Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lazy Daze

Now this is sad. Today was a beautiful day. No rain, mild
breeze. And where was I? Laying around, playing spider or
talking on the phone.

Tomorrow I am getting my lazy butt out of this trailer.

I was going to go get a desk today for sure. But NO!
So tomorrow its out the door and get things done.

Guess I better get a list together.

Hope your all doing more than I am.



  1. Don't fret, some days are meant to be lazy days.

  2. Sometimes that is just the way it is...I have learned that sometimes it is best to do nothing then rest afterwards!..

  3. Good morning John,
    I guess I needed the rest. But today I am going to get some things done.

    Always happy to see you here.

    Hello Not,
    Yes after all this moving and setting up it was time for lazy.

    Glad to see you visiting Thanks.

  4. Nothing wrong with taking a little time off from time to time! You deserve it. sweetie!

  5. Hello My Friend,
    Thanks now I feel better since you said it's OK. :)

    So happy you stopped by today Thank You as always.

  6. Hello Not ... Hahaaaa

    Oh me well? I know I beat myself up for being lazy!!

    People ... OLD people riding bikes. Kayaking, power walking,... I'm in my semi reclining camp chair getting all tired and trusty watching en...

    1. Trusty??? HaHaa oh me iPhone and auto correct ... Thirsty and em ;)