Saturday, April 7, 2012

The walk was to much

Today was such a long day. The weather was strange. The morning started out really nice as usual. It was a little cloudy but it was kind of warm about 83 but it was humid or just heavy. So pretty much stayed in the house and ran the ceiling fan. About 7 pm I turned on the a/c.

I packed a few more things to take up to Lakeside. And gathered more clothes and shoes to donate.

I took Fred on the mile walk this morning. He didn't stop to many times and we made good time.  But....

Fred barely made it to the carpet and plop. Poor Fred he is so tired. hahaha
We took another shorter walk late in the afternoon. He pretty much did the same thing when we came home.

Tomorrow I will make a small ham and some veggies and I think #3 daughter will come around 2 or so. Nothing big.
Hope you all enjoy which ever Holiday you celebrate.


  1. Poor Fred, he's going to run away from home if you don't stop mistreating him.

  2. Hello John,

    I thought he needed the excersize to. Its those short legs.
    Happy Holiday!

  3. JOJO, you'd be tuckered out, too, if you had to navigate on four short little legs and try to keep up with someone who has long, long legs. I wonder how many steps Fred has to take to your one? Have a great day.

  4. Poor poor little Fred,,,but he looks so comfortable there.
    Always like your weather talk, cause that's what we get in a day or so. lol.
    Have a great Easter!!!

  5. Hi Nancy,
    HAHA interesting thought. But when I leave him he is so sad. So I will just take him on a shorter walk and then go on the longer one.

    Hi Trouble,

    His bed bed is just a short few steps away its the blue thing inn the left corner.
    Its already 81 at 10:48 am. Don't like the heat. 8-(P

  6. Thanks for the picture of Fred. I'll remember what he looks like now...a dead dog. :)

  7. Hello Judy,

    Can we change that to dead tired. :)
    Thanks for stopping by today.