Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thunder And Lots Of Rain

Today you just knew it was going to rain all day. the clouds
built up very early this morning.
Ran a few errands and put a deposit on the trailer. Will have
it delivered next week. Then the cleaning will get done,
shampoo the carpet and scrub down the bathroom. When all
that is done will start to move things in.

But it sure did  rain today.  It was a good ground soaker for
sure. On our way home Jeannie thought we should have
lunch at the Christmas Tree restaurant. They opened again
under new management. The place looks good and very
clean. They now have a patio to eat at but of course that
wasn't going to happen today. Had a half of a sandwich
which was rather good , ice tea and it came with a slice of
watermelon for $5. not to bad.

Came home and took a little walk as it kept sprinkling.

Worked on a hat and will start the scarf tomorrow. No point
in starting to pack the clutter of boxes would make me crazy.
thought I would throw in a picture of the tiny bathroom. I
figure I have enough bathroom rugs to cut them to fit and
since you can't wash them after that just throw them away. I
I should have enough to last the rest of the summer and
maybe part of next.

I thought the bathroom in my motor home was small. So fainting on the toilet would not be a good thing for your face. Glad I'm not one of those people who has to read in the bathroom.
Well I hope every ones week is going well. One more day and the weekend is here. Don't know if I will attend any of the goings on.


  1. If you want to read in the bathroom you're going to have to buy a teleprompter.

  2. Good morning John,
    Thats OK I'll read somewhere else. That's kind of the bathroom you do what needs to be done and get out. :)

  3. Don't believe I've ever fainted, let alone on a toilet. :)

  4. dont drop the soap!! You will have to get out of shower to get it! LOL thats really small mom!

  5. Hi Judy,
    I don't think I ever did either it was a thought though.
    I hope never to get that sick.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Princess,
    Actualy theres more room in shower. LOL

    Silly kid.