Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I went to just about every second hand store and Antique Shop today looking for a 7 in pie plate. No luck anywhere. Of course
I want it in pottery. Guess I will have to wait until the craft
show come to town.

Allergies are horrible due to the wind and the yellow pollen is
back. Fred's eye is looking better so the drops are doing there
job. Now if they would just work for me.

My friend sent me the info for my camera. Thanks Tom H.
Today was windy again so taking pictures wasn't easy. And
not sure if it was because if the wind but I am not sure I liked
the pictures better.

With Macro

Look at the white spots on the flower, are they bugs? I guess I will spray them tomorrow. Of course it could be that pollen junk

With out

I will be happy for some feed back.
Thank you in advance


  1. Your pictures are lovely, JOJO. Sorry about your allergies, but glad Fred's eye is getting better. Take care.

  2. Hello Nancy,
    I'm learning about all this long distance from my friend In Tucson. Thank you for your comments and for stopping by.