and then I found another one. But I held off on the second plate. When I go back and it is still there then its mine. Kathy picked up a coffee pot and a tea pot to match a set she has back home. After spending our money we were hungry so we went to Coyote Pause for lunch. Like I have said before they have the best salads ever. Kathy's favorite is a Ruben sandwich and I had a Volcano salad. We enjoyed lunch.

I dropped Kathy off at her house and I went grocery shopping for some fruit and veggies.

Barb went to Costco this morning and picked me up some chicken apple sausage that Dianne brought to the table when we went camping. It is so good.

By this time the wind was blowing really hard. I thought this is it the awning is going to blow right off. But it is still holding.

Right now the temp is 70 and tomorrow's high will be 59.
We have 3 fires going already:
one is in Buckeye, AZ., Baboquivari Mountains which is just on the other side if Kit Peak where the huge telescopes are and there is one burning near Tubac which is about 40 miles from me.

It is so early for these fires to already get started. But this is what happens when there has been a wet winter and things grow fast and then die even faster. It just makes for high fire danger.


  1. What better way to spend a day spending money.

  2. Hey John,
    Something I need to not do. I get rid of stuff and bring in more. That is not what I want to be doing. But I can make it sound good like I needed that little jar to put coffee creamer in I have been using the same jar for years but hey its time for a new one? and the plate is great for a salad its edges are higher than most plates.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Saw that Buckeye fire on TV news today, and wasn't there a fire that got really close to those telescopes, last year? Not much left to burn?
    where's the pics of those things you bought? lol.

  4. There have been a few fires that have threatened those telescopes over the years. There is unfortunately always plenty to burn.