Monday, April 2, 2012

Coyote in the Village

Today was sunny and very windy again. I did my walk but I really hate the wind. And Fred has to stop and smell every grain of sand. I think he will get walked first and then I will go for the longer walk so I can keep up a better steadier pace. Or walk him as far as Tom's house and leave him there until I walk back and pick him up and finish walking him. That would add enough to make it a mile.

The ladies did their last luncheon until Oct. when we all return from out summer locations. Tomorrow night we all do a final dinner with all the friends. One couple will not be returning to Tucson as they are making a permanent move to another state. We wish them well and they will be missed.

While dropping off the Ladies we spotted a Coyote right next to the road in the wash. I had to get out the camera and the chase was on as he was on the move. No we didn't run after him, we drove all around the streets to try and keep it in view. And NO we didn't drink with lunch.

Lois took this one as I had to turn the car around

The Wild Bunch hahaha


  1. Okay, is this right, you take Fred to Tom's and continue your walk while Tom loads Fred up with treats and this is Fred's exercise program.

  2. We saw a bobcat the other day here! I didn't know that there were any here, but someone had struck one with a car. And an armadillo. But those, we see all the time. The coyotes are noisy here at night too. Sometimes they will hang out across the road, but you really don't see them, just hear them. They stay pretty well hidden here.

  3. Ha ha! Good comment by Shoeless Joe. :)

  4. Hey John,
    Gee I didn't think about all the treats in my absence. So I guess I will take Fred around the block and leave him home while I go on.
    Thanks for you imput. Haha

    Hi Cyn,
    I love the Coyotes singing at night. Last summer there was a Bob Cat living near the pool here he was seen many times drinking from the pool or sitting on the wall. I wonder where he went off too.

    Thanks for coming over for a read.

    Hi Judy,
    That man is always on his toes. I'm glad to have him as a reader, he keeps me on my toes. :)

  5. While riding his bike, my son has seen coyotes here in town too. Fox too. And we know there are mountain lions around, and bob cats. Love it.

  6. Hi Trouble,
    Yep that's what its all about living with nature. Maybe I will see some Elk and Bear this year.