Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunny and Warm

Another beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was
quite warm. Sat out on the patio reading and just wandering around with the camera.

There have been problems with rock squirrels here. Many
have been caught and taken away to a place where there
aren't any homes for them to chew on. While out
earlier this morning Fred was on to something and Steve
was out walking so he tried to find out what he was after.
 But nothing could be found. Chalked it up to the birds.
While we were sitting out on the patio I saw the ugly little
critter walking right past us. Fred slept on and snored away.
When he woke up he headed for the shed and was smelling
around. So I let Steve know he can bring over his trap to
get rid of the nasty thing.

It was supposed to rain but it never happened and everyone
was very happy about it.

Hope it stays that way.

I love the different colors  and textures in the meadow

Can you see the sleeping Faro?

The beginning of the sunset

I spotted this from my living room window. I get the best views from that window. Of course I ran out to take these last 2 of sunset.

Good Night All


  1. Fred must have been in weekend mode instead of watchdog mode. Nice variety of pictures. Enjoyed.

  2. Good Morning John,
    I wonder if Fred has been reading your blog? :-)
    Happy to see you this moring.

    Hello Judy and Emma too,

    they are very ugly and will chew threw everything. If we catch it I will take a picture.

    Nice of you to stop by for a read.

  3. Love the pictures! The sunset is gorgeous and I see a sleeping mummy man ;)

    Love watching the clouds ...

  4. Sorry I missed your comment.
    I knew someone had to see him. See we have like minds.
    Thanks for stooping by.