Thursday, August 30, 2012

Part 2

I have made 3 attempts to down load pictures and it
just doesn't want to work tonight. I am going to try
one more time. Finally! I will start with Fort Apache.

If only these walls could talk

The walls are about 2 ft thick and made of adobe

The old board walks that ran in front of the Soldiers barracks

Kinishba Ruins are the remains of a Village built by ancestor's of today's Zuni and Hopi tribes. Near by pit houses indicate settlement here as early as AD800. Pottery especially Hopi Yellow Wares and Zuni Glaze Wares, suggest occupation by Pueblo people into the 1400s

In 1941 they rebuilt these ruins and made it a National Historic Landmark. But the Apache believe that the building fell back into ruins as it has served it purpose.

Hello is anybody home? look at the size of the openings. These had to be very small people

On the right side of this photo you can see where cement was used to restore some to the rock

I will add more tomorrow. It was such a big place.

Good Night All


  1. It always amazes me at the different ruins haw agile the Indians had to be to get in and out of them. Enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Good morning John,
    Yes it is amazing. I wish they would have kept this site up. The paths are so over grown and with rattle snakes about you sure need to watch and listen to where your going. We didn't dare go all the way into it.

  3. Lots of history lies in those old walls!

    Hey, snakes need a place to call home as well, ya know? (grin)

    Finding one on the path makes ya nimble, I'll bet!

  4. Hi Jim,
    I really don't want to find one on the trail or anywhere else. :-0
    But yes history is just what I look for.

    So happy to see you here today and yesterday too.

    Thanks for coming around for a ready my Friend.

  5. Oh good point on the snakes JoJo. I never think of that, I just go on in & nosey about! Haha, Sunny was surprised when she lost me for a min to find me inside an old iron mill!

  6. Loved your photos, Jo. I love going through old ruins and learning about the people who built them.

    I have seen tiny openings like that in some of the historical buildings in St. Augustine, FL built by the original Spanish colonizers. I think I remember reading that the average height for a man was 4'6" or 4'8" at that time.

  7. Hello Cyn,
    I used to be like that until I almost stepped on a tail. Everyong said I jumped so high and landed 10 ft back from where I started.

    Be careful out there.

    I tried getting on your blog and it said you are no longer there.

    Hi Tinycamper,

    I love ruins and if it were winter snakes wouldn't be a problem. I also have seen other ruins with small openings at other sites.

    Thanks for stopping by.