Friday, August 3, 2012

Look Who Showed Up For Breakfast

We had another beautiful day.Some clouds but not bad.

I took the Ladies for lunch to thank them for  all
their help. We had fun. It sprinkled a little while we were
having lunch but we made our way to a Craft Show. None
of us bought anything.

When I came home I walked around some with Fred and 
visited with some neighbors.
The clouds started to build and the thunder was rumbling.

I sat out side for awhile enjoying the quiet.

Now for who came to visit

I almost missed them. I was coming out of the house
 to go to the laundry room when I heard someone say
the deer are out there. I dropped the fabric softer and
quick tied Fred up and ran for the camera. In the first
shot I hadn't extended the lens enough. They were
pretty far off by time I got out there.

Look at the Zucchini

These are the eggplant flowers. I held the camera under the plant since the flowers grow downward. But no egg plant are showing yet. I think there was far to much rain for the plants to grow right. Most of the plant's leaves are split which means to much water.

It is pouring down rain right now, but at least we
had 3 days of no rain.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and be safe


  1. You've got to be loving your new park with the four legged company that drops by. So cool.

  2. Nice neighbors! The rain will help the plants you'll get more vege's soon.

  3. What beautiful visitors! :)

    Looks like the zucchini didn't mind the move at all. And once eggplant start flowering, they put on fruit fast. You'll have eggplant in no time!

  4. Nice that you get such beautiful company in the morning. All I get around here are "hogs" n' rabbits. But I have started walking on a back (very back) road for exercise so I may see some there. Looks like your plants are doing well. Yumm!

  5. Good morning John,
    I just love this new park. From now on I will make sure my camera is always in my pocket or around my neck.

    Thanks for coming.

    Hello Teri,

    I think they got way to much rain and not enough sun at the other park. So I thing they will do better here even with rain.

    Thanks for coming for a read.

    Hi tinycamper,

    The zucchini seemed to be hardy right from the start. The eggplant was like a hit and miss. It is looking much better already.

    Nice to see you and thank you for stopping by.

    Hello Sunny,

    I sure hope they come more often. I heard every now then there is a little fox out there too.

    I hope you see some pretty wild life out on your walks.

    Glad you stopped by this morning.