Thursday, August 23, 2012


This morning was more of the same, RAIN!
It was pouring down rain which is what woke me up.
As soon as it stopped I went out with Fred. We made it
back in the house just in time.

Took my time with coffee and then made breakfast.
Worked on the baby blanket for a while and then it
stopped raining
So we went out and I swept some water off the patio and
had to drain water off the zucchini pot and move it away
from the awning so it wouldn't fill up with water again.

It started to thunder and the sun came out and it poured
down rain again at the same time. 

The rain stopped and we took a walk so we wouldn't get atrophied from all the sitting around. Sat out on the patio
for a little while before the rain started  again. Oh well
a nap sounded really good. When I woke up I figured we
needed another walk. OH NO! It started pouring again.

Anyway that's the way the day went again.

I had this pot empty late last evening it was still raining when I took this picture

Just before it started to rain again

At least the day ended with this pretty and complete rainbow

I didn't want the pictures this large but
blogger can't seem to control where the
enlargements land
And I went into settings to enlarge the font and as
you can see that didn't stay either.

Good Night All


  1. I think you might look into waterproofing the bottom of the trailer so you can go with the 'flow'.

  2. OH beautiful pics, I don't mind them being larger! I love the clouds & the rainbow was beautiful. I can't believe how much rain you've had this year. Be careful or you'll shrivel up like a raisin!

  3. Gorgeous cloud and rainbow photos!!!!

  4. Hello John,
    I am giving it some serious thought to that.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

    Hi Cyn,
    I have had enough of the rain. While it gives great clouds and now the rainbow enough. The shriveling has started. :0

    Glad you stopped by thanks.

    Hello tinycamper,

    Glad you liked the pictures.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Your font is all the same size today. And i love that rainbow.

  6. Lovely sky and rainbow pictures. I miss the big open skies in Kentucky, but the clouds here in PA are more unique, or at least it seems so to me.

  7. Hello Trouble,
    It still needed to be adjusted every time. Lots of computer ploblems since last night.
    But the rainbow at least was a pleasant surprise.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Sunny,
    Sky's can be so different in many places. I haven't been to PA. since I was really young so I don't remember them.

    thanks for stopping by today.