Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Im Here Im Here

I pulled in later than I wanted but I'm here. The traffic getting out of Tucson was hell. It took about hour and 45 min. to get out of there. After that it was pretty good traveling. We stopped just before Globe as I really needed to get out and stretch my legs and wave my arms around. I let Fred out and tried to give him some water but he is the nosiest dog ever. We walked around some or at least tried to but he had to smell all the new smells. So we loaded back up into the car and off we went to Globe. Now I had a potty break and got some coffee. I had stopped in Tucson and bought their breakfast burro's and munched on them while I drove. After Globe it is all up hill and  then its the Canyon. You really have to slow down but some fools just don't think that's necessary. Well go ahead speed all they want I am not. Those are some hair pin curves and I will do the 20-25 mile per that the signs say. Once you clear those and you hit Carrizo it is nice straight driving and can pick up the speed.

The Tin Can Cabin was waiting for me. The water was turned on the and the electric was on too.  Betsy and a new lady helped me unload. That was really nice of them cause I was beat. After I cleaned the fridge up and got it turned on I cleaned up the toilet of the chemical they use to winterize. I had just enough toilet cleaner to get it out. Loaded the freezer then made a list of must haves until I go to Walmart. Ran to Safeway and picked up some broasted chicken and a salad, britia filter, ice and a 6 pk of water. Ran next door to the Family Dollar store to get Fred a pillow for his crate. Of course while I was trying to get things done he pulled all his toys out.

Tomorrow I will vacuum and dust and try to get this place in order. If I have any strength left I will start on the porch.

The weather is beautiful and will be in the low 70's all this week. I heard Tucson will be 98 I made it out just in time.

Early night for me.

Good Night


  1. Now you can settle in, kick back and enjoy yourself.

  2. Good morning John,
    Maybe in a couple days I can do that. I have some cleaning to do and organizing. Have to do a little shopping as always.
    The porch will be a big job it is filthy.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Welcome home to the cabin! Glad you arrived safely!!!

  4. Hi Happytrails,
    Thank you and I am loving it even if I have a tone of cleaning to do.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Woohoo, we made it! lol. 98? oooo you sure did make it, just in time.

  6. 98 is not a good thing. Being away from it and in a spot you love is!

  7. Oh big diff in weather, enjoy that cooler air. 98 is just too hot. No matter if it's dry heat or not! Glad you made it there ok.