Sunday, June 3, 2012

Peace and Quiet

Some one must have filed a complaint against the people across
the road. They have 2 very large dogs that bark non stop. They
bark at nothing and for hours on end. I never could understand
how it never bothered them. This went on until late at night and started very early in the morning. It was about to drive me crazy and I came very close to buying a For Sale sign. The other
night I heard some woman yell SHUT THOSE DAMN DOGS
UP. Of course I'm sure they didn't hear her over the barking
dogs. Last night as I sat here typing my post I couldn't believe
how quiet it was. This morning I woke up at 5:30 am and was
just laying there enjoying the the birds wake up calls. Then I
heard the dogs bark and then all was quiet again. We talked
about it and some one said maybe they got bark collars. I feel
bad for the dogs its the owners who should pay a hefty fine.
The dogs are left in a very small pen and I have never seen
anyone pay any attention to them. Why do people get pets if
they don't have time for them or care anything about them?

I headed out to Wally world this morning with a large list. 
 It was the nonfood items the really expensive stuff. Talk
about an empty wallet. But I hope I won't have to go shopping
again for at least 2 weeks or more.

I started working on the baby blanket again now that I bought
more yarn. I don't know if it will be finished for the craft show
on Sat., if not for sure for the next one on the 16th. I want to
make a little hat to match.

But I need to go play tomorrow so I won't  be working on the
blanket all day I will work on it when I am not busy. Priorities
you know.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. Glad you finally got a break from the barking dogs. Hope the quiet continues. But I do feel sorry for those dogs being left penned up all the time. I think you are right that people like that have no business having pets.

    Do take a picture of the blanket and hat when they are finished. I'd love to see them!

  2. I'm sure the Walton family was glad to see you. I certainly can relate to that empty billfold feeling coming out of one of their stores.

  3. Constantly barking dogs really get on my nerves. I always try to keep Emma as quiet as possible so she doesn't disturb anyone. Hard to do when a squirrel goes by though. :)

  4. Hello Tinycamper,

    It is sad, I understand that sometimes they need to be confined but this is constant and I thing at night they are put in a shed or someting and still they bark.
    I will take a picture when its done.
    Thank you for stopping in for a read.

    Hi John,

    You think the Walton family would give a us a gift every now and then.
    glad you to see you here this morning Thank you.

    Hello Judy and Emma,
    Fred will bark at squirrels to and of course would love to give chase right up a tree. But we are learning to be quiet about it.

    Thanks for coming by.

  5. I can understand barking once in awhile, thats what dogs do but constant barking is just nuts. The dog is telling its owner its not happy and they aren't listening.

    I have two neighbors, one has two little tiny things I have no clue what they are, he opens the door they start barking non-stop until he lets them in, this can be for hours. The other one lets his 100+lb dog out every morning at 5am, it does its business and then barks 1 bark every 5 seconds until he is let in, again this can take hours so for hours every 5 seconds you can count on that dog to continue barking.

    Ronda makes blankets for our nieces and nephews, she made one for me as well, its perfect for winter. I'll ask her to stop by when you post pictures.

    Good luck with the dogs, hopefully the owners will show them some more attention!