Monday, August 6, 2012

Patio Complete

This week seems like nothing but rain. And I didn't think
Ron would be able to put on the second coat of paint. But
the deck didn't get very wet and it is now done. Yippee!

I stopped to see some of my old neighbors and then saw
the storm coming. I made it home just in time for the down

And now it is quite chilly. I had to close all the windows.
But it feels good after the humidity of the day.

I may get some carpet if I find some really cheap stuff now that everything is on sale.

Looking forward to sitting out here if it every stops
raining and maybe grill something.

Time to read blogs and relax.
Good night all.


  1. The new patio looks great, I'm sure you'll have hours of enjoyment sitting there.

  2. It looks great, JoJo! Hope you and Fred enjoy many hours of relaxation--that's if you ever sit still long enough! :)

  3. Good morning John,
    Thanks its simple and I need to learn to get simple in my life style. I am looking forward to just sitting for awhile.

    Thanks for stopping by as always.

    Hello Nancy,

    We will enjoy sitting out here but I can't sit to long won't find much to take
    pictures of then.

    Glad you stopped in for a read. Give Jack a big hug from us.

  4. a patio! let's have coffee... ;)

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    OK come on over I'll have it hot and ready. Cream and sugar or just black?

    1. Black and with a homemade cookie of your choosing ...

  6. HAHAHA it's to hot to bake but I'll find something for you.