Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Few Pics of the new digs

It was a race again against the rain. But we off loaded the
shed just in time and Jeannie took off to close her windows.
I hope we get this thing put together tomorrow. I have a
car load of stuff that I have nowhere to put and I need to
get a few more things out of there.

Need to clean up the kitchen so its like which job to get
done first.

By Monday  I sure would like to be able to get a desk. I hate
a laptop key board. I lose things and some how I find myself
on the wrong paragraph.

This is the view from my living room at the back of the trailer

This is the view from my patio

These little guys could care less if you walk right up to them

This is a very small bedroom but its enough. Bought a memory foam mattress topper and I love it. Going to buy one for my bed when I get home.
As soon as I can empty out the other side of this room I will take pictures It's really hard to fit everything in such a much smaller place I have already donated quite a bit of stuff to the Big  Brothers, Big Sisters. I am sure I will have more.

Tonight Phyllis and Bruce made some grilled sausage and
 veggies on the grill and it was awesome.
Once Again Thanks to my Friends I am one step closer
to this being over.

Now it's time to read a few blogs and relax.


  1. Great views, I would think was the move is over you are really going to enjoy your new digs. Congratulations.

  2. Congratulations on your new digs. That bed looked so inviting. Hope you enjoy every moment once you get everything settled and in its place, JoJo.

    I'm sure I missed some important points. Do you intend to travel in the MH--take it home during the winter?

  3. Looks so cozey, esp. the bed. so what it is tiny, I would give anything for a small place and we live in only a little under 1,500 square feet, the assessors office sent our annual assessment the house and property went down about 8,000 but our taxes are the relief and we are retired, hubby me I work for health insurance and probably will for the rest of my natural life, becaue Medicare is never enough and the supplemental insurance is a joke, most doctors here don't take it at work i do but mostly just get the health insurance not much more! Enjoy your sweet new home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That bedroom looks like it is set up the same as the one in my new motorhome, which actually isn't but a few inches smaller than my bedroom in my house!! Cozy is good!

  5. I have those same pillowcases. Nice digs.

  6. Good morning John,
    I love it here, very Peaceful and yes I love the openess. I hope to see the deer soon.

    Thanks for the well wishes and coming by.

    Hi Nancy,
    I sold the motor home just a few days before I came up here. I hope to find a van and just add a bed for short trips.
    Thanks for coming today.

    Hello Anon,
    I don't care if the bed room is small it is cozy and I only sleep there. Sorry you have to work all the time. I see the economy may be getting better even if its slowly.

    Happy to see you stop by Thanks.

    Hi Sunny,
    Even if it is smaller at least I can get around it to make it up. Its a challenge but at least I don't have to move it all over the place. :)

    Good morning Judy,

    The cases came with the set. also had a dust ruffel left that behind.

    Thanks for coming and commenting.

  7. How nice that you are so happy with your surroundings. So important that we have that peace.

  8. Hello Phyllis,
    Yes it is. While I loved the other place it just was to busy and there really wasn't any view. This is much quieter and there are more bird species here also.

    Thanks for coming over for a read today.

  9. Looks good! I like the bedspread and pillow covers. :)


  10. Hi Erik,
    Thanks I like the woodsy feel, after all thats where I am. :)

  11. Hi AzDesertRat,

    Thanks now to enjoy it.