Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A little more of Little Bear and a lot of Kayaks

Didn't do much this morning. Then late afternoon Jeannie
and Liz wanted to launch the Kayak.
I grabbed my new reel and rod and we headed out to
Woodland Lake at the hottest part of the day. The wind had
started to pick up but not to bad.

The lake was full of young girls in kayaks of all colors.
Made for a pretty colorful lake. A group would come in and
another group piled into the kayaks.

Jeannie and Liz had to wait for the masses to move on.

The Osprey
diving for his fish. This has made me realize I need a
more powerful camera.

Back to Little

Took this shot from across the lake at a point that isn't very wide

Almost at the top middle of this picture there is a black spot it is a large fly or a bee not sure. The flowers were loaded with these bugs and there were some really pretty little butterflies or moths. But I just could not zoom in on them

Maybe tomorrow I will head out that way again and
 Big Bear Lake. I also would like to go out to the Hatchery.

Have a good night all


  1. Report that your took the reel and rod, no report on the hundreds of fish you caught, what gives?

  2. Good morning John,
    No fish caught. I did a few casts and the reel was almost lost. I guess the cork handle is so old it strunk and I can't tighten the reel to it enough. But at least it casts. GRRrrrr. Going to show it to my friend and see if something can be done. If not I guess next step is new pole.

  3. You're so lucky to be in such beautiful surroundings, JoJo. Have you ever tried fly fishing? I have a couple of friends who absolutely love it. I'd love to try some day--right now, Jack would chase every fish within 100s of feet with his pouncing around in the water. So much fun to watch him. He sure would like your "Tin Can Cabin"! So would I.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I tried once when I was a kid with my dad. Wasn't very good at it. But they are such fond memories.

    You would be more than welcome if you and Jack ever came this way.

    I wonder how Fred would react to the lake. I plan to take him along and see how reacts.