Friday, June 15, 2012

Long Day

Today was a long day. I shampooed the living room rug.
I went to checkout some RV Parks.
One was more like a street set up with a few trailers and
5th wheels and no appeal at all. I stopped to chat with my
friends at my favorite Pine Flats RV Park. There is a trailer
for sale there. The price is good but the place is small.
 I will go back and talk to the owner Sunday. If he takes
 out enough stuff I can make some adjustments for more
 room. It's 35 ft. but has no slide. Its something to think

Then went to a yard sale but didn't buy anything. When I
got home home I realized Fred needed a raw hide since I
won't be home most of tomorrow again. Fred could care
 less if I am home or not if he has a nice big raw hide to
 chew on all day.

Tomorrow I will do a craft show. I think that will be it until
Sept. when people start buying for Christmas. Can't be
working all summer that would be wrong.

These cabins are or were part of a Boys Camp
 located just before the hatchery. It is boarded up and one
of the buildings had graffiti all over it. I wonder if it was
 part of some art thing. Its was a shock to see such a mess
 all the way up there how sad.

Have a great weekend


  1. Congratulations on going to a yard sale and not buying anything. Such willpower. And you are so right, working all summer just wouldn't be right.

  2. Hello John,
    Nope just can't be working all the time. to much exploring left to do.

  3. The COE park we are now at has a hatchery. Thinking about touring it later today or tomorrow.

    Seldom stop for a yard sale. ANOTHER benefit of living in an RV. No room to put stuff so less money spent!

  4. what were you doing hanging out at a boy's camp??!! LOL j/k

  5. Hi Phyllis,
    I am thinking of a smaller trailer so that means downsizing alot. I shall see it this place sells or not. Yes can't buy stuff so saving money.

    Thanks for coming.

    Hey Princess,
    Looking for a boy toy? Nah can't be bothered. Silly girl.
    Love you