Saturday, May 5, 2012

Is it Saturday already?

I am not happy that time is flying by. Going down the mountain will come to soon for me.

I messed around in the garden a little today. But I didn't go buy
the tomato plant today. I will do that early tomorrow morning
so I won't be on the road when people start coming into town
and others will be leaving.

One of the ladies gave me and idea for my hats and I tried it
it looks cute. Lorette also gave me the list of Art and Craft show
coming up. Monday I will call and sign up.

I was playing with the camera today and of course it needed
battery's replaces. I opened a pkg and the batteries were dead.
Better stock up tomorrow. I made a few adjustments but by
then I didn't feel like taking anymore pictures. Camera wasn't
taking very good shots today and it kept going black if I took
to long to take a shot. It never did that before. Must have been
something I moved. I think I figured it out.


  1. I too ran into a battery problem this morning when I tried to shoot the big moon. Spare batteries were in the one drawer I couldn't access with the slide in.

  2. Hello John,
    Isn't alway that way. Luckily I had more in the camera case. But need to stock up before I do more exploring.

    Thanks for stopping by on your travels.

  3. My issue is keeping the camera charged. Used to be I never had to worry about charging cameras, or telephones for that matter! To throw more into the mix, now I have to remember to keep my Kindle charged too! These things to make life simpler, sure have made things complicated.

  4. Kim, it looks like a wonderful place to spend the summer.

    Don't think about having to leave -- just cram as much enjoyment in as you can -- today!

    Blogger has apparently made some changes. I can comment on some of them now. Hope this works!

  5. Hi Phyllis,
    I tell you it gets more complicated as they make improvements to out lives. My Kodak needs to be charged so I bought an extra battery boy did that cost me and the thing takes awful pictures or maybe its just me. :)

    Thank you for stopping by today.

    Hello Tinycamper,
    WOW! it let you comment. Thats great.
    I wish I had a year round place I would spend a lot more time here. But its not to be so I enjoy as much of the time I have up here.

    I am so happy you can stop and talk with me now. Thanks for coming by. I hope you enjoy your camping trip.